So we’ve come up with some ground rules

maeofthedead, from now on when shadiedoodads and I get in arguments (Even like semantic disagreements over word meanings) we’re going to use the tags #verbal scuffles, and #Mae don’t look.

We might allow for escalation to your suggestion of #infighting, but Shoobie and I haven’t chatted about that one yet.

So please blacklist those ones, and when we argue (because it’s really not an ‘if’ with two stubborn know-it-alls like we are) you won’t have to see it.

So for a test of these tags and for their maiden voyage, I will start a fight: shadiedoodads, Cats are the best. Dogs are the second best.

Alright, enough of this. They’re both alive.

Their death was fake and staged, and the proof lies in plain sight.

The video camera.

 During Will and Francis’s scuffle outside, it would have been very, almost criminally easy for Hannibal to nudge the camera so that it faced them outside through the wide open windows (er, broken windows)

And there you have it. They staged the most believable, beautiful little death for the world to see, to get everyone off their backs.

Now they can go be inlove together, kill bad people, and sometimes eat old friends

Now go write me some epic murder husbands fanfics that are basically canon


An official memo from the Dean of the Academy

Official Academy Notification From the Office of the Dean

The following students are hereby suspended henceforth for poor attitudes, vandalism of school property, and violent behavior in addition to a multitude of heinous infractions too numerous to list. The degenerate students currently facing suspension are as follows:

Academy Ahri

VIOLATIONS INCLUDE:Sticking gum on the water fountain, texting in class, charming other students into completing her assignments, and blasting instructors with fox-fire.

Academy Darius

VIOLATIONS INCLUDE:Stuffing students into lockers, possession of dangerous weapons on school property, brawling, fighting, scuffling, fistacuffing, and dunking on fellow classmates during gym class.

Academy Ekko

VIOLATIONS INCLUDE:Illegal use of chemistry equipment, illegal use of Academy electronics, splitting time streams in order to skip class, and vandalism of Athletics Department property.

Academy Vladimir

VIOLATIONS INCLUDES:Eating a student’s lunch and creating an immense strain on our janitorial department after leaving pools of mysterious red liquid on school property.

As of this moment, these students are no longer welcome on Academy grounds for reasons pertaining to the above violations. However, if, out of some bizarre altruism, you’re looking to help restore their status, their fines are 750 RP each, and you’ll find them anyplace troublemakers frequent, including the League of Legends store.

The Dean



Kilorn Warren. A fisherman’s apprentice, a war orphan, and probably my only real friend. We used to beat each other up as children, but now that we’re older––and he’s a foot taller than me––I try to avoid scuffles. He has his uses, I suppose. Reaching high shelves, for example


When the Crew first met each other, they all sat at a bar and told stories of how they died. They laughed over drinks as Gavin told of his trip on the Nina, on the voyage across the sea to the new world and how he died when a broken beam fell on his head. Geoff told about how he died, the only casualty of the Boston Tea Party. He had gotten into a scuffle with another protester over an expensive bottle of whiskey they had found while grabbing boxes of tea. Jack talked about how the Spanish Inquisition had broken down her door, dubbing her a witch and burning her when in reality she was just someone who sheltered a young boy from the same group. Michael was the youngest, having died in the second World War due to mustard gas inhalation. Ryan acted smug when he spoke about dying in a Viking raid, taking an arrow to the chest as he broke down the door to a blacksmith’s house. They all blanched however when Ray set his glass down. He clasped his hands as he leaned forward onto the table.

“I want you to guess.” he smirked, looking them all in the eyes. “2002. Shopping cart accident.” Gavin laughed as Ray shook his head. “1972. Blazed too hard” Michael grinned. “Farther back.” Ray said as he sipped his drink. The Gents decided to jump centuries with their guesses. “I want to say 1800, that Earthquake in Missouri.” Jack guessed. Ray laughed at that. “Why the fuck would I be in Missouri in the 1800’s?” he said as Jack grinned. Ryan tapped his knuckles against the table, deep in thought. He looked Ray in the eye, trying to gauge him. Draining his drink, Geoff sighed. “Are you older than America?” he asked as he set the glass down. Ray nodded and called the waitress over for another bottle of water. Scowling, Geoff held his glass out too. “Older than Shakespeare?” Jack asked, shocked as he nodded in confirmation “Khan?” Ryan rumbled, eyes widening as Ray dipped his head again. “Dude, did you meet Jesus?” Michael leaned across the table, fingering his cross necklace. “Man, I’m older than Jesus. Older than the pyramids in Egypt.” He sat back smugly. “I’ve done it all”


p>They kept guessing throughout the night, Geoff guessing a few years before Jesus, smashing his glass when he was told he was incorrect. Ryan finally guessed the closest. “Mesopotamia.” he stared Ray down as he nodded. He was thousands of years older than the rest of them. “I’m one of the original BrownMen” he laughed.


