sculpture nails


  People often ask me how i get all those “perfect” little round keys on my molds and the answer is really simple. When i build up my clay parting wall i just use the rounded end of a paintbrush to press them into the clay, a careful pouring of degassed silicone will flow into each one of the indentations and form a set of perfect keys. 

   The last two pics are examples of what I call “hell molds”, once in a while I’ll have to mold something particularly troublesome to vent (usually wigs) and Nails mohawk was a perfect example. When i need to create lots of tiny sprues/vents I use different gauges of armature wire, its not important that they meet up perfectly as that can be fixed by carefully using a blade on the finished silicone mold to open up the connections in the tiny channels.

   Sometime early next week ill be announcing a couple of specials in the Steve Store as well as a contest to celebrate the 11th year of being in the business of making dolls ;-)

The number of people reblogging that post like “huh, I legit thought blacksmiths made swords” oh man fuck you Hollywood.

A very incomplete list of things traditionally made by blacksmiths:

farm implements, hinges, brackets, hooks, handles, latches, gates, fences, grilles, firedogs, pokers, ladles, shovels, railings, grates, hammers, chisels, chains, trivets, trammel hooks, tripods, spits, spatulas, spoons, sculptures, nails, all the metal bits of wagons and boats, pots, pans, boot scrapers…

Not swords, because then they would be swordsmiths.  Were/are there people who could do both?  Sure.  Think of it like cooking and candymaking.  Candymaking is a specialized subset of cooking.  Just because you can cook doesn’t mean you know soft ball from hard crack, and just because you make candy doesn’t mean you’re fussed about making dinner.

Things currently made by blacksmiths:  Whatever the fuck they feel like.  Most blacksmiths are independent artists, frequently hobbyists, but contrary to the popular image blacksmithing is still a thriving craft.  Modern blacksmiths often use large power tools rather than assistants.

A few things my husband has made under the cut, for fun.

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Vampire! Calum

Words: 2.8K

Warning: Smut! 

Summary: Y/N is a vampire slayer and come’s across Calum hood who is a vampire. There families have always been at war killing one another, but what happens when Y/N tries to kill him?

Michael Ashton Luke

Being born into a family of Vampire slayers was not easy. Every few weeks they would plan an attack making sure they had all equipment and have garlics around there neck if it went wrong. Most nights they would bring back a pair of fangs as a trophy. You always wanted to get out of the vampire slaying business, you’d never admit that though to your dad. When you were 5 your mum got killed by a vampire, your older brothers and father had always gone out killing as many vampires as they could. Once they even killed the queen vampire Liz Hemming’s. She was adored amongst vampires, I had always heard stories about her and her vampire family. The Hemming’s, Irwin’s, Clifford’s and my favourites the Hoods. Now it wasn’t because they were the nicest vampires, far from that. 

The Hood’s were one of the most deadliest family vampires. There mother Joy, name deceiving against her actual personality. Joy was the mother, she would use calls to group up on people as some were hypnotised by the calls and she would pounce on the killing them and taking them back to her family. The hood father was a complete sicko, he was the one who would kill small children and teenagers, but thats all behind now because my father killed him. Mali-Koa the eldest of the children, she would lure the men in and kill them with some really cool things. I’ve hear she has a poison lipstick in which the poison from the fangs is made up into the shape of a common lipstick and used to drug men and kill them.

The worst Hood family member was Calum. He was the youngest of them and by far the smartest. My dad had managed to catch him on camera a few times and I’ve got to say I was hypnotised. He was beautiful and thats probably why he has the most kills being at the age of 20. Tonight you were planning on going hunting. You had been before, you had even killed one alongside your brothers. But tonight you were going alone and you were more excited then scared. Especially since it was Wednesday. This was the day Calum Hood was out and about, you knew that because you were patrolling him. He was clever but you were by far smarter. You had been watching his every move for around 2 months. 

You walked into your front room dressed in leather jumper and leather pants strapped with a belt with Vampire weapons. Your hair was put up in a ponytail and your nails were sculptured to perfection. In my belt I had a knife, stun gun and a garlic spray. I also kept another knife strapped to my thigh and another in my boot. My dad was sat on the sofa along with my brothers as they watched some documentary on werewolves. 

“Hey guys I’m off out tonight”

“You finally going to kill him” My eldest brother asked


“I want you to kill him, bring back his fangs” My dad said handing me a tub. 

“Of course” I smiled. I walked out the front door strapping my back pack and slowly making my way towards the car. I drove to the place which Calum was always at, the willow forrest, but the place Calum was at was just on the outskirts of the forest a local pub which was shaded all round. It was the vampires favourite restaurant to go as they weren’t exposed to much sunlight either, as most of them couldn’t go into the sun unless they had a spell on them and the only ones who did were the Irwin family as they all went to school. Calum had a small spell on him that only made him stay in the sun for a hour a day, this is how he lures his victims into the forest, so then he can kill them.

