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Sculptor John Bisbee Has a Simple Mantra: “Only nails, always different.

Artist John Bisbee has a simple mantra: “Only nails, always different.” That simple statement has sparked an incredible amount of creativity in his nearly three decades of welding forged 12-inch nails. The Maine-based metal sculptor has been coaxing the iron spikes into a variety of forms ever since he knocked over a bucket of old rusty nails and they strangely kept their bucket form – they’d rusted together.
at Shelburne Museum


As part of Clerkenwell Design Week clutch and tote designer Lulu Guinness created this enormous pin-screen similar to the popular 80s toy. As an interactive art piece participants are invited to step up to the device and press their bodies into it, creating all manner of hilarious, touching, and inevitably obscene body portraits. See dozens more images on their Facebook page. Via