Aksaray, Istanbul, Turkey — Apparently, this Irish tourist accidentally spilled a fridge full of bottled water in a shop, which resulted in an argument between him and the shopkeeper. The latter then hit him with a large piece of wood while he gathered his people to help.

He turned out to be a boxer, who then used his skills to fend off attackers in the street. The crowd then grew as more tried to help fight the tourist. Despite the impromptu mob, they couldn’t take the man down and later decided to retreat.

(Neither going head on with multiple attackers nor blocking weapons with your forearm are advisable; it just so happened that this guy was bigger and tougher than the attackers. It was also fortunate that no one took a blade or gun into the scuffle.)

Watch the video [here].

Antimony and Grimble

Two very horrible, horrible people with one coal in common: to serve the Irken Empire. Doesn’t matter if they have to twist a few arms or debone some poor sobs in order to please the Tallests and further the progress of Impending Doom II. It’s all business and bloodshed, nothing more.

Antimony is the attack dog with the spider leg body mod provided to her by the scientist known as Wort, precisely hacking off limbs and committing all sorts of violent atrocities against organic and synthetic life forms with nary a twitch of an eyelid. The joke is that she only has two emotions: Calm and full of Rage. This has proven to be true about 100% of the time.

Grimble is the rather tall (but not quite tall enough to be a Tallest due to her somewhat abnormal spine curvature) head of Infiltrator operations and prefers to sit back and let Antimony and Ick do the dirty work and rarely gets involved in scuffles even though she is highly trained and would make short work of any worthy foe. She gets along decently with both Ick and Antimony, displaying a little more affinity to the latter rather than the former.

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ink-and-roses asked:

Fic prompt: Something's happened to one of the batkids and basically, "Batman is going to kill me."

One day, Jason comes home with a black eye.

He doesn’t tell Bruce what it was about. In fact, he’s silent about the entire affair, not saying a word as he digs into his dinner and sips at his juice. During patrol he’s dead silent, not speaking a word to Batman outside of orders, and that’s enough to tell Bruce that this wasn’t an ordinary fight. This wasn’t Jason getting into a scuffle over something serious. This had to be something important.

So he calls the school. Calls some teachers. Listens to a Math teacher explain how Jason’s been being picked on for how he speaks, for his Narrow’s accent, for the way he walks. And Bruce sees a bat fly through the window all over again.

Here’s the thing. Batman doesn’t make house calls. Not for the bullying of a teenage boy. But Bruce Wayne? That’s a different story.

The kid on the stoop before him looks terrified. Almost as terrified as the criminals Bruce frightens on a monthly basis. It’s his first stop on his anti-bullying trip. He has five more boys and a girl after this one.

Jason will kill him if he finds out. He doesn’t like Bruce fighting his battles. He likes to do it himself. Bruce wonders if he’ll ever make Jason understand that he shouldn’t have to. 

“Do you understand me,” Bruce says using the harsh parent voice he practiced instead of the Batgrowl he wants to use. The boy’s parents are looking down at their son, ashamed and disappointed. Bruce doubts all the kid’s parents on his list will be so ready to punish their children. Teasing the less fortunate is a skill they had to pick up somewhere.

“Yes sir.” The boy’s voice is meek, a whisper. His parents apologize on his behalf once more. Given their expressions, Bruce is sure this child will learn his lesson.

