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Harry Imagine (Breaks Up & Make Ups)

Flash Back 

‘HARRY!!’ I screamed he looked turn his head to me getting off the girl he was on Top on 'Y-Y/n It’s not what it looks Like’ Harry said putting his arms around you 'REALLY? IT SEEMS LIKE YOUR CHEATING ON ME, IN MY OWN HOUSE!’ I said ducking his Hug 'Y/n Please?’ Harry said 'NO  HARRY WE DONE!’ I said making my Way Out.

End Of Flash Back (Two Months Later)

Your P.O.V.

That Fight between Me and Harry was 2 months ago I didn’t Talk to Harry ever since, I still keep in touch with the Other girlfriends and the boys but they was a Rumor that spreaded that I Cheated On Harry so The Boys don’t walk much, I collected all my Stuff and moved into another Apartment close where I work and I met a Guy name Jacob we been dating for a few weeks now. Tonight he’s gonna take us out.

*ring ring ring* You heard your Phone it was Jacob 'Hi Jake’ You said 'Hey Babe, So for our Date tonight I’m picking you up around 6 and wear something Casual’ 'That’s sounds good’ I said 'Bye Y/n see you!’ 'bye Jake’ I said before ending the call than putting it down on the Counter you Looked up at the Clock it was 5:12pm 'Shit!’ I said making my way to my Bedroom. (30 Mins Later) I was wearing a Whitish Cardigan with a grey Scull Crop top shirt and a light blue skinny jeans and some white Converse with my hair down straighten, since I got a Couple minutes left I decided to go watch T.V. for awhile. After Ten Minutes I heard a Knock on the Door 'Hey!’ I greeted Jacob and he Greeted with a Hi and a Hug he took a step back 'WoW! you look Gorgeous!’ than kissed my cheek 'Thanks’ I said 'Should we go?’ Jacob asked 'Yeah’ I said grabbing my purse and locking the door Jacob was waiting for me Than Grabbed my hand to his Car and made it inside his Car ’ So where are we going?’ I asked 'It’s was a Surprise’ Jacob said winking at me, I winked back but I suck at it He laughed after endless laughing and talking we made it to a Arena 'Surprise!’ Jacob said taking out tickets to a 'One Direction’ Concert, I was shocked inside but I pretending to fake surprise 'uh Wow this is so Unexpected’ I said 'You don’t Like it?’ Jacob said making his face into a Frown 'NO no I do like it, it just My Ex is in the band and..’ 'you don’t wanna see him?’ 'uh yeah’ I said 'well we don’t need to go I’ll give it to my sister if we have time’ 'No no will just go, like he won’t see me with a bunch of people’ I smiled than going out of the car Jacob grabbing your hand and making our way to the Arena it was all ready filled with screaming girls and seats all ready taken when we we’re making our way to the seats which was getting close to the front row I was hearing Whispering my name I just ignored it than when me and Jacob made it to our seats it was the Front Row Jacob let me go first I smiled shyly at him, than we we’re waiting for the Concert to start after a couple minutes passed by the Arena started to go Dark and the Beat was starting to play which girls we’re screaming their hearts out and I see Jacob screaming to I couldn’t help to Laugh and I screamed to than All the Boys came out started to sing 'Diana’ I started to sing along with the song and dancing around Jacob had his arms around me He was singing to I turned to him 'YOU KNOW THIS SONG?’ I said between the music and the screams 'YEAH, YOU KNOW WHEN I WAS LISTENING TO MUSIC FOR THE LAST TWO WEEKS AND YOU THOUGHT IT WAS RAP?’ 'YEAH!’ 'IT WAS ACTUALLY ONE DIRECTION’S SONG’ Jacob screamed threw the music I smiled and kissed his cheek, After that song was over 'You and I’ started to play this was my Favorite song I saw Niall coming towards us Jacob had his arms still around me while I was singing than He noticed me he gave me a Annoying look I brushed it off I saw Niall whispering into Liam’s ear and pointing to my row, Liam’s part can on and he came Towards me, he looked but He didn’t care than Harry’s solo came on I started to sing to Jacob “Nothing can Come Between You and I not Even the Gods Above could separate the Two of us’ Me and Jacob we’re cuddly and kissing than someone grabbed my arm I see it was Perrie 'PERRIE!’ I screamed 'Y/N!’ she screamed giving me a Hug 'Come Backstage!’ Perrie Said 'Can I bring someone?’ 'Sure’ she said I made my way Back to our Seats to get Jacob 'C'mon!’ I said than Perrie took us Backstage we we’re all back stage I saw the Other Girlfriends 'Hi!’ I greeted to them they all came and Hugged me 'We Missed You!’ Eleanor said 'I missed you guys to’ I looked over to Jacob standing there Awkwardly 'Oh sorry You Guys this is Jacob my Boyfriend’ I said to them 'Nice to Meet you Ladies!’ Jacob said 'Such a Gentleman’ Sophia said. As Sophia, Eleanor and Barbara we’re talking to Jacob, I grabbed Perrie away to talk to her 'Perrie you know I didn’t really Cheat on Harry right?’ I asked her with a Concerned look 'Of Course I do why?’ 'Because..’ I took a deep breath 'Because Harry Cheated On Me’ 'Oh Y/n’ Perrie said putting me into a Hug we came back to see the Girls and Jacob 'hey’ I said Jacob was putting his arm around my waist 'Did you Know Kendall is here?’ Eleanor said 'Really? Why?’ I asked 'I don’t know, I guess Harry bought her’ before I could say anything Kendall came everyone went Silent 'Hey!, You Guys Left Me come here’ Kendall said I see all the Girls looked Annoyed 'No Thanks!’ Perrie said annoyingly 'Oh Your Here’ Kendall said annoyingly than walking away I gave her a Death Glare. After talking I needed to use the Washroom 'I’ll be right back’ I said making my way to the washroom and when I came back I saw all the Boys I made my way to them I said 'Goodbye to the girls’ and Grabbed Jacob’s hand 'wait!’ I heard the boys say I turned to them 'yeah’ they came towards me with Hugs I was shocked 'not to be mean but why are you guys hugging me, I thought you hated me?’ I said 'No, the girls told us that you didn’t cheat on Harry he did and I think he cheated on you with Kendall’ Niall said 'oh Where’s Harry?’ I asked looking down 'He’s over there’ Zayn said pointing to them Kendall holding Harry 'Well we got to go back to our seats’ I said making our way back to our seats, all the boys came out and saying their we’re gonna play "Don’t Forget Where You Belong’ I helped Harry with that Song, so much Memories I smiled at Jacob before they we’re about to sing Harry was talking 'Y/n my Ex helped me with Song, Thanks Y/n’ Harry said Annoyingly and the Light was shining on me and Jacob I lifted my hand to block the light than I see the Boys looking mad at Harry 'Y/N’S THE BEST!!!’ all the Boys screamed the Arena starting to go all Crazy 'Thank You’ I screamed Liam winked at me, I see Harry getting Mad I smirked at him than before the song started I heard some girls around me calling me Names 'You made Harry made you SLUT!’ one spatted 'Hey Shut Up!’ Jacob said 'BITCH!’ one screamed 'YOUR SUCH A WHORE!’ 'LEAVE HARRY ALONE!’ 'WHY DID YOU EVEN COME? FUCKING BITCH’ than I started to cry, I left the Arena going outside I heard Jacob following me 'Y/n I’m Sorry!’ Jacob said pulling me into a Hug 'It’s Not Your Fault’ I cried than I hear other footsteps coming I see Perrie, Eleanor, Barbara, and Sophia 'Y/n Are You Okay?’ Barbara said rubbing my back 'Is It Harry?’ Eleanor said 'No’ I said 'It was girls around us they started calling Y/n names’ Jacob said 'Oh Y/n I’m so Sorry’ Sophia said 'it’s ok’ I said than I see The boys coming except Harry 'Y/n We’re Sorry Harry’s an Ass!’ Louis said 'I am an Ass’ I heard a Familiar raspy voice everyone turned to See it was Harry all the Boys even Jacob started to Block him from me 'Y/n LET ME TALK TO YOU!’ Harry screamed 'PLEASE!’ I took a deep Breathe 'ok’ I whispered 'are you sure Y/n?’ Niall said 'y-yeah’ I stuttered all the boys back off and moved away, Harry grabbed me, I was looking down I didn’t want to look at his face’ 'Y/n?’ 'yeah?’ I whispered 'can you look at me?’ Harry said pulling my face towards him 'yes?’ I said 'Y/n I’m sorry for what I did, I’m lost without you!, I need you in my life, I hate myself Everyday ever since I lost you, I really miss you!’ before I was about to answer Harry smashed his lips against mine 'HEY!’ I heard Jacob’s voice Harry pulled away from the Kiss, than Jacob grabbed my hand, Harry grabbed my other hand 'STOP! YOUR HURTING ME!’ I screamed Perrie can beside me 'WHICH ONE Y/N ME OR HIM’ Harry said I looked at Jacob than Harry 'I’m Sorry’ I heard Harry say I went to Jacob 'Jacob, I’m sorry but when I kissed Harry I felt sparks fly between us and I Love You, can we still be friends?’ 'sure Y/n PROTECT HER! STYLES!’ Jacob said I kissed Jacob’s cheek and Hugged him 'I miss you too Harry!’ It’s gonna take some time to forgive you but I Forgive you’ I said to Harry than Kissed him 'I missed you!'