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As sick as me (3)

A/N: Wooo. It took like for ever (Sorry) but here it is!
I um…i think this will be the last part
BUT before you kill me: i will continue this. This is a trilogy somehow leading to following pieces. So the Character and the whole situation will stay, just under another name~ i’ll let you know the new title when i figured one out and if you want to be tagged or have any special wishes, just let me know <3

Summary: You are a leader of a group, dealing with Negan. But basically having a character like him, you two tend to get along just fine. While you’re group is kind of scared and uncertain about the man and the whole deal, you secretively love his visits - and he makes sure he is there every time the saviors come along. You are his ‘highlight of the week’, as he puts it.

- More coziness, then seriousness, then smuttiness, idek. 
You’re basically going on a small hunt with Negan and it takes an unsuspected turn~

Pairing: Negan x reader

Warnings: Explicit language, typical Negan, sexual, smutty? Yeah somehow

You awoke to his voice. It made you shiver in delight, combined with his finger trailing your bare neck.
You turned around, moaning, now laying on your tummy, facing him.
His hand was carefully clawing around your neck, his fingers buried in your hair..
“Wake up sunshine,” he continued teasing.
You shifted again.
“Get your hot little ass up or I swear I’ll grit my teeth into it.”
“Why don’t you already?” you mumbled, half asleep.
“Why isn’t my cock between your lips?” he countered, smirking.
“Because I wanted to let you at least try to please me before I would make you come so hard you’d soak the bed,” you continued teasing, grinning at him as you rolled on top of him.
“Mmmh Honey….Come on, show me,” he said, his eyes clouded with lust.
You lazily raised your hand to take a long look at your watch.
Still more asleep than awake, you realized how late it was.
“Babe…I will screw you so fucki-”
“WHAT THE FUCK NEGAN.” You suddenly gritted your teeth, staring him down. “I’ve been sleeping for 3 hours?!?”
He chuckled, holding you down, pressing your body on his.
“Oops,” he grinned, his hands sliding down to your butt. “It’s just so damn rare for me to be able to stare at every inch of you without you trying to kill me.”
“Fuck off, Negan…I said one hour. Get out of bed, we gotta hurry.” You rolled off him, starting to fumble with your hair.
“Why even…” he moaned in displeasure of losing your touch, turning to lay on his side, watching you.
“Because if you aren’t back in 3 hours your men will come looking for you.”
“Let them come. They’ll know I’m busy; they will hear you scream my name so loud they won’t even have to come into the building.” he smirked.
You stopped in your tracks, walking up to him.
“Stop being such a tease or I will make you pay for it,”you whispered, your face close to his as you pushed him into the mattress, your hand on his chest.
“Do you take credit cards?” he asked, a huge grin on his face, making him look a little dump.
“No I don’t. I want my money filthy and cash. Now get up before I get you out. I have a competition to win.” You were done playing and had gotten up, turning around again.
“Mmmmh you’re fired up for this, aren’t you…I love it,” he purred, watching your every move, again laying on his side.
“Hell yes I am,” you laughed, “I always am when it comes to beating you.”
“You won’t.”
“We’ll see, Negan. I’ll go take a shower real fast.”
“Alright,” he said, suddenly jumping out of your bed, following you to the bathroom door.
“Negan…” you grumbled, knowing he was behind you without having to turn around.
“Honey…?” he smirked.
Now you turned around, getting close again.
“Be a good boy, stay outside, and get me something to wear,” you admonished.
“From your closet?”
“No, the mall down town. Of course my fucking closet,” you groaned.
Negan wasn’t even complaining about your words.
He just stared at you, his eyes wide, licking his lips, his hands tugging and grabbing his trousers to keep himself under control.
“Anything I can kill in, yes,” you answered, not able to keep your eyes from trailing down his body, down his naked chest up to the delicious bulge in his pants, biting your lip.

