50 Things You Learn When You First Start Rowing
  1. Erging sucks.
  2. Boats are heavier than they appear.
  3. Never come to practice without a water bottle.
  4. Food has never tasted better.
  5. Your hands will look like you attacked them with a cheese grater.
  6. Blisters eventually become calluses. Calluses never disappear.
  7. You will always be in some sort of love/hate relationship with your coach.
  8. Catch, drive, recovery…in that order
  9. All that talk about endorphins inducing a high is actually true…except when erging.
  10. Novice year is the best year of your life.
  11. Rowing isn’t just a sport, it’s actually a lifestyle.
  12. You can never have too much rowing apparel.
  13. You will suddenly want everything you own to be in your team’s colors.
  14. Investing in a pair of 7/16 wrenches is worthwhile.
  15. Fashion has a whole new definition and includes LOTS of spandex.
  16. Rowers are freakishly up close and personal about everything.
  17. There is no such thing as personal space.
  18. You will lose all fear of going commando in front of large groups of people.
  19. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has not yet adjusted to this style of living.
  20. Anything rowing-related (books, movies, art, etc.) is automatically awesome.
  21. Always bring way more money to regattas than you anticipate spending. You will want one of everything that the vendors are selling.
  22. The custom t-shirts at regattas are WAY overpriced, but you will buy them anyway.
  23. Socks and sandals is a thing.
  24. The food that parents make at regattas is always the best.
  25. Every rower has so many shared experiences and interests that it’s super easy to become friends with anyone who rows.
  26. Your parents, siblings, friends, etc. won’t understand your obsession.
  27. Crew is for life.
  28. Your team will become your second family.
  29. Your boathouse will become your second home.
  30. Everyone complains about unis but secretly really enjoys wearing them.
  31. Sunscreen, sunscreen, SUNSCREEN, no matter how dark your skin is or how badly you want a tan.
  32. Your first flip is your baptism into the World of Rowing.
  33. Buy lots of cheap sunglasses - don’t want to risk watching your favorite Ray Bans sink to the bottom of a lake.
  34. Never bring your phone in the boat.
  35. Always listen to the coxswain (if you sweep)/bow (if you scull)/whoever is in charge.
  36. You will become a leader.
  37. You will become a better, stronger, more confident person, quicker than you ever thought possible.
  38. Sleep is a gift from God.
  39. No matter the forecast, there will always be bad weather at regattas.
  40. Go buy rain boots now.
  41. People will ask you a thousand times whether you canoe or kayak. Be prepared with a quick, comprehensible explanation.
  42. If you scull, ALWAYS keep your fingernails trimmed.
  43. The only thing you will want to talk about is rowing. After about three months, your friends and family will simply smile and nod and tune you out, but you’ll keep talking about it anyway.
  44. You can never wear enough layers when going out on a cold morning.
  45. You will begin judging music based off whether or not you can erg to it.
  46. Slide bites are the worst.
  47. Remember to pack about 12 pairs of socks for each regatta. I’m not joking.
  48. Remember to use the port-a-john before launching, even if you don’t think you need to.
  49. Races are over almost as quickly as they start.
  50. Rowing will change your life forever.

The Jacks scented candles

A team of students at the Hongik University in Seoul created a 3D printed ash-trey in the shape of a scull. One day one of them placed a candle inside the head. That is how everything started. The result are these candle in the shape of antlers, ears or a brain that is placed inside a ceramic skull, bunny head or deer head. The melting wax runs through the eye holes resembling tears.

The ceramic heads are produced in black and white and the candles have bright colors, each representing a different scent.

The team is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get the funding for serial production.

The Jacks: Website | Kickstarter | Facebook | Instagram

If you are interested in designs that started on Kickstarter have a look at the Miito Kettle, or the Flyte lamp.

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