Sapphire Cyan’s University Bachelorette Challenge: The Official Rules!

Sapphire and 7 other YA sims will go to University together and all live in a dorm. Roommates will be chosen randomly, but Saph will be in single room with a double bed.

There will be no eliminations. Winners of competitions are rewarded by spending more time with Saph. Since the eventual winner is whoever has the highest relationship with her at the end of the second week, the winners of the competitions will have a better chance!

Note: Students will not be allowed to participate in the next competition day’s event if they are caught starting fights with other competitors.

During competitions where a skill is required, all contestants will be given level 4 in that skill, so it will be fair.

All students MUST go to classes! Academic probation will result in missing a competition day to study!


Sims to be entered in this contest must be Young Adult. They can be male or female, as Saph has yet to decide her sexuality. She is leaning more toward straight, so I will accept 5 males and 2 females. :)

CC is desired (I can always use more!) but it must be included and/or linked to!

Creators must declare the major of their sims so I know which major to put them in! After all, they do need to go to classes!

Spaces available:







The contestants all gathered on the sofas in the living room, and Saph stood in front of the double doors to address them.

“Hello, everyone! As I’m sure you’re all aware, my name is Sapphire Cyan Moore. You are here to win the right to share my life with me, and to help carry on the Moore family name!

While you are here, you are expected to keep up with all your studies, and anyone who fails an exam or is failing a class will not be allowed to participate in events or to interact with me until the grade improves.

There will be several competitions, and possibilities for dates and slumber parties in my bedroom. There will not be any eliminations. Everyone will remain in this house until the end of the competition, at which point whoever has the highest relationship with me will win the competition! I wish you all luck!

You may all now mingle with me and each other! Today is a meet&greet day. Tomorrow is the first competition, so get ready!”

I'm bored so...

Have some Saph BC official ship names and colors for those of you who want to support a candidate! (in alphabetical order)

Brayfire (Bray and Saph) - #827657
Emephire (Emelia and Saph) - #DD1111
Sapara (Saph and Kiara) - #4A134C
Sapheus (Saph and Thaddeus) - #CEBB10
Saphin (Saph and Corbin) - #627C53
Sapshall (Saph and Marshall) - #962525
Sayton (lol really? Yep.) (Saph and Dayton) - #1A1C4C

“You really picked me?”

“No. I didn’t pick you, Bray.”

“Well I–”

“I never had any choice at all. I may not have known it right away, but I’ve been in love with you since the day I first saw you. You are everything I have ever wanted… I think you and I can have the kind of love that my mothers have: Pure, Honest, and Eternal.

I can’t imagine being anyone else’s wife, or the mother of anyone else’s children. Only yours. Always yours.”

“I don’t know what to say…”

“We won’t make it official quite yet, but if you’ll grant me the great honor, I’d like to be your wife.”

“God, Sapphire, Of course. I love you so much. I can’t wait until we have a little house of our own, and there are little Moore-Carter kids running around everywhere.”


“Me either, Bray. I love you so much. Thank you for everything.”


He pulled her face to his and smooched her.

She pushed him away angrily.

“Are you trying to take advantage of my drunkeness?”

He stuttered back, “!”

She fumed at him. “Well I’m not that drunk, Bray. Make another move and I’ll make sure you get sent home!”

*ignore the clipping*

Saph posing with Marshall by cobrasimship

Saph: “woah you’re tall.”

Marshall: “Not too tall.”

Saph: “You have to lean down to put your forehead on mine. I like that!”

Saph and Bray, from Finksim

*after taking the picture*

Bray: “Aw, we were a little off.”

Saph: “That’s okay, it’s still a cute picture!”

Bray: “Any picture with you in it is a cute picture.”

Saph: *giggle* “Well, don’t use your best lines up yet! The competition hasn’t even started yet!”

And the first plate of food she picks up is Thaddeus’ spaghetti!

That means Thad gets a date with the lovely bachelorette at the coffee shop! If things go very right, it could lead to spending the night with her! :)

Em got to the date location first, since the two girls decided to meet there after their exams. Saph was running a bit late.

Em found some Sweet William growing on the beach, and decided to pick it for Sapphire.


When she finally sobered up enough to make her way back home, Saph dragged herself into the sauna…

She worked through her hangover pain and thought about her date from the night before.

She thought about Bray’s jokes and how sweet he was to her…

She thought about how he wanted to be the gentleman and take her home, only to get them hopelessly lost… she found herself smiling.

She thought about how he had kissed her, and how she had pushed him away. She had been angry that he would force himself on her… but now she found herself wanting to go back to that kiss.

She wanted, more than anything, to apologize for yelling at him, and to feel his soft lips on hers again.

*in game explanation: She got the “Kiss Bray” wish!*