I parked outside the forrest it wasn’t dark yet. In fact all the children from the local school were coming out. I waited in my car watching all the school kids run out, I’m glad my family pulled me out of this shit-hole as a vampire hunter that was my actual job now. I got out of my car wearingly as I spotted Harry Irwin, the baby vampire. I walked passed him and he didn’t seem to take any notice. I made my way behind the restaurant but saw him.

Calum Hood biting into some poor girls flesh, his next victim. I’m surprised he’s doing it in the daylight. I ran over pushing Calum off her and got out my vampire sting gun and shot him. I bent down checking the girls pulse, she was still breathing, luckily. I felt Calum stir and got out my knife. He was too quick pushing me down and clamping my neck in his tanned hands. I squirmed underneath him as he leant down licking over my neck.

I kicked him in crotch and he let out a groan. I quickly turned over getting my knife and stabbing him in the lower abdomen. He tore my hand away from him throwing the knife on the floor, but not before accidentally swiping it against my cheek. I felt a stinging sensation as he pushed me up against the wall. I punched him in the jaw and he fell back down to the floor. The girl on the floor was breathing deeply and was looking up at me. I leant down as she clutched her neck.

“Are you ok?” I asked her, she nodded her head but then her eyes went wide. I saw another shadow come running closer but I felt a thump on my head before I could see anyone.

Thats when I passed out. 

I fluttered my eyes open adjusting my eyes to the darkness and looking around around. There were glints of light sparkling through the green leaves and the floor was covered in dried mud. I moved my head, I was perch up on a tree and I felt some bark drop beneath me. I tried moving but I felt something tightly tied around my hands, I looked around seeing a light brown rope made in nots around my arms. I stood up as best as I could and let out a huff leaning against the tree. 

“Whats your name?” A voice said, but instantly I recognised it. I looked around not seeing anyone.

“Y/N, but you already know that don’t you”

“You’re from a family of Vampire hunters, you’ve been watching me for what 6? 8? weeks. You think you’re smart don’t you” 

“How’d you even know that? and yes I am smart” I sighed  

“Same reason you know me, your father killed my dad and I’ve been wanting to kill you for months, you’re not that smart sweetheart look where you are” he said angrily. He came jumping down from the tree and landed in front of me with a loud bang. The dirt around swooped up and stood still as I rubbed the dirt out of my eyes. I looked up and peered at Calum. He was beautiful, for a vampire he had golden skin and not pale. He had caramel eyes and big plump lips. I back up against a tree as he walked forwards. His jet black cape dragging across the floor and his black jeans complimented with a white shirt. Although that sound like a typical outfit it really wasn’t. 

“I’m so sorry” I whispered, shaking my head.

“You’re sorry?” He asked 

“Yeah, I lost my mother by a vampire when I was little” I sighed avoiding his gaze.

“So you came to seek revenge” he spat



“I’ve decide against it”

“Was it my charming good looks or the fact you’re tied up?” He smirked

“No, this can’t keep going on our people killing your people I won’t kill you, you can kill me if you must” I mumbled closing my eyes. I heard a snicker and I felt a presence press up against me, I opened my eyes seeing Calum’s now red eyes boring into my skin. I took a deep breath and Calum inched closer to my neck. I was prepared for the worst but he kissed my neck lightly. I let out my breath and turned my head. He looked up smiling at me his fangs on display and I scrunch my eyebrows together. 

“I’m not going to kill you” he grinned

“And why’s that?”

“Theres something about you” he snarled tugging on the rope. His face was inches away from mine and he bit lightly on my lip. His fangs digging into the flesh of my lip. I must say I was getting turned on by him and his arm stroking down my side. I tugged on the rope and sucked on his bottom lip, edging my face closer to his. He tugged on the rope which slipped down my hands and fell on the floor. My hands instantly went to his shirt ripping it open and kissing him deeply. I entered my tongue into his mouth and he tasted blood. I pulled away kissing him one more time before kissing down his his chest. 

“You know for a vampire you’re extremely sexy”

“Yeah” he whispered stroking over my face “For a human you’re pretty sexy yourself” I bit my lip untying the black cape and watching it drop to the floor. He reached down for my leather jacket unzipping it and pulling it off my shoulders. He pulled me closer to him by my belt and slipped his hands down my trousers. His calloused fingers rubbed over my panties as he sucked on my jaw. I reached down unbuttoning his trousers and kissing his plump lips, I moved my hands underneath his trousers round to his ass giving it a squeeze. I kicked my shoes off, grinding my body into his. 

“God daym Y/N” He groaned his hands coming towards my boobs stroking them in his hands, under my bra. His thumbs rubbed over my nipples pulling onto them and sucking onto the skin around my nipple. I moaned as he ripped open my bra with his teeth and threw it on the floor. He pushed me up on the tree, sucking onto my nipple and rolling the other in his hand. I whined digging my nails into his ass and pulling down his trousers. I reached for his back pulling him into me and clawing at his back. He let out a hiss kissing back up my chest, but then dragging his fangs down my stomach leaving two lines of blood. He licked back up and nuzzled his head into my neck sucking over a spot and licking over it. 

