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astroquestions  asked:

hi, what would you say are the hobbies associated with the signs?

Check out your 5th House and rising sign too! 

Aries: Sports in general but there is an emphasis on boxing, wrestling, martial arts, paintball, laser tag, skydiving, scuba diving, and bungee jumping. Car collecting or auto work, gambling, hunting, fashion, traveling, and working out. 

Taurus: Associated with any sport that is team oriented and usually consist of a large team. Aesthetic arts like painting, interior design, or jewelry making. Cooking, homebrewing, soap, candle, or perfume making, gardening, singing, shopping, collecting items, and playing musical instruments. 

Gemini: Associated with sports like gymnastics, skiing, skating, throwing, tennis, and badminton. Writing, blogging, taking in a lot of media like video games and movies, debating, reading, chess, puzzle games, board games, and if socializing could be considered a hobby. 

Cancer: Is associated with team sports, is associated with ALL artistic hobbies especially drawing, photography, and painting. Cooking, scrapbooking, crafts of all kind/DIY activities, collecting items, sewing, knitting, crocheting, repair work around the house, and homebrewing. 

Leo: Dancing, drama, cheer leading,  gymnastics, fashion, painting, creative writing, movies, T.V. shows, reading, hunting, baton twirling, video games, traveling, gambling, celebrity watching, cosplay, LARPing, and working out. 

Virgo: Golf, skating, badminton, tennis, bird watching, collecting, working out, nutrition, couponing, reading, calligraphy, crafts, knitting, sewing, crocheting, gardening, chess, debating, puzzle games, and board games. 

Libra: Badminton, volleyball, tennis, figure skating, anything aesthetic such as painting or interior design. Fashion, drama, musical instruments, celebrity watching, and is loosely associated with poetry. 

Scorpio: Sailing, scuba diving, paintball, laser tag, flying, skydiving, bungee jumping, racing, para-sailing, swimming, anything artistic especially photography and poetry, fencing, chess, homebrewing, and ghost hunting or anything occult. 

Sagittarius: Hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, skateboarding, snowboarding, archery, horseback riding, geocaching, gambling, traveling, running, kayaking, billiards, darts, climbing, disc golf, and amateur astronomy. 

Capricorn: Hiking, mountain climbing/climbing, spelunking, hockey, fossil hunting, metal detecting, antique collecting/hunting, history driven hobbies, collecting items, genealogy, and is HIGHLY associated with working with their hands so hobbies such as pottery, sculpting, candle making, woodworking, jewelry making, metal work, origami, and Lego building. 

Aquarius: Surfing, snowboard, long board, skateboard, hockey, skiing, any “odd” sport, computer programming, amateur radio, amateur astronomy, debating, astrology, anything occult, dog breeding and shows, graffiti, parkour, cosplay, LARPing, yoga, and Tai Chi. 

Pisces: Swimming, surfing, fishing, scuba diving, diving, boating, water-skiing, amateur meteorology, anything artistic especially poetry, painting, and photography, whale watching, video games, movies, reading, and all types of gaming. 

5.31.17 // 8:25pm // i made something (a choker)!

so sometimes i actually follow my plans. like in the past two days. i’m not that great at drawing (as i’m sure you all know) but i do love to make jewelry and sculpt so i made this purple-y choker and i love how it turned out. i also got some new eyeliner. it’s been a good couple of days :D xoxo, m

ftleo  asked:

Tumblr types por hoshido?

