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Cowplant WIP

Here is how far I got with painting today. I am painting the green parts of the plant first. Trying to recreate the gradients on the stem and leaves is probably the hardest part. I am layering on the gradients and then I will add more detail as I go. After that I will repeat the same process on the leaves.


Here’s some pictures of a sculpture I recently finished! This is actually a redesign of an old figurine I made back in 2014, for more information on the sculpting process + materials list, check out my process video below! More photos and behind the scenes footage will also be posted on my insta!

Cowplant WIP

I made some progress on the cowplant today. I added the first roots and drilled an extra hole with my dremel for the tail. I had to cut of the tail from the body, which wasn’t in my game plan for this sculpture but it had to be done (sadface). I am adding some more roots after these apoxie roots are cured.