“You want me…don’t you…” he whispered; you shivered slightly.
You didn’t answer. Didn’t even look up at him.
“You want me to fuck you; you want me balls deep inside of you.” His voice got lower now, and he stepped even closer.
You blinked a few times. “Ye…Gotta go,” you corrected, rapidly finished your sentence, swirling around to disappear into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind you.
“Y/N!” Negan growled, hammering against the door, teeth gritted. “DAMN YOU WOMAN.”

He wandered through your apartment for a while, looking at all the interesting things.
Hunting trophies, paintings, sculptures, knifes and blades, stuffed animals, all kind of strange yet beautiful stuff.
He continued searching for your closet, finally reaching a small door in the back.
He opened it reluctantly, just to be greeted by a full room of clothes.
Negan’s eyes widened as he stared and then sighed.
He had thought looking for something to wear would be a terrible job, yet turned out to be wrong as he quickly found interest in it.
This was more of a turn on than he’d thought.
“That damn dress. Or that. Fuck that one’s hot. Oh my…holy…” he whispered to himself, probably imagining to fuck you in each and everyone of those pieces.
“Negan…?” Your voice made him turn around in shock as you leaned against the door, a smirk on your face, watching him.
He had one of your silk, soft panties in his hand, staring at you.
“I just…”
“That one?” you asked, walking up to him, taking the small piece of fabric out of his hand.
Your hair was wet and the only thing you wore was a black towel.
“Hold that real fast…” you mumbled as you turned around, pulled the towel off your naked body, and placed it in his hand.
He was basically melting now, just gazing at your back as you slipped into the panties, looking over your shoulder.
“Bra?” you asked. He took a few seconds to react before reluctantly turning to his side, choosing the fitting piece.
You smiled at him before taking it from his extended hand, covering your bare breasts with the other.
He couldn’t really decide whether to look at you or your gorgeous corsets and other lingerie, which made up a rather large portion of the clothes.
“Do you like…” he chuckled, somehow uncomfortable by how hard the situation had made him. And that meant something. “…Uhm..wear that stuff?”
“That? Yes. Often.” you coldly answered, not even needing to turn around to know he meant the lingerie.
You put the bra on, still with your back to him.
“The rest?” you asked.
He gestured at the couch a few feet away and you left him standing there for a pair of light trousers, knee-high boots, and very sexy, very shouldn’t-be-used-for-hunting, wine red top.
You sighed but still put it on, turning to him again.
“It’ll be a little cold to go out like thi-” you stopped, seeing him holding out a jacket for you. One you’ve never worn in his presence.
A black, tight leather jacket.
You looked at it and then back at him.
“Negan…” you started, chuckling in delight, “are you…trying to dress me up like yourself…?” you asked, kind of touched by the small, sweet gesture.
He tried to answer but still just stared at you, swallowing, then licking his lips again before starting to mutter something.
You soon stopped him by walking closer, putting your finger on his lips before softly taking the jacket and putting it on.
“Come on, let me beat you finally,” you grinned, brushing his cheek with your lips as you whispered in his ear.

The two of you went down the stairs without much talking going on.
After telling a few people you’d be out for a while, you went after Negan to get to the gates.
“Be careful…” the man you’d notified nearly whispered, not glancing at Negan once as he placed a small kiss on top of your head.
You squeezed his hand and nodded at him. “You’re in charge as long as I’m gone, ‘kay Baby?”
“’Kay,” he nodded and you flashed him a smile before walking off.

“Mine or yours?” you asked, smiling at Negan as he leaned against his rover.
“Mine. It’s big, wanna see?” he smirked, playing with the keys.
“I’d like to ride it,” you purred, leaning on the bonnet, caressing the metal.
He watched you, he wouldn’t stand that teasing any longer.
“Don’t hold back…” he answered, staring right at you.
“Yay!” you suddenly grinned, running up to him, getting the keys and kissing him on the cheek before getting to the drivers seat.
“Wait…what?” Negan asked, clearly confused.
“You said I could ride it!” you argued, already grabbing the steering wheel.
Still perplexed, he sighed, chuckled, touched his cheek where you left the small, wet kiss, and finally gave in, getting into the car himself.

