Backlit kelp - Ecklonia radiata #marineexplorer by John Turnbull
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I like the translucence of the kelp. Clovelly

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No, but for real, what IS Lances skincare routine?

he texted me his earth routine b4 he fucked off to god knows where here it is yall ready:

step 1: exfoliate (soft bristles - scubs can cause micro-lacerations)

step 2: toner - micellar water gets rid of all impurities!!

step 3: face mask!! heres what ull need:

- two heaping tablespoons of chickpea (or rice) flour
- one heaping teaspoon of tumeric
- one tablespoon of almond oil
- mix, then add milk bit by bit until you get a paste!!
- apply then leave on for 20 mins
- remove gently with warm water

these ingredients r SUPER good for ur skin they will clear acne and acne scars as well as even ur skintone with repeated use. lance n ray bringin u those Poc Secrets trademark

step 4: moisturize

*remember to change ur pillowcase often bc dirt builds up and ruins ur hard work!!
* if u have rly dry skin, swap out the milk for natural yogurt!

happy skincare love yall !!!

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One of them finds a new hobby and goes totally overboard with it.

It wasn’t unusual to see Phil and Pepper working at a conference table in the Tower on some project or other.  There was the random Stark Industries items tossed in, but a bulk of it was usually Avengers related; public appearances, magazine spreads, charity fundraising, etc.  What made this day different was the inclusion of Tony Stark to their meeting.  

“This is pretty cool but I’m telling you, I could build something even better!”  

“Tony, no.  I told you, they’re donating half the proceeds to Avenger’s charities and we’ve already signed the contracts.”  Pepper barely glanced at her boyfriend as she flipped through paperwork.  Tony huffed as he pulled up the holograms.  “Seriously, I could make them interactive.  The kids would love them!”

“Stark, we are not letting you sell interactive figurines to children.  The last thing we need is sentient Legos attacking people in their homes.”  Phil didn’t even look up as he waved his hand through the holo-files, enlarging the schematic for the Hawkeye figure.  “I’m still not sure about the hair.  The color isn’t quite right.”  Tony snorted, “Thought for sure you’d bitch about the arms.”

“What about my arms?”  The archer in question strolled into the room and flopped into the seat next to his partner.  “Your arms are fine.  They have to follow a basic model for the min-figures Stark.  Be careful with those, they’re prototypes.”  Phil looked over as Clint picked up a tiny Back Widow, scrutinizing the tiny painted details.

“What are these things?”  Clint was slowly turning the figure around, a mixture of fascination and confusion on his face.

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any advice on getting the smell out of a particularly smelly thing? (in my case specifically, a horseshoe crab shell?)

First, make sure there isn’t any tissue remaining in the shell. If there is then you’ll need to remove it. You can put the shell near an active ant hill (might want to secure it to make sure no passing scavenger drags it off though; you can put it under a bucket or in a small wire cage to keep it safe) or remove the tissue by hand.

Once it’s free of any tissue then give it a gentle but good scub in warm, soapy water. After that, try turning it upside down and filling the inside with a little water, some baking soda, and a bit of hydrogen peroxide. Let it sit like that out in direct sunlight for a day or two. Then rinse it out, let it dry, and see how it smells then. If it’s still stinky I’d repeat the baking soda and peroxide for a little while longer and that should do it!

Hope that helps! Best of luck!

Translation Script of Eureka Seven AO Final Episode: One More Time - Lord Don't Slow Me Down

After some 4 years, and almost pretty much out of nowhere, they decided to make a Pachinko Game for Eureka 7 AO. To promote this, they created this new final episode, which was split into 5 ~5 Minutes ONAs released over the span of 3 month, before being followed up by the announcement of the Hi-Evolution movies.

Despite being a promotion for the pachinko game it really has nothing to do with it at all. Instead, it’s the full version of the last two minutes of Episode 24 of the TV series, with some details being retconned.
As such, you either ought remember a good deal of the show or have to rewatch it. 

It’s legally and freely avaible to watch on the Pachinko Game Sammy Cooperation’s Channel on Youtube.
They actually made some effort to have all on screen writings in both Japanese and English, but no subs are available. 

I kind of really enjoyed this episode. Nobody has bothered making a translation as far as I can see, so here is mine. 
 (Although chances are high most E7 lovers who don’t really like the AO Season probably don’t care anyway I suppose…) 

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