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Tino! [runs up to him] I heard you got hurt, are you okay?

[still a little bruised and sore buuuut]

I’m right as rain! I just had a bit of a scuffle.

Better than books

Charles uttered a sigh. He had enjoyed the time in Romania as usual. But he had missed his wife. Still, he had to wait till Sunday afternoon until he’d see her again. He had to stay in London due to an engagement tomorrow afternoon and Camilla would stay at her private home Raymill till Sunday. It was nothing in comparison to times Charles didn’t really want to think about, but he got so used to her constant presence that he could hardly imagine to spend 8 days without her. Talking to her on the phone just wasn’t the same as holding her in his arms and feeling her warm body.

At least a whole bunch of letters would wait for him in his office. But first he’d get into some more casual and comfortable clothes and then he’d ring Camilla. That was more important than work. 

Scuffling in direction of his dressing room, Charles spotted a small light in the bedroom. If his staff would ever learn that light only made sense if someone was in the room?! With a scowling face he went into the room to turn off the light. From scowling, however, his face suddenly turned into joy. Immense joy. With her legs angled and her head tilted to her right side, her reading glasses almost off her nose, his wife sat on their marital bed and snored quietly over a book. She looked thoroughly adorable. Desirable. Kissable.

Charles sneaked to the bed. Carefully he kneeled down on it and tried to take the book out of Camilla’s hands. He succeeded. Camilla murmured something, but didn’t wake up. Charles moved again, trying to free his wife from her glasses. With gentle hands he touched her face, but this time he failed- Camilla startled up. Confused she looked around until she realized her husband’s face right in front of her. And started to smile.

“Hello my precious,” Charles said softly, taking her glasses off and placing them on the bedside locker. “What a lovely surprise.”

“Hmmm,” she rubbed her eyes, “hello darling,” trying to kiss him she leaned forward. With Charles moving towards her it worked, their lips met for a short, but very sweet kiss. “How was your journey?” Camilla asked then, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I’ve been working on a few things,” Charles shrugged.

Camilla chuckled. Of course Charles had been working on something, he always did. “What else?” She gave him a flashing smile. And it flashed through and through Charles’ body. God, he had missed her so much, it struck him right now just how much.

Charles laughed with her. “What have you been reading, dearest?” he asked, nodding in direction of her book.

“Nothing spectacular,” she shrugged, “a love story.”

“And?” His fingers rushed through Camilla’s hair, “not good?” He ran his fingers over her arms, leaving a burning tickle.

“Not as half as good as reality,” Camilla cuddled more against her husband, she could fall asleep in his arms right now.

“What’s with the children?” Charles asked and kissed his wife’s hair. “I thought you’d stay with them till Sunday…”

“The twins are ill, the poor things.”

“And Eliza?”

“Your little princess is fine,” Camilla laughed. Out of all their grandchildren, whom Charles loved and adored deeply, he had the strongest bond with Eliza. She took a lot after Camilla when it came to character and a lot after Laura when it came to looks. She was a bubbly sunshine through and through.

“Hmmm, but poor Gus and Louis. But at least you’re with me now. I’ve missed you so much, ducky.”

“I’ve missed you too, a lot.” Turning her head she kissed Charles.

Charles kissed her back, alluring, but pulled away to catch for breath after some time. “I’ve got something for you…,” he stated suddenly.

“What, more of those kisses?” Camilla attempted to kiss him again, but Charles already crawled from the bed. “Two things actually,” he smiled. “But I can only show you the other thing at Highgrove. By the way, what do you think, do you want to go there tomorrow afternoon till Monday morning? Well, think about it…” With that he left the room, leaving Camilla on the bed, a bit baffled.

Some five minutes later Charles was back again, and Camilla sunken in her book once more. Placing an affectionate kiss on his wife’s forehead, Charles sat down next to her. “And, is reality still better?” he asked.

“Mhmhm,” Camilla nodded, “reality with you is always better.” She kissed his cheek.

“Now, and that from my bookworm,” Charles chuckled, “a real compliment!”

“Your favourite bookworm almost fell asleep while you were gone.” Camilla tilted her head and suppressed a yawn. She’d been riding in the morning and had spent the afternoon pottering around Raymill. Then, when Laura had called her, she’d driven back to Clarence House and had answered some touching letters some self-declared ‘fans’ had written to her. It still felt unreal to receive ‘fan mail’ from people of all age and from all over the world. It was clear to her that each of those people deserved to get a personal answer from her, everything else just seemed wrong.