When the door closes, he walks to the car for the next visit.  

anonymous asked:


16. Aren’t you a bit… not… qualified?- Steve

“Y/N, hey doll face you in?” A familiar voice rang out from behind your closed door as they continued to pound their fist on the wood. “Im coming, I’m coming, jeez.” You huffed pulling your night-gown tightly around you before opening the door. In front of you stood a very concerned looking Bucky Barnes. “James, what’s wrong, why are you at my door at… 1 o'clock in the morning?” You asked, rubbing your eyes and leaning inside to catch a look of your clock on your mantlepiece. “It’s Steve, he got into another scuffle with some fat-head down the theatre.” Bucky sighed running a hand through his dark hair. “And what exactly do you expect me to do James?” You said, now frowning at your friend’s stubbornness to never give up on a fight. “Look doll, your the closest and all the medical centres shut an hour ago, please Y/N he really needs your help.” Bucky pleaded, rubbing the back of his neck, clearly frustrated with his inability to help his friend. “Lead the way.” You sighed, gesturing for Bucky to take you to the boy’s shared apartment before locking the door behind you.

“Steve, how you hanging in buddy?” Bucky said kneeling down next to his friend, which from the looks of it had taken a pretty nasty beating. “Just spiffy Buck.” The small blond said, trying to sound strong. “Look Y/N’s here and she’s going to patch you up best she can alright?” Bucky reassured his friend. “Hey Stevie.” You said, blushing slightly as his gaze immediately flicked to your face. “James could you grab me any medical supplies you’ve got?” You asked the brunette taking his place on the floor in front of Steve. “So what was it this time Stevie?” You asked the small man lying in front of you, gently tracing the cuts on his face with your fingertips. “Just some guy bad mouthing someone real important me is all.” He replied, going slightly pink in the cheeks. As Bucky returned with all the supplies he could round up from the small apartment you got to work cleaning any cuts and bandaging others. 

“Well Stevie, looks like you’ll survive, this time.” You said, gently cupping his cheek in your hand, “Please be more careful, okay Steve?” You whispered wrapping an arm around his middle, but as you did so Steve let out a small yelp, alerting you to further injuries on his body. “Right I’m gonna need you to remove your shirt okay?” You asked your best friend. As soon as he did you saw a large gash covering most of his ribs. “That’s going to need stitches.” You mumbled to yourself, causing Steve’s eyes to go wise. “Aren’t you a bit… not… qualified?” Steve murmured, clearly concerned. “Well aren’t you a little wise guy.” You chuckled, setting to work on stitching him up, and probably not for the last time.


Scuffles flared up on Saturday between “You Stink” civil society activists and security forces during a demonstration held in Beirut’s Riad El-Soleh Square to protest the government’s failure in resolving Lebanon’s pressing waste crisis.

During the protest, security forces used water cannons and tear gas to disperse activists and also fired bullets against them.

In this regard, Lebanese Red Cross Operations Director George Kettaneh told LBCI that a number of activists were transported from Riad El-Soleh to nearby hospitals, adding that one of them is severely injured and his situation is critical.

The activists who were protesting against the cabinet’s procrastination in resolving the alarming garbage crisis, stressed that they will not end their demonstration, calling on all Lebanese citizens to join them in their movement.

Morning News Rundown

Global markets rebound while stocks in China tumble again

Arson suspected in fire at planned refugee shelter in Germany

Finance laws wilting before billions set to flood 2016 campaigns

Opinion: American devotion to order over justice must end

Okinawans decry pollution at US bases

Rising river temps put salmon in hot water

S. Sudan president set to sign peace deal

Black women ordered off Calif. tourist train

Opinion: Is India’s inequality here to stay?

Ashley Madison sued for not preventing hack

Deadly clashes hit Palestinian refugee camp 

Tribe sends totem on journey against coal

NRA sues Seattle over ‘gun violence tax’

Judge overhauls court in Ferguson

Navajo farmers reject use of river water

Obama flays fossil fuel interests, backs solar 

Rail system in France on high alert 

Opinion: Talking trash in Lebanon

US, Turkey to launch anti-ISIL operation

Sierra Leone may soon be Ebola free

Refugees scuffle with police in Milan

iamilex hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “iamilex hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “They are different. Much…”

YouTube fail video style, tho: Felix showing off for the camera, but then he fucks up & slices his hand open & you just hear Locus’s muffled laughter in the background. Felix disappears from the shot, all you hear is cursing, scuffling, & laughter

awesome video idea I would defeinitely watch that a million times over 

but that aside

110% sure that has definitely happened before in Felix`s life

like five minutes after Felix finally got that knife that exact thing happened