You drove for about an hour, mostly joking around and laughing.
Probably an after effect of the amount of alcohol the both of you had had, but it still made you happy.
“No!” Negan blurted out, grinning.
“Yes! And then he stared at me like I’d fucked his dog or something and was like: ‘Bitch, you’aint did that right.’” You suddenly stopped telling your little story, staring into the dark of the road you drove on.
Negan had actually enjoyed the fact that you were driving after a while, since it meant he could watch you and chill out while he did so.
You were gorgeous. He didn’t just want you. He wanted you. In another, not all too sexual way.
You were a ruler just like him.
“Everything okay?” he asked, since you still hadn’t said anything.
“How ‘bout here?” you asked as the car got slower.
Negan looked out of the window. A meadow, surrounded by forest.
“About perfect,” he smiled.

You settled onto the car roof, your legs dangling down.
He’d turned the radio a little bit louder, the doors of the cars were opened wide.
Negan grabbed two bottles from the backseat and joined you on top of the car.
“Rules?” he asked as he handed you one of the drinks.
“Everytime one of us kills one, we loudly exclaim a number, counting up. The one with most kills wins,” you explained, before taking a sip.
“Deal,” he nodded.
You sat there for a long while, waiting for the music to attract some walkers, and watched as they very slowly started to assemble around the car.
You watched the stars while it was his turn to tell a small tale about his time as a teacher, and you commented on how hilarious he must’ve been, and how terrible your teachers were.
“You are…a cool friend, Negan,” you suddenly said after a while, turning your gaze to meet his.
“What are we now? Drinking buddies?” he chuckled and you had to laugh too.
“Seems like it, ‘aint it?”
“Fucking does. Come on now, ready?” he grabbed Lucille.
“Ready set go, amigo,” you blurted, gracefully jumping off the car, swiftly taking out the first one.
“MOTHER FUCKING ONE!” you yelled, grinning at him.
You had to duck as he swung Lucille next to your head, taking out a walker himself.
“One,” he smirked back.
You quickly turned and threw a knife, which soon got stuck in an eye in the distance.
“Two,” you smirked.
“Aww, not bad princess.”
“Better than you - sure,” you blew him a kiss, grinned, and walked off to your next target.

It was exhausting, but you had pretty much cleared the whole area now.
“SEX-TEEN. My Friend!” you grinned happily. “You are on fifteen, right Negan? Which makes ME-”
“Sixteen!” Negan suddenly yelled, soon after you’d heard the banging of barbwire against skull.
“Oh fuck off,” you groaned.
Negan laughed and came swaying up to you, Lucille tucked over his shoulder.
“Looks like we’re even…and no more walkers around,” he still smiled, scanning the area.
“Looks like…what a shame..” you sighed, a little out of breath.
You both had blood splatters all over you and you absolutely adored that fact, since he looked so…dominant in it.
“Does that mean that…both of us won? Both of us get our order?” he smirked at you, coming yet again closer.
Your eyes widened as you stared past him into the distance, suddenly breaking into a sprint.
He turned around in shock, only now seeing the lonely stray walker you were sprinting for.
“Oh hell no…” he whispered, drawing his gun.
He wouldn’t let you win this one, and he also couldn’t catch up to you at that speed.
You flinched as you heard the loud bang of a gunshot, stopping in your tracks.
He just robbed you of your victory.

“AND STILL THE CHAMPION, THE ONE AND ONLY; WITH SEVENTEEN KILLS, NEEEEGAA-”, he started cheering as you screamed at him, making your way back to the rover where he still stood.

“YOU PIECE OF…”, you stared at him, wide eyed and teeth gritted.
Your blood boiled just looking at that smooth fucker, leaning against his truck, smirking and checking you out.
“Don’t be a sore loser, baby,” he chuckled, walking up to you, cupping your face with his hands.
“FUCK OFF!” you yelled, slapping his hand slightly before pushing him away.
Furiously you spun around, walking away from him.
“Baby!..” he still chuckled, seemingly finding this very amusing.
He walked up behind you after you’d stopped, about to hug you from behind when you suddenly turned around again, stepping closer to hiss at him.
“You just couldn’t lose, could you? Too afraid of me to win, so you cheated. You slimy, smug bastard CHEATED!”
Your finger was angrily tapping against his chest and he looked up from it, back to you.
You looked absolutely gorgeous when you were angry.
“Babe…I wasn’t afraid to lose, I was about to win all along. I just wanted to give you some chances so you wouldn’t feel so bad,” he purred, his voice low and hoarse with arousal.
“Stop Lying you Pussy,” you spat, dangerously glaring at him.
Like a rattle snake you stared him down, your eyes burning with fury.

