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#181: He Kisses You During A Fight


Sooo I’m finally home from Alicante and I’ve got plenty of ideas and writings to post and share with you! I hope you’re all having the life of a summer and enjoying Girls Talk Boys which is out today! In case you haven’t noticed I made a fanart I’d like you all to see. :-) 

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His eyes were boring into yours, his fists tightened along the sides of his waist while he held his breath almost carefully. Lips were pursed, determined to not let a word slip past his mouth and you furrowed your eyebrows confused. “What? You’re gonna give me the silent treatment now?” You spat at him while crossing your arms, feeling your veins linger with rage. When no words escaped his lips it only increased your anger and you ran a hand through your hair frustrated. “Great Luke, fucking great, what a fucking way to handle a fucking fight-,” You were cut off by the second he pressed his lips against yours, his fingers going through your hair and down to intertwine your fingers. Silence fell upon the otherwise intense atmosphere that had seemed to cloud over the kitchen, and Luke pulled away shortly to catch his breath. You stared at him wide eyed, not really knowing how to react or what to response to the sudden distraction but you didn’t care. Wrapping your hands into the dirty blond locks crowned on his head, he moved you against the counter, knocked every single thing that was on top of it before lifting you up with ease and deepened the already passionate kiss.


“Stop yelling at me.” You exclaimed angrily with wide eyes, your arms crossed and your breath uneven as you glared at him with such an expression he could barely recognize you. “No I fucking won’t, Y/N!” He yelled back, purposely raising the tone of his voice to annoy you even more. “Because it only seems like I get your attention when I yell. So of course I’ll do that.” “Why do you even need my attention you always seem to don’t fucking care!” You forced out in a yell to match up with his frustrated tones. “Because funnily enough I do care about you in case you haven’t noticed!” “Well funnily enough you haven’t showed that in a while Calum the only thing you’ve showed is being an idiot.” He looked at you in disbelief. “Yes, Idiot!” You exclaimed and he furrowed his eyebrows. “Bitch!” The way his eyes were looking so challenging only made your temper boil even further. “Scumbag!” “Whore!” “Needle dick!” “Hussy!” The next thing you knew you were pressed against the wall harshly, your arms locked above your head and Calum’s lips inches from yours. His breath was hot and fanning against your skin before he locked his lips with yours, breaking in silence from the otherwise yelling battle you had been sharing seconds before.


“Honestly Y/N I’ve been with you for years, why did it just went up for me now that you have THE MOST annoying high pitched voice my ears have ever come across in my damn life?” He exclaimed with furrowed eyebrows, his cheeks flushed in a deep shade of red from his anger and his mouth panting. Your jaw fell slightly by his words offended, making you bang your hands against the table and stood up from your chair. “And I just fucking realized how much of an ass you have become lately!” You screeched and stopped when you stood in front of him. “Well it seems like I’ve been taught by the best.” He snickered in a smirk. “Only because I’ve been with you.” You copied the not so amused smirk on his face and cocked your head to the right while glaring at him. “We both know that’s fucking true, don’t we? Agree? I sure as hell do.” “I fucking hate you!” You yelled with force, “I fucking love you too!” He yelled back angrily before wrapping his hands in your hair and pulled your lips up to his for a sweet kiss that seemed to sooth the otherwise angry tension clouding in your living room.


The way his lips were pursing making his cheekbone defined was enough to tell that he was pissed, more than just usual. His hazel eyes weren’t as memorizing as they used to, the otherwise charming curls were sticking to his sticky forehead, his throat dry from all the yelling and seeing as being the only thing preventing him from continuing. “Honestly Y/N, you’re just being completely utter ridiculous now.” He stated bitterly while looking down at the floor with somehow surprised eyes, his voice monotone but still enough to piss you off even more. You didn’t even know what to respond. The anger was lingering in your veins, wanting you to knock off something on the counter or simply just ripping all the hair away from your face. You gave him a short glare and decided to walk past him in the kitchen, but before you could get a second away from him he stopped you. “Wait.” He exclaimed in the same bitter tone and grabbed your hand before you could react, pulled you with force close to his chest and placed his lips on top of yours. “If you wanna go cool off fine. But don’t you dare walk away from me without at least giving me a goodbye kiss.”