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last season, deb realized that she had feelings for dexter and discovered his dark secret. as if she doesn’t have enough to work through, a man, russell (aaron paul), shows up claiming to be her half-brother, a result of harry’s infidelity. after the initial shock, she bonds with him, and he becomes someone for her to lean on. but what happens when he stumbles upon the truth about dexter?

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Bright Lights and Cityscapes

Notes: A Sloan/Don tag to the finale that was begging to be written. I’m a little nervous about posting it; I’m not used to writing characters like this, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Pairing: Sloan Sabbith/Don Keefer

Rating: K+/slightly T

Recommendations: I’d highly suggest listening to ‘Bright Lights and Cityscapes’ by Sara Bareilles, where I got the title from!

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything original to The Newsroom.

For Hannah, as a wicked belated birthday present, and Paula, another Sloan/Don shipper! :)

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scullymd  asked:

TOP 5 pushing daisies moments

oh wow all of them are my top 5 favourite tbh

but let’s see~

  • the first plastic wrap kiss because squealing all around
  • olive and emerson working together tbh
  • new bees/naked ned (PURELY FOR AESTHETIC REASONS OK)
  • ned/chuck wearing those beekeeping clothes and dancing on the rooftop
  • ned having a face. that was a good moment.

Tumblr Crushes:

wow, my crushes are kinda perfect right now!

So, since these are some of my favourite blogs and I do follow everyone, this will be a kind of ★Follow Holidays★ where I tell you to follow them as a gift to you. Go follow these people and enjoy their blogs and their greatness.

Happy Holidays

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scullymd  asked:

Six episodes of 2011

  • this is the way the world ends, dexter
  • flu season, parks and recreation
  • but at last came a knock, shameless
  • marine one, homeland
  • regional holiday music, community
  • object impermanence, weeds

i only picked 1 from each show, otherwise it’d be way too difficult D: also it’s so hard for me to pick one parks episode, i don’t rewatch it enough for me to pick a definitive episode… but flu season was great so i went with that. and as for weeds… i had to pick it because it’s one of my all time favs and even though s7 was bad, this particular episode was the lone bright spot in the whole season and really reminded me why i love the botwins.