The Kraken is very real. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, just point them to this awesome monument to the tragic Staten Island Ferry Disaster Memorial in Battery Park, Manhattan. It was created by artist Joe Reginella to honor the 400 victims of a giant octopus who attacked the Staten Island Ferry Cornelius G. Kolff on November 22, 1963.

And yes, it’s all completely made up, a tentacularly awesome prank that took six months to create and which Reginella views as a “multimedia art project and social experiment.”

“The website, and fliers distributed around Manhattan by his team, give a false location for a museum, ironically a place you must get to by ferry. You can see more tourist reactions and find real information about the fake event on the Staten Island Ferry Octopus Disaster Memorial Museum’s Facebook.“

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Ohohoh. I had an arrival today. :D Just a few select shots. All precious babies from Seed Arts, @armeleia.

Museu Brasileiro da Escultura - MuBE (projetado pelo arquiteto Paulo Mendes da Rocha).

São Paulo, SP, Brasil. Foto: Paulisson Miura, 2011.

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Christina Ridzel

Our faces are masks, and our bodies complicit in building false image—what lies inside is hard to see; and what one might uncover in there could be terrifying. To see through the cloak of pretense, to see to the heart of things; to digest the mask, taking what nourishment it provides, understanding why it exists; to plumb memory and experience and scope out bits of understanding; to comprehend our humanity, to honor it, to embrace the best of it—this is what Christina Ridzel’s work helps us to do.