SCRIBBLE BOMB [discardables]

i haven;t climbed to the highest mountain yet,
I’ve suddenly awoken to  the fact that
all this time Ive been
meandering thru the valleys and plains
of my life’s possibilities.

‘absolutely love the chorussssss
kyddiekafka Obsessions – [][][ dub step tempo stuuffff][
found the track in this mix 40min:
a little mooooodeeee

What They Are Like When You Are In a Coma(Be My princess Headcanon)
  • Wilfred: Torn. You were his first. You were the only person in the world to truly him, to see him as a human being. And now he's beside you, your eyes shut. He leans down pink lips on your own. "Wake up soon, my princess"
  • Keith: Aggressive. Keith has always been passionate about everytjing he bothers to do. And his emotions are always intense. Its not unthinkable to imagine him in his office sctibbling away on some paper. Declaring war on everyone he hates. "How dare you talk about her that way!"
  • Roberto: Lost. He doesn't know what to do, and he's started to hate going out. Because every time he does, all he wants to do is rush back home and tell you all about it. And then he comes to realize that you're not here anymore, and a sad smile presses into his face. "I guess, I really am lost without you."
  • Edward: Miserable. He doesn't really want to work anymore, he's lost his appetite, he doesn't even have any hobbies anymore. All he does is stay by your side, holding your hand, an awfully dreadful look in his eyes. Their always brimmed with tears. "I will wait for you, for an eternity if need be, my darling princess."
  • Joshua: Reads. He reads stories about lost love, and loves falling into deep sleeps. Because perhaps, he will find solace in knowing he's not the only one that feels this way, solace in the characters happy endings. And tormented, by the idea of the less desirable endings, being apart of his own story. "All I can do, is hope for the best."
  • Glenn: Tormented. You are his princess, he's supposed to protect you. No matter what. So how could he possibly let this happen? And he can't help but think that someone older, someone like Yu, would have been better suited for you. He would have been able to protect you. "I'm so sorry, please forgive me."