Jest Proving My Point - Alfie Solomons One Shot/Imagine: requested


Just had the most adorable/dirty thought. Picture this. Alfie’s been working late lately so his wife decides to wait up for him. when he gets home he’s happy and to show appreciation they start to have sex. only in the middle of him performing oral sex she lets out like a huge yawn. I feel like Alfie would just laugh and be “all you’re yawning? I thought that was some of my best work” and just laughs. But in the morning, she gets the bone down of her life.

‘ere ya go  @danceyreagan

Jest Proving My Point

Warnings:  it’s Alfie luvs, if you don’t know that means NSFW/18+, ya must be new ere.

Alfie lifted the half-moon specs from the bridge of his nose and tossed them upon the paper piled desk in disgust.   And frustration.  And all kinds of fucking hell loads of anger.    One large hand rubbed his tired eyes and then down through the scruffy lines of his beard until he reached all around to the back of his neck, and then settled upon the bridge of his nose with a light squeeze to ease the tension.    With a weary sigh he leaned back in his chair, eyes lifting to the expanse of windows and seeing the darkness beyond.  Shit.  Another late night.   Another missed supper.   And probably no horizontal shenanigans with the missus either at this hour.   Fourth damn night this week.    Another three last week.    He was on the edge of desperation for some good old fashioned desk banging.    Somehow he doubted he could convince Alyona to return to her old job to ease his burden(s), since he was the one that convinced her to take a break.    But damn if he didn’t need one particular burden eased with a heavy, mighty need!

Cursing aloud to no one in particular, he sighed knowing that the real workload was not something she could assist with anyway.  It was two huge shipments of product back to back that had the bakery steep into overtime.  The importance of the deal had Alfie staying late each night to ensure all was going according to plan.   The resulting paperwork of time sheets and overtime sheets an inevitable boil on his ass as a result.    The old worn couch had seen much of his backside lately, and his hip was letting him know it didn’t much appreciate the fact.   Ollie was stretched out on it now. His longer legs dangling past the tattered end and his curl covered head hanging at an awkward angle at the other end.   Alfie breathed out a deep sigh and checked his pocket watch, then suddenly stood to his feet with a bellow.


The lad jumped in his sleep, coming to rest half on the couch and half on the floor.

“Fuck right, time for next sweep of the place, yeah.  On yer damn feet.”

Ollie unraveled his lean frame and stretching long as a huge yawn split his face, fell into step behind Alfie as he left the office.   The boss turned his head back to the desk when he reached the door with a last pained look at the stacks of paper still needing his attention.  His gaze dropped to the watch once more.   Then proceeding through the door he muttered another impatient order to Ollie, who had come to lean against the door frame, eyes half lidded.

“Come on then, wake the fuck up lad.”

Ollie involuntary ducked his head, but no blow came upon his ears.   Boss must be real tired.   He picked up his pace to follow the bulk of his retreating back.   Ahead in the passage Alfie’s made liberal use of his cane as he walked the dark, dank hallways.   Maybe if they hurried he’d get home in time to catch a glimpse of her in the tub.    Fuck at least give me that.

As he took one last look at his watch rounding a corner, his gaze lifted to find a pile of overturned barrels upon the dusty concrete floor.

“Well fuck me, yeah.   Awright, who’s taking the beatin for that right?”

As he hunched before the terrified workers, cane firmly in hand, in his mind the dream of being home in time burst like a hundred tiny bubbles.

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