Negan’s smile faded and he looked dead serious now.
“What did you just call me?” he asked.
Everything playful in his voice had vanished and he sounded absolutely sharp.
You glared at each other for a moment, both angry now.
“I called you a god damn Pussy,” you hissed again, nearly whispering this time.
He exhaled slowly, nearly growling.
“Call me a pussy one more time and I swear to god I-
“Pussy,” you interrupted him and he reacted faster than you could process anything.

He’d grabbed you by the belt, lifting you like nothing, swirling you around just to push you against the side of the van forcefully.
“Listen. I like you. But not even you are allowed to fucking talk to me like that, because if you keep that up, I will-”
“Do it.”
You didn’t hiss anymore.
You just stared at him.
He was so damn close now, pressed between your legs, holding you up by firmly grabbing your butt. You could feel the hard metal of the car behind you and the hard cock of his against you.
“Y/N..” he whispered darkly.
“Do. It. You little puss-”
Before you could finish he squeezed your ass hard, pressing himself even further against you, his lips on yours.
It wasn’t exactly loving.
It was hard and rough and more of a fight for dominance than anything else.
You had one hand in his hair for support while the other one clawed at his back, your fingernails leaving small rips on the leather.
You could hear him growling, pressing you even closer as you moaned into his mouth yourself.

He was the one to pull away first, somewhat reluctantly.
Negan rested his forehead against yours and both of you panted from of the lack of air.
His eyes met yours and his lips hovered above yours slightly, not initiating a new kiss but nearly asking you for permission.
You were quite surprised by what you saw and felt.
The squeezing had stopped.
He just looked at you with those huge…loving eyes.
Loving indeed.
No question it was love, admiration. He was able to push all of his want away, just to ease into that one, first kiss.
You stared at him. First confused, tilting your head. You then let your hand glide from his hair up to his cheek, caressing it lightly and felt him leaning into the touch, craving it like a huge dog of some sort, true to its master.
Closing your eyes, you pulled yourself closer to him, you being the one to squeeze now as you grazed his lips with yours, before starting to kiss him again.
It wasn’t like the one before. It was softer, shorter.
Like waves you started to move against each other, kissing and panting in a small, lovely rhythm.

“Wait…wait…” he mumbled between kisses, just before giving in again, giving you the next soft one.
“Stop,” he finally broke out, holding your head in place by placing one of his hands around your throat, pinning you to the car.
His gaze rapidly wandered from one eye to the other, and back to your lips for a few seconds.
He was searching for something. Anything.
The smallest emotion.
He was unsure about this. You never talked about this before and he was the last one who’d do anything to you that you didn’t want.
Dirty talk and teasing was one thing, fucking any other girls was one thing, but this was different.
He softly released the grip on your throat and sat you down, slowly and with caution, until your feet hit the ground.
Negan steeped a few inches away, not stopping to stare at you.

You tilted you head again, clearly a gesture to ask if everything was okay.
He looked…unsettled, afraid even.
“I just…fucking kissed my best friend,” he chuckled bitterly, “I am sorry I-”
“You are sorry?” you asked.
“No. Wait. I didn’t mean it. It’s just-”
“Just?” you asked, again interrupting him.
He clearly was fighting with himself at that moment.
You started to walk closer, laying your hands on his shoulders, pulling him slightly down to you.
“I didn’t mean to…like…did you want to? Because I wanted to and I still wasn’t quite sure if-”
“Negan,” you interrupted him once again and he stared at you, biting his lip.
“Say it,” he ordered, his voice more settled again.
You looked at him and he still stared you down.
“What?” you asked, smiling softly.
“Y/N…” he growled, his eyes filled with lust once again.

