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The number of people reblogging that post like “huh, I legit thought blacksmiths made swords” oh man fuck you Hollywood.

A very incomplete list of things traditionally made by blacksmiths:

farm implements, hinges, brackets, hooks, handles, latches, gates, fences, grilles, firedogs, pokers, ladles, shovels, railings, grates, hammers, chisels, chains, trivets, trammel hooks, tripods, spits, spatulas, spoons, sculptures, nails, all the metal bits of wagons and boats, pots, pans, boot scrapers…

Not swords, because then they would be swordsmiths.  Were/are there people who could do both?  Sure.  Think of it like cooking and candymaking.  Candymaking is a specialized subset of cooking.  Just because you can cook doesn’t mean you know soft ball from hard crack, and just because you make candy doesn’t mean you’re fussed about making dinner.

Things currently made by blacksmiths:  Whatever the fuck they feel like.  Most blacksmiths are independent artists, frequently hobbyists, but contrary to the popular image blacksmithing is still a thriving craft.  Modern blacksmiths often use large power tools rather than assistants.

A few things my husband has made under the cut, for fun.

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  People often ask me how i get all those “perfect” little round keys on my molds and the answer is really simple. When i build up my clay parting wall i just use the rounded end of a paintbrush to press them into the clay, a careful pouring of degassed silicone will flow into each one of the indentations and form a set of perfect keys. 

   The last two pics are examples of what I call “hell molds”, once in a while I’ll have to mold something particularly troublesome to vent (usually wigs) and Nails mohawk was a perfect example. When i need to create lots of tiny sprues/vents I use different gauges of armature wire, its not important that they meet up perfectly as that can be fixed by carefully using a blade on the finished silicone mold to open up the connections in the tiny channels.

   Sometime early next week ill be announcing a couple of specials in the Steve Store as well as a contest to celebrate the 11th year of being in the business of making dolls ;-)