  • Ryoma - Sushi and anime blog. He’s Japan’s version of a weeaboo. 
  • Hinoka - Fitblr. She’s got vegan recipes and pictures of people at the gym and different workouts outlined, with the occasional bird post. 
  • Takumi - One of those edgy emo kid blogs with sad quotes. Brood brood brood. 
  • Sakura - Medblr probably. She’d likely become a doctor and just put pictures of cadavers like, Normal day at school! 
  • Saizo - Just a bunch of edgy should-be-on-a-Hot-Topic-shirt quotes and pictures. 
  • Kagero - Art blog. A lot of it is eccentric and no one really understands her art tastes, but she’s in love with her blog and you can’t bring yourself to criticize her taste. 
  • Azama - Music and lifestyle blog. He’s got a clean, neat aesthetic that he’s very proud of, and will blacklist as many things as he needs to in order to keep his dash neat as well. 
  • Setsuna - Reblogs of really dreamy and whimsical images of things like water waves or outer space. Just anything that makes you feel warm or lost in thought. 
  • Hinata - Fandom blog for Fairy Tail, probably. Or John Cena, whatever. 
  • Oboro - Fashion blog. Primarily she deals with Asian fashion, whether it be Indian lenghas or Japanese yukatas, she’s got it all in her collection. 
  • Hana - Nature blog. She loves nature and photography, so her tumblr is a potpourri of her own and other’s photographs of plants, animals, landscapes, skies, you name it. 
  • Subaki - Just filled with selfies of himself. He has a touch-up app that he uses to make sure any breakouts are concealed and that the perfect amount of light reflects from his eyes. If there is less than 100 notes after 4 hours of posting a picture, he will take it down, for it was less than perfect. 
  • Hayato - Food porn blog. Oh his love of sweets may be something he hides, but he indulges when he’s on tumblr, just frothing at the mouth as he scrolls through pictures of perfectly sculpted cupcakes and smooth, rich brownies. 
  • Kaden - Zootopia fandom blog. 
  • Orochi - Medieval aesthetic blog. She loves the older times of Europe and Feudal Japan, obsessed with the cultural aspects and any images and quotes associated with that pop up on her blog. 
  • Rinkah - Fitblr. She’s the inspiration of so many other girls and always reads the nice messages she gets, feeling warmed by the love she’s showered with and adores seeing her own followers improve their physical shape upon seeing her. 
  • Reina - She probably uses tumblr as Pinterest, she just goes full mom-mode and loves to collect ideas on various projects, but fails at pulling through with any of them. 
  • Yukimura - Book porn. Like images of libraries and old books, writing, all of that he loves. 
  • Scarlet - Social justice blog. She is a very active feminist and eagerly participates in engaging conversations about issues with her country. She does get a hot head a times, but she is so good about apologizing and admitting to her mistakes. 
  • Shiro - Sports blog. He actively posts analysis on recent matches and games for the sports he follows. His favorite sports are Sumo and Cricket. 
  • Kiragi - Archery blog. He’ll create his own niche for it, he’s obsessed with the sport and loves to blog about it, even though his posts get anywhere between 0 and 2 notes. 
  • Asugi - See Hayato. 
  • Selkie - Crafting blog. She loves to make stuff, sewing, knitting, crocheting, sculpting, carving, painting, jewelry making, she loves all of it and has too many projects reblogged for her to ever catch up with. 
  • Hisame - Pickle blog. Very cucumber. 
  • Mitama - Poetry blog. She writes a ton of poems and has a huge following, and often promotes other poets on tumblr, which has earned her a lot of respect and love from all communities of tumblr. 
  • Caeldori - Her blog mainly focuses on falling in and out of love as she progresses through her love life. She has lots of sad and happy quotes and going on her blog means you’re going to want to confess to someone after you’re done scrolling. 
  • Rhajat - South Asian aesthetic blog. She loves the rich culture of South Asia and the Middle East, and her outfits are inspired by much of that traditional apparel. She is educated in the cultural aspects and is very cautious about appropriation. Of course, the occasional hex is mixed in with her posts… shhhh… 
Yaya Han as Lulu cosplay from FF XLulu costume from Final Fantasy 10! Made in the year 2001! I had only been cosplaying for 2 years at that point, and definitely consider this one of those costume projects that leveled me up! I made it all from scratch, including my first corset (it suuuucked), the first time I sculpted jewelry & hair pins, first time working with upholstery pleather, etc. Engineering the belt skirt was also a pain in the butt, and while it worked for the costume, now I would do it soooo very differently. 
Even then I had a penchant for adding details and forgoing accuracy for embellishing elements. I hand beaded the dangling trim around the corset (now you can just buy beaded trim!), added extra braids and beads in the braids and used textured and contrasting fabrics for the costume. 
The overall costume is not impressive by any means for today’s standards, but I was very proud and remember sweating for over 5 weeks making this beast. There are so many things I could do better, cleaner, more refined now, and make Lulu easier to transport and wear, and indeed, I would love to re-make this costume sometime, since I sold it years ago when I was very broke.