That word. So softly.
And yet it did such things to him.
Again he pulled you up in a matter of seconds, pressing you against his body as his lips captured yours.
You didn’t fight back this time, letting him roam freely and handle you as he may.
From time to time you moaned in pleasure and encouragement to keep him going, and it sure was working.
Burrowing your hands in his hair again, you pressed your chest against his throat since his was holding you so you were slightly above him.
“My Queen…” he gasped between kisses, “Fuck…” “I wanted this so badly…” “I need you…” “Damn…” “FUhUCK.”

“Negan..Negan…Negan,” you chuckled and tried to calm him, but this only seemed to fire him up even more.
His heart was pounding like crazy, but what could you do?
You felt like butter in his strong arms, underneath his loving kisses and praises.
He stopped after what seemed like minutes, staring at you.
At your huge eyes and your full lips and he was watching in awe at how you quivered slightly in his grasp.
“You are so god damn beautiful…” he whispered in full honesty as he admired you in the moonlight above you.
“Negan…” you purred in response, your thumb caressing his lips.
“I want you to be mine so fucking bad…Imagine….what we could do. I would take you everywhere with me, I would get you a crown and make people praise your name, I would-”
He stopped.
The small smile on your lips stopped him.
“You won’t…will you,” he whispered.
You just looked at him, the softest smile on your lips as you shook your head, “No, Honey.”

He lowered his head, nodding.
“But Negan…”
Hearing your voice again, made him look up to you.
“You can still make me.”
You whispered so soft, that he could barely hear you, but it sent shivers down his spine.
“You are fucking majestic,” he growled.
“Yes I am,” you answered.
“You are perfect. My Queen.”
“Not yet.”
He chuckled darkly before pushing his lips onto yours again, tasting the liquor and the sweetness of you. His hands fumbled with your hair thinking about what else you may taste like.
“Negan…get me inside the car,” you stated.
It was an order; he knew that. You knew that.
You also knew that he usually would never ever take orders, and yet, he walked the few steps over to the door of the car, opening it.
He didn’t let go of you once, and you could feel his hard muscles pressing you onto him.
Ever so softly, he lay you down on the back seat and you slowly stretched on it, positioning your hands above your head.
His eyes hovered over you as he climbed into the car himself, his knees on both sides next to his hips and his hands next to your face.
“You look fucking delicious…” he growled, taking you in.
“And you are a fucking turn on…now…what are you waiting for…” you raised your upper body slightly while hissing this, getting closer to him.
“I’m…” he started, his eyes once again gliding over you as his hands started playing with your side, “…do you even fucking know…how long I’ve wanted to do this? Let me process this,” he mumbled, his hands squeezing your hips now.
You watched him in silence, his hands softly running up and down your body, his tongue gliding over his lips in anticipation.
His hands finally found your breast, looking up to meet your gaze one last time, again silently asking for permission.
Negan really didn’t seem like the kind of guy that would rape anyone.

You took the decision from him, leaning up again.
His hands automatically cupped your breast like that and your face was only barely away from him.
He was frozen in place staring at you as you stared at him, your full lips slightly parted.
“Negan…” you moaned his name, kissing his neck.
“Stop teasing me…” you continued, hovering your lips over his soft skin.
You could feel him pressed against you, feel his hard cock positioned directly above your core.
“Baby…” he growled, closing his eyes and clenching his jaw to keep his composure. His hands wandered down his back to grab your shirt and pull it over your head, throwing it aside.
He took his time admiring you.
Your lay your arms around his neck, pulling him closer as you began to lick from his shoulder up to his ear. You could feel him shivering above you now.
Your mouth stopped to give him the final push.
“Negan….come on now…I really need to see that sweet cock of yours…I can feel how fucking hard you are for me…show me,” you challenged and then leaned back slightly to catch his reaction.
He was paler than usual, staring at you wide-eyed, filled with desire.
Your hand ran down his broad chest, trailing down to open his trousers in a swift movement, stroking him through his boxers.
That soft touch alone made him quiver and groan loudly.
It was deep, manly, and aggressive even.
His eyes found yours again and without a warning, he suddenly grabbed your shoulders, pushed you down again, and started kissing you violently.

