Pearl sculpture made by me 
Photographed by my father

Super Sculpey Firm and Apoxie Sculpt over a wire armature. Primed and then painted with Acrylics. The sculpture including the MDF base is about 15cm tall.

WIP pictures can be found here.

This sculpture is for sale! More info can be found here.



Here’s Toothless, finally done! After a year in the making XD I was always putting him aside for working on other sculptures and commissions. Now part of this project is done! I just have to finish the base for him and Hiccup! =D He was so much fun to make!!! =3 Expect to see more Nightfuries sculptures from me for sure! X)

This sculpture was 100% handmade with polymer clay over a wire armature and meticulously painted with acrylics. He stands around 5 ½ inches tall. Since this is a personal project of mine, he’s not for sale.

Most beings had a scent, either pleasant or unpleasant; Rahkshi smelled of cold metal and death.” - Vezon

Finally, my second Bionicle themed sculpture. Karzahni definetly was a fun experience, but I was seriously lacking in experience when making it. Thanks to that learning experience, I was able to improve and solve issues for this one.

I really felt challenged making a Rahshi sculpture because they are nothing more than slug mechs, and I’m completely inexperienced making mechanical looking sculptures. This forced me to solve structural and design problems that exist in 3D pieces, like stability, without resorting to chunks of flesh that glued everything together. I also had to organize a sculpting schedule to prevent over baking certain components and ensuring that I could continue sculpting other parts using epoxies. Overall, I feel really satisfied about what I learned through the various processes making this piece. 

For the Rahkshi itself, I couldn’t decide on a canon power, so I made my own. A Rahkshi of Corrosion. I really liked the Mask of Light interpretation of the kraata, and the opening head, but I felt that their bodies had really bulky limbs. Shrimp inspired the plating design, which I felt was needed to maintain some organic feel to it. I added external wires purely to create more fluidity to the design, I felt it was to ridged without them. 

The base was made using a variety of techniques, and I’m really glad with the corroded Ta-Matoran sinking into the earth, thanks to the people who gave me the idea for it. I also utilized my grasses much better here than in karzahni’s sculpture. 

Overall I’m very happy with this model, but I can always make improvements. 


Dipper Pines sculpture by me 
Photographed by my father

Super Sculpey Firm and Apoxie Sculpt over a wire armature. Primed and then painted with Acrylics.

This sculpture is for sale. More information can be found here.


WIP pictures can be found here.