slipping the edge of your thumbs under the waistband of luke’s sweatpants as you innocently blink up at him, taking in his messy half quiff of blonde hair and the dark scruff adorning his prominent jawline and the protruding dark curve of his piercing as he chews on the inside of his cheek in an attempt to contain his grin as he mumbles, “well good morning to you too.” and your fuzzy socks nearly slip on the hardwood flooring as you rise onto your arches to press your lips against his, your hands still set firmly on the elastic band of his sweats as you gingerly snap it against his hips and wrinkle your nose in approval when he bites your bottom lip and moans lowly in the back of his throat from your affection

There are many photos of Israeli police attacking Palestinian women yesterday at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. The Guardian-UK has chosen to call them “scuffles” when the photos clearly depict assaults. The Israeli account of what happened is garbled - in the way all fictitious song - & - dance stories are - but the incident yesterday was a replay of many other provocations by right-wing Zionist thugs protected by Israeli cops who try to reclaim the site of the mosque as sacred to Judaism. That’s why it’s not believable. Even the logistics do not add up.

Israel claims masked Palestinian “rioters” stockpiled explosives, Molotov cocktails, & other weapons inside the mosque to attack thousands of “Jewish worshippers gathered for prayers at the Western Wall for Tisha B'Av, a day of mourning that commemorates the destruction of the first & second Jewish Temples. ” Reports conflict on where the worshipper / thugs were - at the Western Wall or inside the mosque compound. The Western Wall is a section of the enclosure around the Al-Aqsa compound known as the Noble Sanctuary to Muslims & the Temple Mount to Zionists & is located in East Jerusalem under illegal occupation by Israel since 1967.

The Noble Sanctuary is 35 acres of fountains, gardens, museums, as well as the Al-Aqsa Mosque & the Dome of the Rock (which has sacred meaning to Muslims). The entire area is regarded as sacred space & is an educational center as well as religious sanctuary. It’s existed in various reconstructions for over 1,300 years. The fallacious media mantra is that the Noble Sanctuary is the holiest site for Judaism but only the third holiest site to Islam. The reason offered for why it’s sacred to Judaism is that it’s the original site of Solomon’s Temple said to have housed the Ark of the Covenant & destroyed in 586 BCE (for which there is not a shred of archaeological evidence). There was an actual temple on the site between 516 BCE & 70 CE when the Romans destroyed it. It was renovated by Herod (of Biblical notoriety) & the supposed remnants of the Herodian wall make up the Western Wall (known also as the Wailing Wall) heralded by Israel as the most sacred place of Judaism.

Millions of people make pilgrimage & fetishistic homage to the old stone wall, the altar of the Israeli state. One would never ridicule even the most absurd religious practice but there is no need to feign respect for a narrative fabricated solely to serve Zionist nationalism & not religious commitment. It’s not inconceivable that there’s a mystique around that pile of stones. But a mystique is not the same as a religious tradition or historic claim.

Far from being an ancient tradition, there is little evidence that Jews, most of whom lived outside Palestine until the late 19th century, held the wall as sacred. Jewish immigration to Palestine was part of the great wave of emigration from Eastern Europe during that time - some driven by economic desperation, some to escape pogroms & persecution, & many as evangelists of Zionism goaded by Zionist organizations as advance guard for setting up a Jewish-only state. And that’s when trouble began in Palestine around Islam’s holy sites, with Zionists creating historic narratives & fabricating religious traditions that did not exist.

In 1948 when Israel was founded on the violent expulsion of Palestinians with the collusion of colonial regimes (especially the UK), East Jerusalem came under the jurisdiction of Jordan through negotiations with the UN; West Jerusalem was under Israeli control. The Noble Sanctuary is in East Jerusalem. After the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel occupied East Jerusalem & within a matter of three days had flattened the Palestinian neighborhood (called the Moroccan Quarter) adjacent to the Western Wall & Noble Sanctuary & forcibly cleared out the residents. Their property was expropriated for public use & eventually turned into a plaza to receive thousands of born-again Zionists laying claim to a land that was not theirs. That “ancient tradition” of placing messages in the Western Wall does not go back to Herod but began with Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan when they marched into East Jerusalem & he inserted a written prayer into the cracks of the wall.