His hand was now squeezing your breast as the other ran down your heated body, fumbling with your belt.
“Fuck….oh fuck…” he exhaled, his hips starting to move rhythmicaly against you, leaving you clawing at his back, biting back as you kept fighting over the dominance of the kiss.
“I’m so wet Negan…” you moaned between kisses and he growled even louder in response.
His hands finally slid into your trousers, two of his fingers pressing against you throught your soaked panties.
“Ho-ly….Baby you are wetter than the fucking sea…” he grinned, staring at you.
“Are you..” you started but the question was soon answered as he brought his hips down, his hard cock pressing against you through the soft, silk fabric of your panties.
You clawed at him even harder, staring at him unbelieving.
“Damn Negan….What the-”
“I told you how long I wanted this…” he hissed, starting to kiss you again as he shoved himself against you.
You could feel his dick pushing up against your clit, drawing a moan from you, which he soon silenced by slipping his tongue into your mouth.
His hands roamed in your hair, grabbing and tugging softly as he groaned into you.

He was so hard that every small touch must’ve been fucking painful.
“Negan…” you moaned again.
“Say it.”
He was watching you closely now, he wanted to taste that moment, enjoy it.
“Please….I want yo-…” you suddenly stopped, your eyes widening.
“Babe? What is it? Say it. Come on.”
You still stared into nothingness.
“So close, Babygirl. Come on. Say it. Please.”
“Psssht!” you hissed, shutting him up.
“Fuuuhuuuck Baby….” he moaned, resting his head between your breast.
“Who do you want? I really, really, REALLY want to fuck you. Just Say that-”
Once again you interrupted him as you put your hand on his mouth.
“Negan. Listen,” you whispered, on high alert now.
Negan actually did as he was told, trying to concentrate on his surroundings.
“Someone’s coming…” you whispered.
The noises of cars coming closer could be heard, and you felt Negan tensing up above you.
Soon the headlight of two Fords illuminated the field as the cars came driving out of the forest.
Negan stared.
He didn’t seem angry nor afraid. He just stared, still protectively leaning above you.

“Who is that?” you asked, your voice shivering slightly.
As if pulled out of a trance, he suddenly turned his gaze to look at you.
Seeing the slightest bit of fear in your eyes, he leaned down and kissed you.
Soft and loving again, not as hungry as just seconds before.
He pulled away after a few seconds, staring at you once more before rising up to kneel on you and turning his head to the vehicles.
“Stay inside, Baby.”, he whispered hoarsely, arousal still clinging in his words.
You didn’t answer. You didn’t need to. He knew you would listen.
The cars stopped and you could hear doors getting slammed shut, as well as multiple steps of heavy feet on the dry ground outside.
“Well what do we have here!” a male voice called sheepishly.

Negan didn’t look interested at all, as his hand reached for Lucille and he got out of the car.
Like a flash of light, it hit you who exactly those people outside were.
“You know…” you sat up on the seats, your hair cascading down your naked body, “it’s your fault. I told you only one hour in bed or they’d come and look for you…” you scolded him lovingly.
“I know, Baby…”, he mumbled, before leaning into the car again to kiss you, “T’was fucking worth it though,” he grinned, as he pulled away, his hand still cupping your cheek.
“Go now,” you smiled at him.
He softly glanced at you one last time before finally walking up to the men.

