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I was wondering, would you mind telling me some good VC blogs to follow? I need more bones on my dash haha. (If you don't have time to make a list that's totally fine! Have a nice day!)

Hi, Anon! Here’s a big long list of some great folks that post a bunch of rad Vulture Culture-y things! 

@littlestwarrior, @parliamentrook, @knuxtiger4, @skelelegs, @billibones, @zooophagous, @parliamentrook, @snakeybones, @mydeadthingsdiary, @simplyskeletal, @prettydeadstuff, @vulture-couture, @she-dreams-of-bones, @roadkillandcrows, @roadkilljack, @blackbackedjackal, @ostealjewelry, @bleachedbonesandoldskins, @scuba-sam, @somedeadthings, @morbidesque, @topaz4girll, @totefischy, @osvenator, @bufonite, @birbbones, @haildarkaesthetics, @belfryoddities, @sabertoothcattery, @rogue-taxidermy-of-sarina-brewer, @bone-lust, @deadshitandme @dead-blue-deer, @offleshandfeather, @specios, @sittaeuropaea, @endoskeletons-n-ivory, @uwundertaker, @forgottenboneyard, @thegreenwolf, @naturepunk, @biomedicalephemera, @immota, @ofninemaidens, @lizmbones, @bonecleaning, @ratrinadragon,

There are loads more awesome VC peeps out there but these are just a few blogs off the top of my head! <3


Ok so remember the other day when I was like hey everyone check out my favorite vulture culture etsy shop in the world or something along those lines THIS IS WHY LOOK AT THIS
Noah fence to other etsy ppl Ive bought from but ShinerSkulls is seriously my favorite VC etsy shop of all time and I will be a customer for either as long as I live or as long as the shop is open. @scuba-sam is beyond phenomenally talented at what she does, has extremely high ethical standards, ships super fast like lightning speed fast like how did i even get this so fast fast, and i have NEVER before opened a package of VC stuff that was so thoroughly protected in it’s packaging. You can even tell from the packing alone how much love she puts into her work, and you can feel that love radiating from every single skull or wet specimen you buy from her. And honestly considering the quality and the ethics along with all the hard work she puts in she could be charging WAY more. I love etsy and there’s a lot of shops I really love but I can’t honestly say I’ve come across a better shop than ShinerSkulls. I REALLY RECCOMEND CHECKING IT OUT LIKE REALLY SUPER DUPER RECCOMEND IT LIKE DEFINITELY GO DO IT RIGHT NOW

Made another drawing for @scuba-sam based on a piece that’s in her etsy shop right now! If anyone would like anything drawn personal message me!! At this point commissions are free and if/when I have the money to send them to you I will if you want em!

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Who are some of your favorites when it comes to buying cool oddities/bones/etc.? Sometimes it's hard to find out if they're ethically sourced/legal, so any you could recommend would be awesome. Thanks so much!

Omg my absolute favorite is @scuba-sam! Her etsy shop is ShinerSkulls! And also @cummy–eyelids her Etsy shop is PastelAlienShop (I’m pretty sure that’s right?) and I love buying pelts from @celestialvintage (she has a cool coyote wallhanger up for sale right now! Go talk to her about it!) and soooooo many more!! If you keep an eye on my blog, I always reblog vulture culture Etsy sellers!

Got reimbursement for classes I’m not taking and I need to save most of it for future classes but I def just spent a lil on etsy and I regret nothing I’m so excited I love me some etsy and by etsy I mostly mean ShinerSkulls by @scuba-sam like to the point that when I eventually open my own etsy I’m probably gunna promote her shop on my etsy and by probably I mean definitely esp if I’m using bones I got from her for jewlery and art and stuff. I’m the worst business person ever but I’m very creative so hopefully those things will balance themselves out maybe lmao

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Hi flockof. What do you think of all the amazing SC stuff we've had past 5 days?? I love your way with words :)))

I feel like I could go scuba diving wearing Sam and Caitriona’s love and admiration for each other as a mask because it gives me so much fucking LIFE. I honestly don’t know how anyone can look at his enthusiasm for her, their graciousness and respect for each other as professionals and their consistent Houdini act of disappearing and reappearing at the same time and not get downright giddy AF.