When I look at a 13-year old costume like this, it shows me how much I have grown as an artist and craftsman, but also reminds me of all that I have stayed true to over the years. I still approach cosplay the same way many years later, and am drawn to the same elements and challenges. That makes me personally really happy, knowing that I still love this artform and have similar aspirations even a decade later. That means there is still so much to learn. And to make!!!

Here’s some more pointless art I’m posting here because I don’t have an art blog (also it kind of relates). I made this little Phidippus audax out of oven-bake clay. It took me about three hours (including baking time. It has an armature of tin foil and wire because haha why not?

I am so proud of this! It’s one of the best sculptures I’ve made and one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I’ve made. It’s also my practice for the smaller ones I will be making for the giveaway.

💜 Lots MORE sisterhood social ideas! 💜

Q: What are some sober sisterhood events that a chapter could do? I really want to run for sisterhood chair. I’ve noticed a lot of organizations have their moms come up for a day and I like that idea!  

A: I have several posts that will give you lots of inspiration for SISTERHOOD SOCIALS ~ all alcohol free events: 

Fun “girls night in” chapter party ideas!

Creative “2-hour” sisterhood events!

Top 10 indoor sober socials!

Retreat ideas, also good for sisterhood socials!

💜   MORE Sisterhood Social Ideas: 💜 

  • Mom’s weekend: or Mom’s Day with a craft (like painting matching canvases), luncheon, tea, or special meal. 
  • Dad’s weekend: or Dad’s day with dad/daughter sporty event and special meal. 
  • Holiday themed events: visiting the pumpkin patch, apple picking, ornament decorating, making valentines, Easter egg hunt, etc… 
  • Food pair parties: Milk & Cookies, Burgers & Fries, Eggs & Bacon, Chicken & Waffles, Tea & Cookies, Soup & Salad, Chip & Dip, Cake & Ice Cream, Fish & Chips, Hot Dogs & Apple Pie, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Mac & Cheese, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cheese & Crackers, Fruits & Nuts, Peaches & Cream.
  • Exercise experience: indoor cycling, hip-hop/funk dancing, boot camp workout, booty barre class, zen or power yoga, indoor paddle board class, latin dancing, kickboxing, Zumba workout, indoor rock climbing, outdoor hiking, ultimate Frisbee. 
  • Game show adaptations: “Minute to Win It” is perfect for fun & team building. “Family Feud” for big/little families, “Jeopardy” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” can also be used for a sisterhood social. Theme the questions to your greek community. 
  • Messy fun: paint slip & slide, water balloon slip & slide, powder/dry paint party, foam party, jello tug-o-war, giant bubbles, no-hands pie eating contest, splatter paint, water pistol wars, paint ball, laser tag.
  • Artsy socials: make jewelry, sculpt pottery, paint canvases, decorate cakes, build-a-bear, paint tee shirts, shoot photographs, make magazine picture colleges. 
  • Binge on: Disney movie marathon, craziest YouTube videos, childhood board games, TV show binge viewing, karaoke, poker tournament, 80’s movie marathon. 
  • Random fun sisterhoods: fly kites together on the beach, host a puzzle marathon, short story/poetry writing night, rent canoes or paddle boats for a day at the lake, make a chapter time capsule, go horseback riding, go to a water park, play mini golf, ride go-carts, go ice skating or sledding, make a music video, go camping and roast marshmallows, go fishing, take a group cooking class, visit local tourist attractions, attend an annual festival/carnival/convention, slumber party, take creative outdoor chapter portraits.