“Hey! What the fu-” one of the men said, a gun pointed at the figure in front of him. He stopped immediately in his tracks as he recognized the bat and the leather jacket, throwing himself on his knees.
The second man reacted exactly the same and Negan just grinned at them as he walked up to them.
“Well look at that,” Negan chuckled, staring down at them.
“S-sorry. We were supposed to look after you since-”
“I’m fucking fine. But it was really, REALLY not nice of you to just crash a party like that. Drivin’ up all close and fucking around with the headlights,” he scolded, leaning above them.
“You are right. We shouldn’t have-”
“Still you did,” Negan hissed, suddenly filled with rage, “You fucking did.”
Lucille plopped down, landing on the ground close to them.
“And you make me fucking angr-”

The men looked up and Negan actually turned around, surprise written all over his face.
“is Enough…” you finished your sentence, slowly walking up to them.
You still had blood splatters all over you and still only wore your bra, the trousers, a few weapons and your boots, which made you look delightfully badass.
Negan clenched his jaw, angrily glaring at you.
How dare you command him in front of his men.
“You better excuse yourself for that,” Negan hissed, sounding extremely dangerous right now.
“For what? Making sense? No. Not happening,” you simply said, still no emotions visible on you, as you walked past him.
You came to a halt directly in front of the men, your hand running through the hair of one of them as you pushed his head back so he would look at you.
“You….” you started, your voice soft, “shouldn’t have scared a woman like that. Yet alone the Queen.”
“Sorry,” the man mumbled, staring at you.
You could hear Negan growling next to you.
“Alright,” you nearly whispered, your hand caressing his head, playing with his dark, full hair, “Negan. You will not kill those men.”
In that moment he grabbed your arm, jerking you around to hiss at you: “Are you fucking suicidal? Listen brat, if I wanted to pull their organs out and hang them on you like decoration on a fucking Christmas tree, you’d nothing, absolutely nothing to say about it, am I fucking understood?!?”
You stared at him, before slowly grabbing his hand with yours and removing it from your arm.
You then stepped closer, invading his space before answering.
“If you should try to harm these men, I will stop you.”

Your voice was low and even more poisonous than his.
He stared you down, angrily, the men watching intensely between you and him.
Negan took his time before answering.
“You better watch your mouth and excuse yourself for that, begging me for forgiveness. Who the fuck do you think you are?” he didn’t hiss anymore. He was serious.
“I am capable of stopping you. That’s all that counts.”

The two of you just glared at each other.
For a minute, then two, then five, before Negan finally raised his hand.
“Fuck off,” he exclaimed, not looking at them but keeping the eye contact with you.
The men shot up, turning around and stumbling to their car in an instant before you could hear the engine raw and see them disappearing back into the forest.

“As soon as we’re out of here, I will fuck you back into submission where you belong,” he hissed.
“I’d like to see you try. But it is very likely that you’ll cry after we are finished,” you answered, not moving a muscle.
“Fuck woman. I like you. But try another thing like that and I’ll fucking kill you.”
“You’d be dead before you could try,” you whispered, getting even closer.
You could hear him inhaling deeply, as he was about to grab your collar to push you against the car again, but you weren’t into playing anymore.
In a matter of seconds, you dodged underneath him, getting hold of his belt and his shoulder, pulling him back with full force.
He barely had time to react before he landed on the ground with you sitting on top of him.
Negan stared at you in shock, both from the impact and from the fact that you actually did that.
“Listen, Negan…” you started, sitting directly on his crotch, leaned above him, caressing his cheek with your finger, “the thing is, I don’t care if you are going to kill me. I couldn’t care less. I look forward to it even. That beautiful bat of yours would finally bring me the eternal sleep I longed for for so long. But right now, life seems to have gotten slightly interesting again, which is why it’s okay to stay here for a tiny bit longer and enjoy it. So yeah. I will do as I please. Because no matter if you worship me, or crash my skull in, it’s both pleasure for me.”
He didn’t say a word, just stared at you.
You leaned down even further, resting your forehead against his, your hands cupping his face now.
“I don’t care if you kill, fuck, or love me. I don’t care if you care for me. I don’t feel shit, Negan. And I know you feel the same. You are empty too.
Let me repeat that.
You are empty. You are empty while you kill and while you fuck your wives.
So you know exactly what I mean.
It was nice to have met you. Someone as sick as me.
But if you expect me to cope with your temper, you’ll have to accept mine too. If you expect me to accept you to go fuck your wives, then you’ll have to accept me fucking other men too, whenever I feel like it.
Because I know that you are used to playing by your rules only, but you will have to decide.
Leave me some place on top, or blow my brains out.”
He hadn’t even noticed that you’d gotten the gun from his belt.
For a second he feared you would shoot him, but you turned the pistol around, resting it against your forehead, taking his hands into yours, laying them around the metal, his finger on the trigger.
“Decide. Now, Negan.
Let me sit on your lap on that throne, all other people below us, bowing to us, or keep your beautiful spot on the top for yourself and shoot me right now.”
“You are so fucked up,” he mumbled, still laying below you.
“Stop talking and do it.”
“You really aren’t afraid, are you?”
“No. You have no idea,” you hissed, the gun pressed against your head, “what I had to go through in my life. Even before this Apocolypse bullshit. I want to go. I don’t take anything in between anymore. I’ve suffered enough for multiple lifetimes. On top or not at all. You decide. I don’t even care anymore.”
Your eyes glistened. You weren’t crying but they glistened softly and for these seconds, he was able to stare right through your soul.

