Chris acts like an older brother figure towards Cream and Cosmo during the Metarex Saga.

Being mentally an adult, he also tries his best to be the parent figure towards the team on the Blue Typhoon. Whether it’s cooking for them, doing whatever laundry the others actually do have, helping to make sure that chores around the ship are kept up with, makes sure that certain areas remain uncluttered, being emotionally supportive of the younger crew members (Cosmo in specific), or having to break up arguments or scuffles between Sonic and Knuckles or any of the other crew members. He gets a little embarrassed whenever the latter incident happens, being reminded of himself when he was a kid.

“Yeah. Well, that’s my little brother, ok? That’s my version of Sam. So I’m allowed to be a jerk where he’s concerned.” 

“Are you bitching at Dean? Give me that!” There was a slight scuffle on the other end, muffled arguing. “Yeah, go eat a pound of candy, you damn diabetic. See you in the ICU!” More muffled sounds. “Love you too,” Sam said with a low chuckle. “Hey, Dean.”

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KageHina. Hinata tries to jump up to give Kageyama a kiss but they both end up in the nurse's office as result.

((Ship/prompt in my ask for a ficlet!

There is such potential.))

  “Ah, goddamn it!” Kageyama could feel the blood running from his nose like snot.  Over him he could see Daichi trying to inspect his clamped nose while Tsuki snickered from behind. “Hinata I’m going to kill you!”

  But off to the side he could hear the redhead whimpering. All he knew was that whatever had been hit was producing a good amount of blood - enough to where it had begun dripping on the gym floor.

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Pnut got in a scuffle with a Lab today because the Lab was being rude.

My little bully kicked that dogs ass.

Yeah yeah yeah, dogs should be well behaved etc but I have a point of pride that Pnut takes no shit no matter what.

Shots fired. Subject is down. He grabbed my taser.

Michael T. Slager, a white South Carolina police officer, claimed he feared for his life because an unarmed black man, Walter Scott, had taken his stun gun in a scuffle. However, a video taken by a bystander shows no physical altercation, but does show the officer firing eight times at Mr. Scott’s back as he was running away. The video also shows Slager planting his taser near Mr. Scott’s body after he was gunned down.

Michael Slager has been arrested for the murder of Walter Scott, but only because of the brave actions of a quick thinking bystander.

In all honesty though, Harry and Hermione would not have lasted long enough to even think about defeating Voldemort without Ron Weasley there. 

Like, Hermione would disappear in the library for whole days and Ron would probably go in search for her and all but drag her to dinner because “You have to eat ‘Mione. Don’t forget to eat.” 

Ron spending his Winter Holidays with Harry instead of with his own family, because Harry needed him more. 

Ron giving Hermione a Weasley sweater because It’s colder out here than I thought it would be and the twins would tease him, while he insisted it wasn’t like that.

And Harry was constantly getting in scuffles with the Slytherins, so Ron, who’s Mum taught all her children household spells, would fix Harry up in their dorm room, so ‘Mione wouldn’t see and get angry. 

Hermione would catch the flu and Ron would take her to Madam Pomfrey, and lecture her gently on how if colds went untreated they could get worse, while Hermione rolls her eyes and she only has the sniffles Ron, it’s not the plague. Please find your chill.

When Harry would start to break,  Ron would get him blankets and sit up by the fire all night,  while Harry pretended nothing was wrong, despite the fact that he was literally always in mortal peril and his emotional state was always frayed.

I am a firm believer in the fact that Ron Weasley kept Harry Potter and Hermione Granger sane and fed and relatively healthy in those early years. 



Hi guys!!! Yesterday night my beloved kitty Spesh came home with half of his tail hanging off. He usually comes home with scratches and scrapes from getting into scuffles with other neighborhood cats but this was nothing we’d seen before. We took him to an emergency 24 hour vet and they did what was immediately necessary and cut off the hanging part, gave him antibiotics and cleaned him up. The recommended we wait till the next morning (today) to go to a normal vet and get the rest of his tail amputated. I don’t have the money to pay for the emergency vet visit which came out to almost $400, let alone an amputation surgery so some friends on twitter suggested I start an online fundraiser. I originally went with gofundme but then I found out that they make you pay a minimum of a $5 donation, so I’ve switched over to indiegogo. I have my goal set at $1,500 even though I have no idea what the total cost will be, but I’m sure if anything it will be more since I’ve already used $400 of that budget. All I’m asking from you guys is to donate anything you can, even if it’s only $1! If you’re tight on money right now, like most of us are, and can’t donate that’s totally okay and if you could just share Spesh’s story or send well wishes his way that’s everything we could wish for 💕 the link to Spesh’s page is, it includes his entire story, a gallery, will be updated as soon as anything happens, and will be open for 40 days. Thanks so much for reading this!! Keep your pets close to home, tell them you love them one extra time for us today.

How It Started

Part 1/3: Out on a hunt, Cas and Dean end up having to share a single bed for the night, neither one content to let the other sleep on the floor.

Part 2/3: The Middle Act - Read Here

Part 3/3: Not Really The End - Read Here

“All we have left is a single,” was how it began.

“Seriously?” Dean huffed, already beat after their scuffle with some vampires. Behind him, Cas looked even worse, his shoulders slumped and heavy, tired bags under his eyes. Really, they hadn’t meant to disrupt an entire nest, but Cas had chased it into an abandoned house and then one thing had led to another. Needless to say, Dean had hoped to break Cas into hunting a little slower, what with him being newly human again.

“Seriously,” the clerk behind the counter mocked, looking unhappy and un-amused. Dean pursed his lips, tossing them a quick glare before glancing back at Cas, who was wavering some on his feet and sporting a torn sweatshirt. Human fatigue was something he still had trouble dealing with.

They could sleep in the car – him and Sammy had done that before – but they always woke up feeling worse than they had the night before. Really, Dean knew Cas could handle it, and that it’d probably be best if he’d toughen up a bit, but…

But it was Cas – Cas, who used to be an angel, and who’d spent millions of years not having to worry about a single scratch. Cas, who’d given all that up just to save Dean. Who’d used his grace, his lifeline, to rid him of the Mark.

No, he couldn’t stand to watch Cas sleep in the car.

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Robert Bates is using the age old lie: I thought he was going for a gun

Bates said as he approached the scuffle, he thought he noticed Harris again reaching for his waistband. At this point, while two additional deputies were subduing Harris, Bates said he saw a “very brief opening” in which he could hit Harris with a Taser.

Bates noted “thinking I have to deploy it rapidly, as I still thought there was a strong possibility Harris had a gun on him.”

(pictured above: Eric Harris with his son, Aidan)

Send a number + character and I’ll draw them | 17 - Beaten up

Here’s a beaten up makoharu (ง •̀_•́)ง Thank you for requesting!!


REVOLUTION | AU: Daughters of the Revolution

I’m the hero of the story, I don’t need to be saved.