scudetto celebration

Campioni (senza intercettazioni) #18

Tonight I reconnected myself to the world of soccer and I enjoyed AC Milan celebration.
It’s not my style, but I want to publish a funny picture from Milan supporters:

“Campioni senza intercettazioni”. in English it means “Champions without phone tapping”. It obviously referred to last trophies won by our cousins without real competitors.

Il Capitano above the whole team with the cup.

The magic Kevin Prince Boateng was dancing like Michael Jackson during celebration.

We lost the possibility to play Coppa Italia final, due to the loss against Palermo, but the last win against Cagliari at San Siro already clean that bad memory.

Ac Milan 4 V 1 Cagliari
22’ Robinho (M) 24’ Gattuso (M) 35’ Robinho (M) 38’ Cossu © 77’ Seedorf (M).

Just one match to play before summer market.