scumbag test

You still think Karin is the mother?

Below is what I answered someone on YouTube just now… The amount of people that still think Karin is the mother is ridiculous. And may I add some of them still think this is all genjutsu and that in “Boruto The Movie” we are going to find out that Boruto is a narusaku love child… Really? Then who was Hinata pregnant with? 

My answer:

1. Karin is Sarada’s “mother”, she is alive and well. Yet for some reason is not interested in seeing the one link that would get her close to her obsession, Sasuke.
2. Karin is Sarada’s “mother”, yet for some reason Suigetsu, Orochimaru and Juugo did not know of Sarada’s existence. So apparently not only did they not see her pregnant, but also she never bothered to bring her up in 11 years. Have you ever heard of a woman that gives birth to a child and never speaks of it again? Even women who give their children away for adoption, talk to people they know about the process.
3. In a flashback, Kishimoto emphasis a panel where Sarada is a toddler without glasses. Next panel shows her having a fever. The panel right after shows her with glasses.
4.  Suigetsu while doing the DNA test says in Japanese “tabun” as he picks up the sample. Which is translated to “Maybe”. Yes ladies and gentlemen we have a professional on our hands that knows exactly what he is doing.
5. The DNA sample in Japanese was implied to be an umbilical cord, and the match on the screen is 100%. Scientifically speaking you cannot match with anyone 100% except with your own DNA or that of your twin (as far as we know Sarada is not a twin). Your parent and yourself would be around 50% match. We can conclude that the umbilical cord was in fact Sarada’s. Where would Karin get her own umbilical cord from anyways? She was an orphan.
6. That above (#5) would also make sense as to why Sarada has no birth records in Kanoha. She was born outside the village. This however does not prove who the mother is.
7. Kishimoto brought attention to the forehead-poke last chapter to showcase that Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship was a done deal at the end of 699. The fact that Sakura fondly says that to her this Uchiha gesture is more precious than a kiss. It means she knew that he started looking at her differently at that very moment. Therefore, their marriage was set sometime when he came back from his two-year journey.  
8. We saw two characters (Naruto and Suigetsu) call Sasuke a “scumbag” when the “DNA test” results came out. That clearly tells you that Kishimoto thinks cheating husbands are scumbags. So would Kishimoto really write Sasuke as a cheat in the end? Does that sound like a shounen manga?
9. In three different publications (Naruto the Last, Boruto the movie, and Ninja Storm 4) in the past three months, Sarada had the description of “Child born to Sasuke and Sakura"written under her profile.  
10. He brings in Chouchou as an example of how stupid it is to doubt who your parents are. She is the embodiment of mockery. Why would he want to use mockery? Oh I don’t know. Maybe for all the rudeness that was done by a certain group in the fandom. You know. The one that spammed his assistant’s Twitter account. The one that spammed the "Thank you” Naruto page with hate messages. The one that started a petition to ban Naruto from the U.S. just because their ships did not happen. He is going to lay on the ground the hopes and dreams that Sakura is miserable and that she should’ve been with Naruto, “because look how bad Sasuke is”. And crush them.