The gun shifted in his hand and you closed your eyes, calm and happy.
You were grateful that it was about to end. Finally.
He was the one. He was someone who could do the job.
After you’ve waited for so long for someone to-
You suddenly felt his lips against yours, his hands pulling the gun away, throwing it aside, and then touching your back to push you against him.
He pulled you around, laying you softly onto the ground underneath him as he hovered above you.
You didn’t dare open your eyes until he’d pulled away.
He stared right at you as you finally did.
“You are my Queen,” he started, after looking at you for a while, “I wouldn’t dare hurt you.
You, the only person that is fucked up enough to understand me,” he frowned, the back of his hand caressing your cheek.
“Are you sure?” you asked.

He lifted himself to shift a little and sit next to your laying form on the ground.
“Because…you could still…I mean-” you had reached for the gun again and turned it to face you as he grabbed it, throwing it as far away as possible.
Your eyes followed the pistol as it landed somewhere in the dark, before staring at him again.
He still frowned.
“I won’t kill you.”
“You could.” you whispered.
“I won’t. I couldn’t cope with you being dead.”
“Why?” you asked, still confused by his actions.
“Because you are the only thing that reminds me of who I once was. What I am now. And why that is,” he answered and looked at you.
“So…what?” you asked and he started to chuckle.
“You really thought I would shoot you, didn’t you?”
“I hoped so,” you mumbled, a single tear rolling down your cheek, as you sat up, staring at him in confusion.
“Y/n…” he muttered, looking pained.
“Kill me Negan, I deserve to die. I’ve fought long enough I want to rest.” You began gritting your teeth.
He cupped your face and pulled you close before kissing you.
“I know…I know…I know how it feels. But stand up now. You are my Queen now. I will look after you,” he whispered as he pressed you against him.
“I don’t need anyone to…I…Why Negan…?”
“Because I love you. Because you are more like me than any person I have ever met.”
“Shut up,” you hissed.
He just pressed you more harshly against him.
“Let me go Negan….fuck off…”
He didn’t answer, nor did he move.

“No I won’t…” he finally spoke up, his arms around you, “Because I know how you feel. And because you owe me. I won the game. Forgot our deal?”
“Go away…” you mumbled into his chest.
“I order you to come with me.”
“Fuck you.”
“Not to live with me, not to marry me. Just…come with me for the night, look at it, let me show you what could be yours…” he whispered, caressing you.
“What IS mine,” you hissed and stared up at him, changing your mind, “I said shoot me or let me rule. I am on top now. This IS mine.”
A small smile spread on his lips.
“That is my car, my jacket, my Saviors, You belong to me,” you whispered, slowly.
“So you are my Queen now?”
You stared him down angrily.
“I am your Queen. Not your wife, not some whore you fuck, I am equal to you you will respect m-”
“I do respect you, my majesty…” he whispered, leaning next to your ear.
“Then get me into that car and show me my kingdom…” you whispered, your hand streaking through his hair as you leaned in to kiss him.

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