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Misty Copeland, Harper’s Bazaar, and NYC Dance Project recreated stunning works by Edgar Degas in advance of our exhibition Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty, opening March 26.  

[All photographs by Ken Browar & Deborah Ory. Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar


8 til Late
Felt Bodega
Lucy Sparrow

Little West 12th Street

All felt bodega created by Lucy Sparrow at the Standard Hotel. This is an amazing exhibit of 9,000 hand made and hand painted items that mimic a traditional off-brand bodega. So much fun and so accessible. Prices range from $25 to $85 per hand made item. So many iconic brand items, that it makes you’re head spin. Check it out through June 30, 2017 at the Standard Hotel.

Although Henri Rousseau completed more than 25 jungle paintings, he never traveled outside of France. He drew instead on images of the jungle as it was presented through popular literature, colonial expositions, and the Paris Zoo. Rousseau’s The Dream (1910) is on view in our 5th floor galleries.

Discover more wild and whimsical animals currently on view at

Happy weekend!

Inkstand with A Madman Distilling His Brains

Italian, probably Urbino, ca. 1600
Tin-glazed earthenware
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

In this whimsical maiolica sculpture, a well-dressed man leans forward in his seat with his head in a covered pot set above a fiery hearth.  The vessel beside the hearth almost certainly held ink.  The man’s actions are explained by an inscription on the chair: “I distill my brain and am totally happy.”  Thus the task of the writer is equated with distillation— the process through which a liquid is purified by heating and cooling, extracting its essence.

This morning, we’re getting a first look at the 2017 Biennial. Here’s Raúl de Nieves’s site-specific work on the fifth floor. The artist covered six floor-to-ceiling windows with eighteen “stained-glass” panels he made using paper, wood, glue, tape, beads, and acetate sheets. They create a vivid backdrop for the beaded sculptures, especially in the morning sun!

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