Kanye scuffles with hotel security, disses Adele, Swift
After his Madison Square Garden fashion show, Kanye delivered a rambling speech, then got combative at his hotel.

Oh lord this shit head is just digging himself deeper.  Going after Adele and just flat out being a prick “I’m Kanye West I know where I’m going”

“There’s nobody in the world who owes me more than Taylor Swift,” one witness heard him say. “She was nobody.”

You can’t use the “its my art” excuse anymore you asshole!  You’re openly saying it now!

Kanye West starts bizarre Thursday by scuffling with hotel security and ends it by ripping Taylor Swift and Adele, calling himself ‘most influential artist of our time’

Kanye West’s big Thursday night Madison Square Garden fashion show started with a fracas with security guards and ended with a rambling speech at dinner that left even him exhausted.

The raucous rapper spent Wednesday night partying until sunrise and was then seen wandering confused through the hallways of the Waldorf Astoria, where he and his family were staying.

“It’s safe to say he was disoriented,” says a source close to the situation. “When he got off the elevator, he went the wrong direction and two security guards stopped him and asked `where are you going?’”

We’re told that during the 5 a.m. confrontation, West turned combative and insisted he knew where he was going.

But the guards, whom we’re told were protecting a European dignitary sleeping on the floor, insisted to the “Jesus Walks” singer that was heading to the wrong room.

“He starts yelling, 'I’m Kanye West’ and, 'Kim Kardashian is staying here,’ but the guards didn’t seem to know what he was talking about,” we’re told.

As West began to raise his voice, other guests started peeking out from their rooms and at least one other man — thought to be a hotel guest — tried to rectify the situation.

“Then it got loud,” our snitch said. “They finally turned him around and pointed him to the other end of the hall toward the other suites (where he was staying).”

The strange behavior didn’t stop there.

After his Thursday night MSG show, West led the entire Kardashian-Jenner cadre to Negril Village restaurant in the West Village — and then got restless.

“Kanye gets up, had them stop the music and said, 'Listen. I know I come down hard on you. It’s because I see something in each and every one of you,’” West said to his extended family. “’I want to thank you for being my soldiers.’”

The modesty was short-lived.

“I’m the most influential artist of our time,” he continued. “I knocked the entire fashion industry on their f—king a–es tonight. When I started everyone laughed at me.”

And then he took aim at Taylor Swift, whom he had already insulted and claimed he could have sex with during his MSG set.

“There’s nobody in the world who owes me more than Taylor Swift,” one witness heard him say. “She was nobody.”

West went on to claim that Monday night’s Grammy Awards are racist — and ripped 

soul singer Adele.

“Everybody makes a big deal out of Adele, but she’s no Aretha Franklin,” our restaurant insider heard him sneer.

West reps couldn’t be reached for comment.

Who *actually* turned on the lightsaber?

Guys….I’ve been thinking about this, and to me, it’s the classic ‘who actually pulled the trigger’ gun scuffle.

“I know what I have to do, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?”

“Yes. Anything.”

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Forget the meta of the script for a moment. What’s clear is that Kylo’s been told he has to kill Han in order to ‘be free’, and as much as Snoke tried to play sympathetic about it and make it SEEM like it was some unfortunate thing, Kylo knew it was an order. 

Kylo Ren is beefed up with the force. You think he didn’t know his dad was around the corner? He deliberately avoided him knowing what would go down, and yet Han still chased after him like an idiot which forced Kylo’s hand. Kylo then breaks down and pretty much tells Han that he’s been ordered to kill him. “I’m being torn apart…I know what I have to do, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.” He then asks for his father’s help.

You can see it in Han’s eyes. I don’t have any gifs myself but all of you already know this scene by heart by now. Han knows what’s going to go down. He knows before he even leaves the Resistance base that he’s most likely not coming back. But I doubt he could have imagined it’d be like this.

Kylo, or in this moment should we say BEN, extends the lightsaber forward, and Han grasps it. And then, there’s a struggle. There’s a struggle over the lightsaber. They’re both pulling it towards them, but to what purpose? So Kylo can kill Han, or so Han can kill himself so Ben won’t have to and Ben isn’t sure if he wants to let him do it???

“Thank you…”

WHY would you thank someone in this situation? It doesn’t make sense, unless it was because Han is the one who yanked the saber forward and flicked the switch on himself. Ben then completes the show, pushing the saber deeper, and doesn’t move away as Han runs his hand down his son’s face….

Han Solo kills himself, saving his son from having to do the unspeakable, so Snoke doesn’t actually drag him deeper down into the hell he already lives in while all the while Kylo can claim he did it and protect himself a little longer from a situation he knows is crumbling around him. This is Han’s last act- helping buy his son just a little more time.

And that’s all I have to say on that subject.

Star Wars headcanon #107:

Luke Skywalker really knows his water.

Much as he hated it, Luke spent nineteen years on a moisture farm with an uncle who was actively trying to get him into the business. And on Tatooine, water is SERIOUS business: the EU mentions water imposts, different prices for different grades of water, and so on. An experienced moisture farmer could probably taste a glass of Tatooine water and know what grade it was, what part of the planet it likely came from, and what the impurities were.

