scumbag captain

I think the worst thing about the whole Captain America being Hydra thing isn’t that they’ve turned a symbol of equality and justice into one of hatred and fear (don’t get me wrong it was a horrible idea) but the fact that Nick Spencer and everyone else as Marvel Comics don’t seem to care about how hated they are, that they’re sending an extremely antisemitic message, alienating a massive amount of their fan base, ruining the name of their most iconic superhero, spitting on the memory of Jack Kirby, and making children cry because their hero and role model is actually a villain. I am saddened and disgusted by what they have done, and refuse to accept this as canon. I don’t care how they plan on using this it’s a sickening and cheap tactic to try and get people interested in the comics again, and I hope it has the opposite effect. Capitan America is a hero, and making him a villain is the biggest mistake Marvel has ever made, and I fully support boycotting the new Captain America comics and anything else Nick Spencer has his scumbag name on