Braided book art by Math Monahan

Using a system of braided books, I am attempting to create a structure that possesses its power and agency only when it exist between academic book and art object. By allowing the tension of the circle arrangement to hold the object together, without adhesives or restraint, the pages slowly unbraid themselves over time giving the installation the opportunity to become books, again, in their original form.

via Neatorama, check out his tumblr here

W E / N V

California FB residency - Part 2

For the remaining 4 weeks in California we worked in the Analog Lab, taking advantage of space, time, printing facilitates, the wood shop, good vibes and not to mention the free food and ice cream we made a mess, then made some things from the mess (although the mess kind of stayed - sorry Nick!)

We each worked a collection of separate projects, I ran a reading and writing group framed around the writer Richard Brautigan, made some sculptures using waste wood from the adjacent wood shop, some books based on drawings from around the place, a book of poems I wrote on my phone and uploaded to instagram, some paintings, a letterpress print, large mono prints and a short film with music. You can see more of the work I made here. We had an informal show at the end of the residency where we chatted to and handed out printed goods to the FB community. Some of these books and things we made will be for sale at ELCAF this year!