sculpting students

other nice otp ideas

  • hospital patient and person who comes and plays music for the sick
  • coffee shop barista and a newly outed musician playing in the shop
  • person A scared of flights sitting next to person B who travels a lot
  • accidentally switching backpacks/ briefcases and having to go find eachother
  • student tutor and struggling pupil
  • last seat on the roller coasters final ride of the night that ends up needing two strangers to ride together
  • skipping student and new student who needs help finding a class
  • both have to sit at the only abandoned lunch booth as strangers
  • art student working and photographer wanting to take pictures of them painting/drawing/sculpting
  • nude model and student artist meet up again outside of class
  • person A is locked out of their apartment in the middle of the night and person B lets them sleep over
  • awkward sitting next to a lone stranger at the movie theatres