“Don’t you want to see what your hubby has for you, darling?” Charles asked teasing.

“Mh, maybe,” she giggled.

With a kiss on her lips he pulled a small but colourful box out of his trouser pockets. “For my very darling wife,” Charles stated. “I hope you’ll like it.”

Camilla’s delicate fingers slipped down the box and slowly she opened it. Her eyes grew wide when she spotted the beautiful charm, a simple daisy, certainly worth a few hundred pounds, if not more. Enchanted her fingers slipped over the jewel. “Charles,” she whispered breathless.

“I saw it and I needed to have it for you. The jeweller didn’t even seem to know who I was,” he added chuckling.

Camilla giggled. “Lucky you.” With a grin she kissed his lips tightly, but then she remembered something. “Thank you, darling, thank you so much. It’s so beautiful.”

His wife’s joy was Charles’ greatest joy as well. “I’m glad you like it,” he smiled and took her in his arms, pressing her strongly against him.

“But that should definitely be enough presents for this year,” she said, recalling the many expensive presents she’d already gotten from Charles this year. She knew it was hopeless though. Charles would shower her with presents throughout the year- as usual. Making Camilla presents was one of his favourite things to do.

Charles tried to protest, but Camilla shushed him, and 10 minutes later he lay in bed beside her, wearing his blue satin pyjama. Holding her hand tightly he fell asleep sooner than expected with a blissful smile upon his face.


Hand in hand Charles and Camilla strolled through their Highgrove garden, stopping every now and then to admire the blooming flowers.

“That’s my second present for you,” Charles stated and pointed at a beautiful flower in radiant colours.

Camilla had never seen such a flower before. It had an interesting shape of petals and she loved the bright colour. “Oh, it’s beautiful, darling.” Camilla smiled wide and happy.

“It’s said to bring everlasting love and happiness to those who have given and received it with true love in their hearts.” Charles put his arms around Camilla’s waist and pressed her against him.

Camilla turned her head and then wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck. “I love you, Charles, I love you, most precious darling.” And before he could respond she gave him a mind- swirling kiss to prove the words she had just spoken…    


asoiaf + mbti ~ melisandre (intp ~ the thinker) (comment)

These little wars are no more than a scuffle of children before what is to come. The one whose name may not be spoken is marshaling his power … a power fell and evil and strong beyond measure. Soon comes the cold, and the night that never ends … Unless true men find the courage to fight it. Men whose hearts are fire.

A small scuffling of people standing, along with faint sniffs and tissues being exchanged, filled the room as the two entered, hand in hand with broad smiles across their faces.

“Now that you two are here, we can begin” the registrar smoothly spoke, the ripple of people sitting as her words commanded silence.

“Ready?” she cooed, receiving an excited nod from the two “Wonderful. Monroe, repeat after me”

Monroe cleared his throat, took a breath and Stitch’s hand his his.

I, Monroe Gin Rudolph, have chosen to spend my life with you Stitches Snugglesworth Rudolph. I promise to be loving, loyal and faithful for the rest of our lives. I give you this ring as a symbol of our love and all that we share together. Wear it always as a reminder of my promise to you today.

Placing a stony-silver ring onto Stitch’s finger and scrunching up his nose fondly at Stitch’s full name, Monroe repeated her words and smiled up as his man, reaching up to dab away a tear that was forming in the corner of his eye.

“I’m not that bad” Monroe teased, a soft laugh ringing out from their family.

Daeron lifted his gaze away from the scroll in his hand. He stared off into the distance contemplating what to do with this information. He looked to his left as he heard the scuffling of footsteps and a figure arrive beside him.

It might be thought that the Mended Drum, scene of unseemly scuffles only an hour ago, was a seedy disreputable tavern. In fact it was a reputable disreputable tavern. Its customers had a certain rough-hewn respectability—they might murder each other in an easygoing way, as between equals, but they didn’t do it vindictively. A child could go in for a glass of lemonade and be certain of getting nothing worse than a clip around the ear when his mother heard his expanded vocabulary. On quiet nights, and when he was certain the Librarian wasn’t going to come in, the landlord was even known to put bowls of peanuts on the bar.
—  Sourcery by Terry Pratchett
Hospital Visit || Rose + Tatiana

As Rose rolled up to the hospital and parked her mini she groaned. All of this would easily be taken care of with a little vamp blood, but Erik was a loose canon. Once he got his daylight ring back, there was no telling whether Rose had scared him enough for him to keep him in line for a little while, or if he would come hunting for Rose at the first opportunity.