After the 1967 war, Zionists under the leadership of right-wing Rabbi Shlomo Goren (chief rabbi of the Israeli military & later chief rabbi of Israel) began claiming the Noble Sanctuary for building a third temple. Non-Muslims were forbidden to pray within the compound & so the Western Wall served for a long while as an outdoor & surrogate temple but Zionists have always had their eye on the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque & erecting their temple there. Palestinians frequently claim Israeli excavations under Al-Aqsa are threatening the foundations making it liable to collapse. Israeli rabbis are divided on Jews praying within the compound. Traditional rabbinical scholars regard it as antithetical to Judaism. Right-wing Zionist rabbis are much more flexible with religious principles in service to their rabid nationalism.

This explains the constant harassment & storm trooper tactics by Zionist extremists, police agents, & Israeli troops within the Al-Aqsa compound. This also explains why there is relentless political pressure to reverse the prohibition on non-Muslims worshipping there & why Palestinian males under 50 are barred access to the mosque & must pray in the public streets. In November, Israel ordered the mosque closed down after the shooting of an ultranationalist Zionist who campaigned aggressively for Jewish prayer rights at the site. The entire purpose is to usurp & deny Palestinian religious rights & traditions.

Support Palestinian justice by boycotting all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729); by supporting the cultural boycott of Israel; by demanding “No US aid to Israel!”

(Photo by Mahmoud Illean / AP)

(This post is a slightly edited version of one I posted in December 2014; I’m reposting to clarify why there are constant Israeli attacks & ongoing conflict around the Al-Aqsa mosque.)

Early Vancouver Youth Gangs, Friday, 15 July 1892 

This is from a new post on my wordpress blog about juvenile delinquency and youth gangs based on a Vancouver Daily World exposé:

A burst of profanity that would have brought a blush to the cheek of an Arizona terror startled the ear of a World reporter as he passed along Hastings street a few evenings ago. It was coarse profanity, interspersed with obscenity, and emphasized by blasphemy, and was followed by a scuffle.

Read the rest here.

Source: Photo ca. 1890, City of Vancouver Archives #371-1023 (cropped)

Clara turned at the sound of Rose stirring, and moved away from the window, walking quietly over to the bed.

“I’m so glad you’re awake,” Clara said softly. “How do you feel?”

Rose took a breath and shook her head. “All right, I suppose. What happened?”

“You got knocked down in the scuffle,” Clara replied, settling into the chair beside the bed. “Hit your head.”

Rose nodded, and finally lifted her gaze to Clara. A frown creased her brow, and she shook her head again.

“You look - different. Your hair, your clothes -”

Clara gave a hollow laugh. “I have something to tell you, Rose. I’m not who you think I am, I’m - My name is the Doctor.”

“The Doctor?” Rose repeated. “I don’t understand -”

“I’m - I’m an alien. From the planet Gallifrey, I have a ship that travels in time and space -”

Rose nearly jumped out of bed, standing on the other side of it and putting distance between herself and Clara.

“Rose, be careful -” Clara began, starting to get to her feet, but Rose held up her hand.

“No. No. You’re - you’re crazy, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Clara bowed her head. “It’s true, Rose. I swear, I wouldn’t lie to you. You and I - I’ve enjoyed being with you so much these past few days, and I - I want you to come with me.”

Rose regarded Clara warily, but Clara could see the gleam of curiosity in her eye, and better yet, the desire for adventure.

“Come with me, Rose,” Clara murmured, and gave another laugh. “I can show you so many wonderful things.”

Rose stared at her for a moment longer, and then finally, her lips began to curve into a smile.

