Unbelievably Lifelike Paper Flowers Made By Kate Alarcon 

Kate Alarcon is a Seattle based paper artist who transforms flimsy sheets of colored parchment into lifelike imitations of delicate flowers and plants. The artist’s knack for creating unbelievably real blooms, perfectly colored, textured and moulded paper petals and stems reveal a world where art can recreate the most stunning examples of nature’s beauty.

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Beautiful and Unsettling Porcelain Bust Of French Artist

French artist Juliette Clovis creates porcelain female busts inspired from myth, nature and history which have bursting forth with flowers or birds, and flecked with studded spikes. The artist, Clovis creates the busts on fine porcelain, reminiscent of delicate pottery work, only to be consumed by abnormal features over the form’s surface. The most alluring aspect of the work is the calm facade of the female figures which dismiss the spikes and flowers growing over it. 

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Model with sculpture in Paris at Malmaison, featured in Harper’s Bazaar, November 1947. Photograph by Louise Dahl-Wolfe. Collection of The Museum at FIT.

The model is wearing the Mystère coat by Christian Dior which was displayed in the FIT exhibit. Known for her brilliant use of color, Ms. Dahl-Wolfe’s use of cacophonous hues and vibrant imagery meshed well with Ms. Vreeland’s fantastical style and love for the exotic.


Miniature Crochet Animals by Su Ami

Vietnam-based boutique Su Ami is composed of a group of 5 crafters in the family who create adorably tiny crochet figurines of animals. Featuring insects, bugs, domestic pets and wildlife, the miniature pieces are generally made with bright and cheerful colors of wool, which accentuate their quirky and unique nature.

The shop is named after the youngest member, who is 10 years old. The charming subjects and amigurumi aesthetic are inspired by childhood films and movie characters. Following amigurumi fashion, the crafters concentrate on elevating the level of “cuteness” of an ordinary figure.

With the use of slightly smaller crochet hooks and knitting needles, the knitted creatures are tightly constructed so their polyfill stuffing doesn’t peak through. Outstandingly small in size, each miniature arrangement ranges from .5 an inch to 1 inch. You can find popular animals, which include a set of different dog breeds, dolphins, deer, bears and other critters in their Etsy shop.

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Everything I do, I intend to make on a large scale… Size itself has its own impact, and physically we can relate ourselves more strongly to a big sculpture than to a small one. Henry Moore 

The Anglo-Irish born sculptor was born today, July 30th in 1898 in Castleford, UK. 


Image: Henry Moore, Large Two Forms, 1966, Bronze, 141 11/16 × 240 3/16 × 171 5/16 inches  (360 × 610 × 435 cm), Ed. of 4, Reproduced by permission of The Henry Moore Foundation