All of which leads to a scuffle when, more than a decade after Luke left home, he and Mara are on Tatooine chasing a lead and the local barkeep–figuring them for offworlders–sells Mara a carafe of Grade Three water at Grade One prices. Luke takes one sip and flips from Jedi Master to Farmboy in an instant. Specifically, Farmboy Pissed at Being Handed a Bad Product and what the hell are you trying to pull, pal? I know for a fact you didn’t pay anywhere near these prices per liter, not with those calcium levels–Striker’s Ridge water, right? Have they ever replaced those vaporators? Who do you think you’re kidding here?

Mara finds this simultaneously embarrassing and weirdly endearing. (Farmboys have to drive hard bargains too, after all.) But that doesn’t stop her from teasing him about it later.

(A scream from the shower: “Skywalker! Help! CALCIUM!”)

Hiccup telling dirty jokes.

*He is very drunk*


I’m concerned about this joke’s expression is very Japanese.

So it may be difficult to understand…

But I’ll continue it. :D

He keeps saying dirty jokes.

The scuffle begins.

They end up as like this.

*All of them are drunk*

(I think Stoick and Eret are similar like the arm width. )


Rough dog park day for us!

Evie got attacked by my friend’s deaf foster dog because he became insanely jealous of his owner, my friend Morgan, petting and loving on Evie. They had a pretty good scuffle and had to be pulled off of one another and the two could not get along afterward, WHICH IS HEARTBREAKING, because I love Morgan and her dog Miss B, but it was very apparent that the deaf foster dog is not an Evie fan. She tried licking him on the mouth just before they left and he lunged at her again.

Then we had a group of people come in and bring THEIR VERY SMALL DOGS into the big dog park side, while there are already, like, four bully breed mutts in the mix (Morgan had leashed her two dogs at this point, though, since her foster and Evie weren’t getting along). They were continuously picking up their small dogs and just holding them, keeping any of the dogs from interacting, screaming a lot, and HITTING EVIE WHEN SHE TRIED TO PLAY WITH THEIR DOGS. Which was an absolute no-go. I called them out three times for hitting my dog. Three times. After the third time, I told them they need to leave or take their dogs into the small dog side. They got an attitude with me and tried to say I needed to leave (I was there first and they are the ones causing the problems, the scuffle aside which was before they came in anyway, Evie’s not being aggressive to their dogs although she IS chasing their VERY SMALL chihuahua every time they put it on the ground, which is why it had no business being on the big-dog side!!). Hitting a strange dog sure is a good way to get bit, and absolutely not should you ever hit someone else’s dog. Evie does not get hit, we do not train that way.

Probably one of the most stressful dog park trips we’ve ever had, geez. And Evie hardly got to actually play with anyone at all since one dog wanted to eat her and the owners of the other dogs wanted to hit her!

Neo was well aware of the fact that there was no worse time than recently to be on her own in the woods and out of hearing distance from the village. She knew that, but it didn’t stop her from taking this walk. Her footsteps were quite silent, and if it weren’t for that she likely wouldn’t have heard the scuffling behind her. She came to a slow stop, eyes focused on the ground as she listened.

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Cognitive functions as hoe don't do it scenarios

Hmm… okay I think I got an idea:

Te: Triangular Scuffle Hoe: very efficient. Every gardener should have one

Ti: A very old hoe model. Actually this model was created back in…

Fe: A trustworthy hoe with many friends

Fi: A fun little hoe that isn’t too dangerous but will help you garden

Ne: Some still question if this is a hoe or not. Fun new design to the typical hoe

Ni: A sturdy hoe. Secretly its design is for the purpose of destroying other hoes

Se: A hoe that’s pleasing to look  at and can defend itself from Ni Hoe

Si: Just like the hoe you used as a kid. People who used this buy it for their kids to also use and make memories with it

Note: I apologize if I’ve offended any hoes with this post. Your functions do not determine what kind of hoe you are
NOT AN ONION ARTICLE OF THE DAY: Beezow Doo-doo Zopittybop-bop-bop Arrested for Assault on State College Officer
A man named Beezow Doo-doo Zopittybop-bop-bop was arrested for assaulting an Evergreen State College officer and Thurston County sheriff’s deputy in Washington state.

A man named Beezow Doo-doo Zopittybop-bop-bop was arrested in Washington state on an assault charge.

The man, who changed his name from Jeffrey Drew Wilschke, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a Thurston County sheriff’s deputy and an Evergreen State College police officer, reported KING5 News.

The 34-year-old was seen tearing down fliers at Evergreen, located in Olympia. A police officer then chased him down and got into a scuffle him.

Zopittybop-bop-bop then allegedly tried to grab the officer’s gun and attempted to stab him with a pen.

The officer used a Taser but Zopittybop-bop-bop ran away. He then “retrieved a handcuff case and swung it like a hammer, causing a laceration on the officer’s head,” court documents said, according to the Tri City Herald. He then ran into a wooded area and threw a rock at a deputy.