On March 16, 1991, 13 days after the videotaped beating of Rodney King, a 15-year-old girl named Latasha Harlins stopped by a liquor store near her home in South Los Angeles. She walked to the back of the store, grabbed a carton of orange juice, and stuck it in her backpack. The woman behind the counter, Soon Ja Du, assumed that Harlins was stealing the juice. As the teenager approached the cash register, Du grabbed her sleeve and yanked her across the counter, trying to snatch her backpack away. Harlins fought back, punching Du in the face four times and knocking her down. What happened next depends on who you believe: either Harlins threatened to kill Du, or she told her she just wanted to pay for the juice. In any case, Du grabbed the gun her husband kept behind the counter and pointed it at the girl. Harlins picked up the orange juice, which had fallen to the floor during the scuffle, and placed it on the counter. As she turned to walk out of the store, Du shot her in the back of the head. When the police arrived, they found Harlins dead, clutching two dollar bills in her left hand. (The orange juice cost $1.89.)

Six months later, a jury convicted Du of voluntary manslaughter, a crime that carried a penalty of up to 16 years in prison; many thought that Du would face the maximum punishment. Instead, Judge Joyce Karlin sentenced Du to time served, plus 300 hours of community service and five years’ probation. It was one of the most lenient sentences handed down for a gun-related crime in Los Angeles County that year.

The community was outraged and boycott on Non-Black businesses in the Black community was organized. Latasha’s death was one of the main catalyst for anger in the Black community that led up to the Los Angeles Riots. On August 17, 1991, while Du was awaiting trial, a small incendiary fire occurred at her store but the store wasn’t badly damaged. During the Los Angeles 1992 riots, Du’s store was burned, and it never re-opened.

Rapper Tupac Shakur was deeply affected by her death and dedication many songs to Latasha throughout his career. “Keep Your Head Up” was dedicated to Latasha, as well as “Something To Die For” in which Tupac said in the interlude, “Latasha Harlins, remember that name… ‘Cause a bottle of juice is not something to die for”. In “I Wonder If Heaven Has A Ghetto” Tupac says, “Tell me what’s a black life worth / A bottle of juice is no excuse, the truth hurts / And even when you take the shit / Move counties get a lawyer, you can shake the shit / Ask Rodney, Latasha, and many more”

Latasha should’ve been turning 40 tomorrow…..

okay but Alec coming back late from another hunt and feeling so exhausted. He’s shedding his clothes as he’s making his way towards the couch, because he’s just too tired to shower or to care. He’s covered in blood and ichor and who knows what and decides that he’d rather leave a mess on the couch, something that Magnus can magic away tomorrow morning, than risk the chance of Magnus waking up because Alec smells like a sewer. Alec passes out instantly, but Magnus hears the scuffling outside the bedroom (he never really falls asleep when Alec’s out on a late hunt, Magnus can’t get rid of the deep seedling of worry) and finds Alec draped over the sofa uncomfortably. 

Magnus crouches down, moving so quietly it was almost as if he was a shadow, lightly brushing the sweat-dried hair covering the blood that’s caked on Alec’s forehead. He’s silently moving his hands along Alec’s body, searching for wounds and healing nothing more than a handful of scratches. Magnus smiles sadly, because this was one of the few times Alec’s been okay, where he wasn’t grimacing while Magnus wasn’t looking or hiding a slight limp. Magnus ends up snapping his fingers, instantly removing all of the grime covering his boyfriend and replacing his gear with a warm set of clean clothes. Alec shifts slightly and Magnus manages to carry him to bed, knocking his knees against the frame, wavering as he sets his boyfriend down. Alec immediately curls into the familiar blankets, nuzzling his face into the sheets and the bed dips as Magnus falls beside him, wondering how he’d ever live a day where he couldn’t have this angel beside him. 

Alec wakes up the next morning, clad in warm pyjama’s, Magnus snoring softly beside him and he wonders how he ever got to be so lucky.  

Officer Shoots and Kills Teen, Says He Had ‘Mistaken’ Him For ‘Someone Else’

Darrius Stewart, 19, was killed by a Memphis police officer following a physical altercation after the teen was pulled over for a broken headlight.

Investigators said that the officer issued the teenager a ticket on Friday night and placed him in the backseat of his patrol car to verify outstanding warrants.

The officer claims he did not cuff the young man, and when he approached the backseat a scuffle ensued.  The teen allegedly got hold of the officer’s handcuffs and swung them in his direction. The unnamed cop then shot the teen to end the fight.

However, the teen’s mother said that he was detained several months prior in another case of mistaken identity.

