Sculptor & Artist:

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

“空刻メメント・モリ 弐”


Paint on Hinoki Wood 

H 66 × W 12 × D 12.5 


“Memento Mori
My sculpture questions “What is life?” “What is death?”
I know there is no clear answer, but again today I carve while asking, “Memento mori?”
I used Japanese wood carving techniques to express the western theme of “Memento mori”.”



Fabian Buergy

Picture yourself, standing between the four walls of a pristine white gallery, your feet precariously perched on the edge of a gaping chasm in the concrete floor. Stepping backwards you suddenly encounter a growing pool of black liquid that spills into the room. You head to the door as you are realize that the room is also filling with a noxious cloud of a black smoke. Stumbling into the next room, you find yourself in front of a slide. Pulling yourself to the top of the ladder, you find your excitement dissipating as you realize your pathway is blocked by a concrete wall. Moving on, you jump down from the swing and cross the room to a swing. Disappointingly, you are unable to use it as it has been impounded by a concrete block. 

While the experience of this exhibition may suggest that it may pose physical or emotional distress on the viewer, it is in fact the harmless sculptural and conceptual spatial interventions of artist, Fabian Buergy.

The true intention of Buergy’s works is to subvert the way we conventionally experience the gallery space and the way we use everyday objects, to gain a better understanding and awareness of how we attribute and imbue space and objects with value. 

  1. Sans titre, 2014, Concrete, rubber belt, metallic chains
  2. Floating rebar, 2013
  3. Spikes, 2013
  4. C'est fini!, 2014
  5. Smoke, 2013
  6. Loch (Hole), 2013
  7. La Fatigue, 2015
  8. Kulturkatholik, 2013
  9. Hold on Baby, 2014
  10. Black is coming, 2013, images posted with permission of the artist.

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Selections of artwork from the Frieze New York Art Fair, Randall’s Island, May 14-17, 2015

Photography by Blair Prentice of iheartmyart.com

(See set 1 of 2 of photographs by Blair Prentice)

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Come see me all weekend long at Maker Faire Bay Area! I am set up in the Expo Hall (zone 2) in the kinetic art section. I have my normal show offerings of paint-your-own figures along with a whole bunch of new Arbori.

In addition, I am also offering free sculpting tutorials, clay samples provided by sculpey-polyform, and demonstrations. I have plenty of copies of my book, Fantasy Creatures in Clay from impactbooks. I even have some new, fun sticker giveaways.

If you can make it out this weekend, please do. I can already tell this is going to be an amazing show. I look forward to seeing everyone!!!