“Calum” I whimpered, he just smirked reaching down and pulling my trousers off my legs so I was left in just my panties. He let out a groan getting down to his knees and kissing my thighs. 

“Even though you have a knife strapped to your thigh its still so fucking sexy” he whispered tugging at the strap and throwing the knife else where. His eyes locked on mine as he pulled down my panties and licked in-between my folds. Going straight to sucking on my clit.

“You have such a pretty pussy Y/N” He mumbled pecking my clit and running his thumb over my folds spreading them, the rest of his hands resting on my thighs. His pink lips latched around my clit rolling it around his tongue. I arched my back off the tree grinding into his face. 

“Keep still Y/N or I’ll tie you up again” I moaned running my hands through his hair as he wiggled his tongue lapping at my juices. I felt on of his hands come up to mine griping my left moving towards my right holding them still. His lips detached from my pussy and grabbing hold of the rope. He pushed my hands behind me tying them up. He got to his feet, pushing my lips to his tasting my juices over his tongue. I let out a moan tugging on my restraints and licking over his lips. He stood away from me pulling down his trousers and licking over his lips looking me straight in the eye. He slowly tugged them off his legs and stroked over his bulge in his boxers smirking at me. I let a whine as he pulled down his boxers, slightly but teasingly, not all the way just a bit showing the top of his dick. 

“Do you want me Y/N?” He smirked. I placed one of my legs over the other, pressing them together and leant on the tree biting my lip. 

“Would you just fuck me already Vampire” I groaned rolling my eyes. He teared of his boxers strutting over to me and wrapping his hand round my neck and kissing me biting a hold of my lips. He pushed me down to my knees, luckily underneath me was Calum’s cloak so my knees weren’t going to get dirty. Calum held his dick in front of my face and swiped it against my lips. I stuck my tongue out licking over his tip and swirling it around. He pushed his dick into my mouth as I sucked on his tip and edging my mouth down, taking him all in. I bobbed my head on his dick making sure it stayed in the same place but it was hard as my hands were tied up.

“Can I fuck your mouth Y/N?” He asked taking me off his dick, I nodded looking up at him as he grinned, pushing his dick into my mouth. His hands came around the back of my head, which were now fully pushed against the tree. He thrusted into me, his balls slapping against my chin. He let out groans of my name and tugged harder on my hair. He thrusted deep down my throat as I felt tears prick at my eyes when he hit my gag reflex. I coughed around him as he pulled out. 

“You ok?” He asked wiping my eyes and pulling me up by my hair. 

“Yeah, I want your cock”

Calum smirked and undid the rope behind me, bending me against the tree and he ran his dick over my wet folds. His hips connected to my ass as his dick sunk all the way into me. I didn’t have enough time to get used to his size as he was relentlessly pounding into me. I grabbed a hold of the tree, few buts of bark falling of into my hand. Calum’ big tanned dick was rubbing against my walls the tip pulsating in my pussy. I felt some pre-cum dribble in my pussy and slide down my legs. Calum’s hand came to my hips, stroking over them as he let out small breaths. I leant back into his chest as he groaned into my ear.

“Feel good getting fucked by a vampire?” he rasped

“Feels great”

His dick slipped out of me so I reached down circling his dick around my entrance and sliding him back in, he slow grinded. Reaching one of his hands round and squeezing my breast in his hand, the other pulling on my hair. I felt his tip hit my g-spot making my pussy throb and my hands clasp his thighs leaving scratch marks down them.

Calum’s hand came down slapping onto my ass as it rippled in his hand, causing me to clench my pussy around him at the pleasure. I placed both my hands onto the tree letting out gasps as I pushed back on Calum’s dick trying to get the same rhythm as he was as I felt a wave of pleasure crash over me. I fell to the floor onto his black cloak as Calum sat down, thrusting his cock back into me making my sensitive clit flutter. He shut his eyes and pulled out his dick tugging onto is and shooting his cum on the forest floor. I looked at him and boy, did he look like a sexy god. I rested my head on his black cloak as he leant down his lips hovering over mine.

“You’re my human now Y/N” He rasped, I moaned stroking over his chest. I reached for my knife in my boot, kissing Calum one last time before I stabbed him right in the chest, this time right in his heart. He started spluttering out blood and looked at me, his eyes now fading to a dull grey colour. I tried to push him off me but he was too fast biting down on my neck realising the poison into my body. My neck started to burn as the poison travelled down my body.

I was always going to kill him, whether I be dead alongside him.

Plot twist :) 

welcome to the first installment of the photo archive for “krieg” 2013

“krieg” is a sculpture by Seattle artist Karla Fuller-Palmer. It was created over half a year as part of the artist’s final art expo at Cornish College of the Arts.
it is one mass comprised of six hundred and sixty-six individually sourced, sawed & screw-driven blocks.
in this archive of images, you have the opportunity to appreciate the pieces as individuals rather than a horde.

contact karla ▲1 through 10▲