“They told him he could leave because he wasn’t the one they were looking for, but to be safe, because there is someone out there with the same name and a lot of warrants,” she told

“Words can’t express how I feel. If my son attacked this officer, why didn’t he use a taser? There were two officers and only one of my son.”

Warrant? A warrant for the murder or what?
He was already frisked probably so we know he was unarmed, but why was the kid fighting the officer like that? Unless this is the making of a cover up.
I know, the cops are well trained to deal with a teenager, they’re strong adult men. This means that in such a situation, the cop use the weapon because he wanted to use it. It is clear.

#Cops #Police #PoliceAbuse #CopsMurder #PoliceBrutality #PoliceViolence

A homeless Los Angeles woman who picked up a police baton during a chaotic scuffle between officers and another transient faces a possible prison sentence of 25 years to life on charges of assault and resisting arrest if convicted at trial, a spokesman for prosecutors said on Thursday.

#Injustice #Police #Cops #PoliceBrutality #PoliceViolence #ACAB #LA #US #America #BlackLivesMatter



Fight Club | July 16, 2015 | ©

“If what we’ve seen of the pre-season warm-up so far is anything to go by, it is obvious nothing is taken for granted at Real Madrid under the new coach.

On Thursday Rafa Benítez’s assistant Fabio Pecchia even had to take Raphaël Varane to task and tell him to lay off a little. It was the third over-zealous challenge in just 20 minutes, the Frenchman arriving late and clattering into Gareth Bale.

Shortly before that, Toni Kroos hurt himself in an attempt to rob Isco of the ball. That was followed by Álvaro Arbeloa’s lunge on Sergio Ramos and the ensuing scuffle between the two. The new captain admonished his teammate for overstepping the mark. “Come off it Álvaro! Put the brakes on won’t you!”

As is often the case when a new boss takes over, the players feel compelled to prove a point and show they deserve a place in the team.” – Marca


In 1981, John Walsh was just a hotel marketing executive, but that all changed when his wife, Revé, took her 6-year-old son Adam Walsh shopping with her in a Hollywood, Florida, Sears department store on July 27, 1981. She left Adam in a toy’s section of the store to fool around with the video game systems on display along with some other boys as she checked out some lamps a few aisles away. She returned only a few minutes later to find that her son, along with the other boys, were gone. The security guard informed her that a scuffle had broken out over whose turn it was at the kiosk, and the guard demanded that they leave. Two weeks later, Adam’s severed head was found in a canal by two fishermen. The coroner ruled that the cause of his death was asphyxiation. After serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest, he was immediately suspected as Adam’s murderer, as he was working only several minutes from where the boy vanished, but there was no concrete evidence linking him to the crime. Then, Ottis Toole, another serial killer, was named as the suspect. Ottis, who was already in prison in 1983, admitted to decapitating Adam with a machete (but would later recant his confession) and his accomplice, Henry Lee Lucas, told police that Ottis had shown him Adam’s body. Many witnesses claim to have seen Ottis talking to Adam on the day he was taken as well, although there was still no evidence to support this. The kidnapping and murder of Adam prompted John Walsh to become an advocate of victim’s rights and host the show America’s Most Wanted. In 2008, after 27 years, police closed Adam Walsh’s case, claiming they had sufficient evidence to pin Ottis Toole as the murderer. 

#Repost @melanin.monro3 @crownedsoldier2 ・・・ Trishawn Carey is now looking at 25 years to life imprisonment after putting her hands on a police beating stick during a scuffle on a Los Angeles sidewalk. Carey, a 34-year-old homeless woman can be seen on a surveillance video walking the periphery of a fight between a police officer and another civilian. At one point, she is seen picking up a baton that was dropped by one of the LAPD officers at the scene. Deputy District Attorney Gregory Denton says that Carey tried to attack the officer in the heart of the fight. As a result, Carey has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon against the authorities and resisting arrest. However, Carey is never seen waving or hitting anyone with the baton in the footage. The Defense attorney Milton Grimes asserts that possession of a baton doesn’t equate to assault, and that there’s no legal basis for which Carey was arrested. He believes this arrest is an attempt to create a distraction from the police shooting death of an unarmed homeless Black man, Charly Keunang, that occurred in March. Carey has suffered from and been hospitalized for mental illness in the past. She was previously in jail for five months. On Wednesday, Carey’s bail dropped from over $1 million to $50,000. She maintains her innocence, simply saying that she was at the wrong place and that she surrounded herself with the wrong people. -❤️💜 #WelcomeToMyQueendom #QueenNeaq #ThisMeansWar #UpCommunity #AnAttackAgainst1OfUsIsAnAttackAgainstAllOfUs #ProudPanAfrikan #RBG #YMC #SheAintHeavyShesMySisterQueen #BlackMothersUnited #WorldStar #PoliceState #101015 #WAKETHEFUCKUP #blacklivesmatter #BlackWomenMatter

