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Close up video of the items I’m selling in my Etsy shop~!

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You can either send me a Note on DeviantArt, a Custom Order Request on my Etsy, or email me at with this form filled out (even just for a quote). Please don’t use the Tumblr Ask system to contact me as it is always broken, though messaging me is good!

  • Name - Or username, though when I ship your item to you, obviously I need your actual name
  • Email- You can contact me via Note on DA but I prefer email as I check that far more often. Also, I will need your email if you want work in progress pictures your commission sent to you 
  • What do you want? - Please include the name of the character(s) (if any) along with COLOR references. And if the character has multiple outfits, find references of the one you want them in.
  • Shipping Details - Outside or inside US? If outside, need your address to calculate shipping
  • Deadline - Need these items by a specific time? Three weeks from payment MINIMUM
  • Other - Anything else? 

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Another WIP

Sorry for long silence, guys. I have exams now >_<
As usual, polymer clay (Fimo and Sculpey Premo), rainbow moonstone and quartz crystal. Made with my own sketch 
Alisa Krinna Maskaeva copyright. June 2014

After 12 th of June will be available on my Etsy store, with normal photos :D

An ombre jellyfish inspired by the depths of the ocean. :) Completely handmade out of polymer clay and available here on my Etsy store: