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I was wondering, would you mind telling me some good VC blogs to follow? I need more bones on my dash haha. (If you don't have time to make a list that's totally fine! Have a nice day!)

Hi, Anon! Here’s a big long list of some great folks that post a bunch of rad Vulture Culture-y things! 

@littlestwarrior, @parliamentrook, @knuxtiger4, @skelelegs, @billibones, @zooophagous, @parliamentrook, @snakeybones, @mydeadthingsdiary, @simplyskeletal, @prettydeadstuff, @vulture-couture, @she-dreams-of-bones, @roadkillandcrows, @roadkilljack, @blackbackedjackal, @ostealjewelry, @bleachedbonesandoldskins, @scuba-sam, @somedeadthings, @morbidesque, @topaz4girll, @totefischy, @osvenator, @bufonite, @birbbones, @haildarkaesthetics, @belfryoddities, @sabertoothcattery, @rogue-taxidermy-of-sarina-brewer, @bone-lust, @deadshitandme @dead-blue-deer, @offleshandfeather, @specios, @sittaeuropaea, @endoskeletons-n-ivory, @uwundertaker, @forgottenboneyard, @thegreenwolf, @naturepunk, @biomedicalephemera, @immota, @ofninemaidens, @lizmbones, @bonecleaning, @ratrinadragon,

There are loads more awesome VC peeps out there but these are just a few blogs off the top of my head! <3

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Hi flockof. What do you think of all the amazing SC stuff we've had past 5 days?? I love your way with words :)))

I feel like I could go scuba diving wearing Sam and Caitriona’s love and admiration for each other as a mask because it gives me so much fucking LIFE. I honestly don’t know how anyone can look at his enthusiasm for her, their graciousness and respect for each other as professionals and their consistent Houdini act of disappearing and reappearing at the same time and not get downright giddy AF.