University of Rochester psychologist Ed Deci, for example, found that teachers who aim to control students’ behavior—rather than helping them control it themselves—undermine the very elements that are essential for motivation: autonomy, a sense of competence, and a capacity to relate to others. This, in turn, means they have a harder time learning self-control, an essential skill for long-term success. Stanford University’s Carol Dweck, a developmental and social psychologist, has demonstrated that even rewards—gold stars and the like—can erode children’s motivation and performance by shifting the focus to what the teacher thinks, rather than the intrinsic rewards of learning.

In a 2011 study that tracked nearly 1 million schoolchildren over six years, researchers at Texas A&M University found that kids suspended or expelled for minor offenses—from small-time scuffles to using phones or making out—were three times as likely as their peers to have contact with the juvenile justice system within a year of the punishment. (Black kids were 31 percent more likely than white or Latino kids to be punished for similar rule violations.) Kids with diagnosed behavior problems such as oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and reactive attachment disorder—in which very young children, often as a result of trauma, are unable to relate appropriately to others—were the most likely to be disciplined.

Which begs the question: Does it make sense to impose the harshest treatments on the most challenging kids? And are we treating chronically misbehaving children as though they don’t want to behave, when in many cases they simply can’t?
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Sakura’s pregnant!


Sasuke didn’t know why Sakura had been spending so much time in the bathroom recently. He figured it was best not to ask, lest he stray onto an uncomfortable topic for the both of them. Yet he was worried—all the time, when she escaped the warmth of his arms in their shared bed, she sneaked to the bathroom only to vomit her intestines as quietly as she could.

Today, though, she’d spent an awfully long time, much longer than usual.

He heard the pacing of her bare feet against the tile, sweeping back and forth, back and forth. His ear caught notice of the whispers of curses and prayers, though he couldn’t quite discern what exactly she was saying.

“Sakura,” Sasuke knocked in exasperation. “Come out.”

She gave no response, but the scuffling continued.

Sasuke knocked harder. “Sakura,” he gritted through his teeth. “I have to use the bathroom,” he lied.

“Go outside,” Sakura replied. “You have the ability to pee wherever. Make use of it.”

Sasuke was used to her coarseness, but today he wasn’t in the mood to deal with it. He was worried, wondering why she had spent nearly an hour walking the length of their small bathroom over and over again.

“If you won’t come out, I’ll break the door down,” he threatened.

“I’m coming out soon.”

“You said that half an hour ago. Sakura, what’s wrong? Are you ill?”


“Step out of the way,” Sasuke ordered. He rolled up his sleeve and pant legs, prepared to charge. “If you won’t come out, I’m going to have to come in there and get you myself.”

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To Anon,

This one is for you and I hope you enjoy it! Liam is so young I find it difficult to romanticizes him but I hope I could overcome that, if not I’ll make another drabble at your request :) Have a wonderful day!



The door slams before you can even think about they type of room your in. Somewhere between the seconds that your heart stops hammering and your breath comes out in a white puff, the chill of the room prickled up your spine like a slow crawling spider.
You look around the compartment you crammed yourself into, wrapping your arms around yourself to ward away the cold as best as you could. Webs and lines of dust clung to the ceiling, hanging like bats in a cave. Somewhere from the distilled quietness of the room, you could hear the tiny squeaks and scuffle of rats moving on floorboards. 

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