She knew one of those last scuffled with him had broken one of her ribs. She had gone through enough med-school to know the signs of it, and that she would need medical attention to correctly heal. She looked in her rear-view mirror. Jesus, she looked a mess. She had the black eye from Matt’s nightmare, and then several fresh cuts and abrasions.

Rose hated hospitals. Hospitals asked questions. Questions she couldn’t always answer. More often than not they thought she was some domestic violence victim. If only they knew who instigated the violence…

She pulled off her ruined shirt and checked the cuts on her stomach from the vervain bombs. They had clotted, so if she just changed her bloody shirt, her stomach would likely go unnoticed. She reached in the back for an extra shirt, smelling it to make sure it was fresh. Pulling it on, she looked at her reflection again, knowing there was not much she could do about it.

After waiting for about an hour in the Urgency room for triage, she was finally shown to one of the small rooms, and waited for the the doctor.


new romantics;

The streets were silent, except for the chittering of crickets. A street lamp flickered for a few seconds before going out completely and Troian tightened her arms around herself as she quickened her pace. The fact that Keegan was back at his parent’s house was disheartening to her, especially since he had gone through such shit to get away from them. Hearing a scuffle behind her, Troian quickly whipped around and exhaled out shakily as she saw it was only a squirrel darting across the road. She needed to get to him, and fast. This street always creeped her out and she was upset enough.

Her date with Peter had gone horribly. It had started off nice, with him buying her dinner at an Italian place and then going back to his house. He had put on some TV show Troian had never heard of and after staring at the television for a little while, Troian had finally begun to return his kisses against her neck. It wasn’t until his hand was creeping up her shirt that Troian felt uncomfortable and squirmed away. But his hand kept persisting - he didn’t even seem to mind that Troian was pregnant, it just seemed to excite him further. Freak.

Troian finally managed to stand up with her shirt halfway down her shoulder and her shorts buttons unpopped as she hurried away from him, ignoring his apologies. She wasn’t ready for this. She wasn’t over Keegan and she sure as hell was not interested in sleeping with or dating somebody new. When she got to the front door, Troian knocked and chewed on her bottom lip, hoping it’d be Keegan and not his dad. Keegan, to her relief, answered and she sniffled, shifting back on her feet. “Hey. Is now a bad time?”

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This office was not like the ones Jim was used to. There was a feeling that something was very /wrong./ Something Jim couldn't put his finger on. Unfortunately for him, James was asleep so he only had himself to rely on.

The soft sounds of scuffling feet rose from the grave silence, the disturbance startling him from his idle resting state.

He had long after Stanley´s disappearance resigned to a “life” of complete solitude.

Surely this man wasn´t here from his own free will.

Was there even an entrance to the Office anymore?

He didn´t know.

Straightening up, his blank white eyes focused on the only spot of color on the flickering screens. Should he disturb the visitor? Should he not?

Ah, the familiar tingle of decision making.

Choices were an illusion.

He decided to watch.

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Ohh!! Can you write a fic where alpha!hanni and alpha!matthew fight over omega!will??

Will raised his hand towards his mouth and then thought better of it, dropping the hand with only slightly chewed fingernails back down. He looked towards the two scuffling alphas. Hannibal was winning, but Matthew had picked up a brick— 

“No!” Will cried, pelting at full speed towards them. 

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Even if Peridot is never redeemed I still hope there’s an episode where she and Steven get locked in a room together or something just so that they can talk and we can learn more about her motivations or what’s at stake for her.

The show seems to be foreshadowing that there’s a wavering trust forming between the two of them–Peridot stopped to talk to Steven instead of fleeing on sight like she did with the other gems, despite the fact that her previous encounter with Steven resulted in a scuffle and Peridot getting tied up.

Lost in Time || Claire and Xena

Claire appears in the middle of a scuffle with some bandits. She lands right on one’s head and knocks him out cold. She’s dressed in the uniform of a patient from a mental hospital. She’d just escaped when the light came and dragged her off to this strange world.