Max: what if we inverted our initials? Vax Merstappen.

Lewis: Hewis Lamilton.

Sebastian: Vebastian Settel.

Daniel: Raniel Dicciardo.

Kimi: Rimi Kaikkonen.

Charles: Lharles Ceclerc.

Lando: Nando Lorris.

Alex: Alexander Alb- this is a stupid game.

Drivers when tired

(Tag yourself)

Lando: flops himself onto someone’s lap and demands cuddles

Carlos: gets all pouty and grumpy

Max: will giggle over even the worst of jokes

Alex: will trip over his own feet. A lot.

Valtteri: drinks 7 espressos and 4 red bull and never sleeps again

Lewis: says “oh man I’m so tired” to anyone who gets within hearing distance

Kevin: falls asleep on the floor

Romain: wants to make himself some food and almost sets the kitchen on fire

Kimi: takes a nap, which turns into 8 hours of light coma

Antonio: needs someone to pat his hair to make him feel better

Lance: eats way too much sugar in hopes of feeling more alive, ends up with a bad stomach ache

Checo: puts on an oversized hoodie to hide himself in and glares at anyone who dares to come close

Pierre: dramatic yawns

Daniil: will take a nap in a chair. Or behind a plant. Or in a closet

George: demands piggy back rides because he’s simply too tired to walk

Robert: pretends he is fine but is dying on the

Daniel: will cry if you get even remotely annoyed by his sleepy pouting

Nico: will hug a random object or person to his chest as supportive teddy bear

Charles: will actually cry if someone doesn’t rock him to sleep within 5 minutes

Sebastian: mood swings, scary moodswings


//// Stratos-pheric ///

— By 2010 the New Stratos was ready. Although the result was well received by Ferrari they declined to supply parts for the 25 cars planned and Pininfarina had no choice but to abandon the project. Fast forward eight years, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia is no longer in production and there are plenty of used examples and spare parts available. Equally importantly, Paolo Garella, who had been the special projects manager at Pininfarina during New Stratos development, was now running his own company: Manufattura Automobili Torino (MAT). Garella revived the project, although this time using Ferraris supplied by his customers.  —