The Evergreen officer was taken to Providence St. Peter Hospital, where he got a tetanus shot and four staples to close a cut on his head.

It’s unclear if Zopittybop-bop-bop was under the influence of drugs when he was arrested. He was listed as homeless, said the Herald.

Zopittybop-bop-bop was charged in 2013 for having more than a half-ounce of marijuana during a police search of his turquoise minivan in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In 2012, he was arrested in Madison, Wisconsin, on drug charges.

A few years ago, he told the Wisconsin State Journal that his first name, Beezow, signifies “the explosion of awareness of the interconnectedness of the infinite love in the universe.”

And Doo-doo “is the struggle of our daily lives with that awareness, that with love comes chaos,” he added.

Meanwhile, Zopittybop-bop-bop also has personal meaning, which “is the outcome of that struggle, which is often ironic, especially because all life ends in death,” he said.

According to the newspaper, he was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia. However, he disputed the diagnosis and has refused treatment. In 2013, USA Today reported that he has been in and out of the mental health care system.

Seriously, this game is insane. There have been countless scuffles, endless bullshit calls, back and forth goals, a couple small injuries, our coach losing his mind, and a goal from a player that hasn’t scored in 14 months? The Hawks are up a goal with half a period left, and then tied a minute later and haven’t been able to keep a lead so far. Absolute. Insanity.
Ecuador protests to Turkey over Erdogan speech scuffle - BBC News
Ecuador protests to Turkey over an incident in which demonstrators were ejected during a speech by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Quito.

Ecuador has protested to Turkey over an incident in which demonstrators were violently ejected during a speech by visiting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the capital, Quito.

Three women protesters were thrown out of the venue by Turkish security. An Ecuadorean MP was also reportedly injured during Thursday’s incident.

Ecuador’s foreign minister says the guards’ behaviour was “irresponsible”.

Mr Erdogan was in Quito to boost diplomatic and trade ties with Ecuador.

As Mr Erdogan prepared to hold a news conference at the National Higher Studies Institute, protesters demonstrated against recent operations by Turkey against the Kurdistan Workers’s Party (PKK) militant group.

Inside the hall, when the three women heckled Mr Erdogan, they were set upon by his personal guards and a scuffle ensued. One protester was momentarily placed in a headlock.

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It was the dead of night, when there suddenly there was a deafening growl and sounds of scuffling coming from deep into the forest.

John had heard these nearby as he trained at one of his secret outposts. Curious, he decided to investigate, but first, he went to grab some of his gear. It was better to be prepared for trouble, then not at all. Once he had what he needed, he left.

Hey so I’ve had a lot of experience with cats throughout my life, but something’s baffling me right now and I want to know if any of my followers might know what’s going on.

It could be anything, since I couldn’t actually see them, but there are two cats that are outside behind some bushes near my house that are yowling in unison. Sometimes they sound like they’re in distress, sometimes they just sound like they’re perfectly fine. But every time they meow they meow together, at the same time, for the same length.

I went outside and checked around and though I didn’t see them, I knew where they were. There wasn’t any fur or (thank god) blood around, so I assume neither of them were hurt or got into a scuffle. After a few I shook a near by bush to try and scare them off in case they were maybe gonna get into a fight. After that I heard nothing, so I went back inside.

Does anyone know what this might have meant? (It’s 9:30 PM right now, and it’s been dark out for a while. I know cats will meow at night sometimes, but I dunno if this is the same thing!)


Photos of the day – February 9, 2016

A man feeds seagulls on a beach along the Arabian Sea in Mumbai, India; young Momotxorros dressed in skins and horns roam the streets of Alsasua in Spain during Carnival; a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio scuffles with a man dressed as a robot outside a polling place on voting day in Manchester, N.H.; and rival teams the ‘Up'ards and Down'ards’ battle for the ball during the annual Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide 'no rules’ football match  in Ashbourne, England.

These are just a few of the photos of the day for February 9, 2016.

Photos: (from top) REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui, Joaquin Gomez Sastre/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press, REUTERS/Carlo Allegri, Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

See more photos of the day and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

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There's a killer that's loose in Midgar and although the detectives are going about to catch him, he's still out there. So it's with good reason the bfs are uneasy with Cloud going out on patrol, even more so when he's with just one partner. Zack and Genesis have 'bumped' into him a few times on the same patrol while Sephiroth and Angeal demand updates every half hour.

Cloud is in the middle of replying to Seph and Ang’s latest texts (a bit exasperatedly, to be honest) when he sees suspicious movement out of the corner of his eye… he slips his phone into his pocket and goes to investigate, signaling to his partner to back him up.  There is a teenager, his age, a civilian - running.  Someone’s chasing them.  It’s Cloud’s job to protect the people of Midgar.  Genesis swings by soon for one of his planned checkups on Cloud, and hears the sounds of a scuffle; he gets there to see Cloud standing over the crumpled body of the serial killer, having knocked them out with his ShinRa baton.  Zack arrives as Cloud’s partner comforts the teen who might have been the next victim, and as Genesis calls it in.