so i’ve had this blog for a little over two years now, and it’s changed drastically over time, yet somehow i was able to reach 1,000 followers. which is totally crazy. so to thank you all for putting up with my weird little blog, i’ve put together a list of my mutual followers (with a few of my fav blogs tossed in) who are super rad and deserve some recognition.

people i reblog from the most:

kiraisgone, lickathicket, othiara, i-effed-it-all-up, evilwhiteknight, accio-cosima, alisonwithagluegun, cophinescockerspaniels, andsomeyougiveaway


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anyway, i hope you all gain some followers from this because it took me tWo HoUrS to make (◡‿◡✿)

(i feel like i may have forgotten some people, so if you’re not on here don’t feel bad, i still care about you just as much as i do everyone else!)

sad-ghosts  asked:

What did joss do in much ado about nothing? I haven't seen it yet, though it's unfortunate to hear that it's problematic

the problem is it’s exactly like the original play

which means the crux of the love story is a “tragic” rumor about how the love interest is promiscuous/not a virgin

also there’s one scene when he purposefully inserted a Black woman to point out the racism in a line, but she’s used as a one-shot joke and the scene simply replicates racist tokenism

this is the face of a sick girl, and not sick because i’ve watched x-files for about 15 hours today. i actually have a cold, which is why it’s OKAY that i did not move from my couch today for more than 10 minutes at a time.

so yes, i am on episode 15 of the x-files season 4 because I FINALLY GOT TO MEMENTO MORI which is apparently the best episode so i can’t go to sleep without seeing it, and the last episode was so good, scully was so ~depressed and wild and i jived so hard with her careless quest to have A FEELING (and of course STAY ALIVE) and then that scene at the end, THAT SCENE AT THE END!!!!!!!!!!! the acting, THE ACTING.

earlier during Paper Hearts (4x10) when mulder was having the dreams about his sister i was crying so hard my sinuses were blocked like impenetrably and it took an hour for them to unclog, and i was having hot/cold flashes and i just felt so bad and deformed and uncomfortable, it was like i was a living, human version of this photo:

i am so excited that i have this week with no classwork except my final project presentations because i’m gonna hit the netflix so hard and get through this goddamn show.