belly tank racer. el mirage, ca. 2015. par eyetwist
Via Flickr :
like many of the 1950s-era dry lakes racers, this lakester was built from a surplus 300gal drop tank off a WW2 lockheed P-38 fighter plane. from the june 2015 meet at elmo. the southern california timing association (SCTA) has been hosting land speed racing meets at el mirage dry lake in the mojave desert since 1937. racers come from all over california to test their skills, to see who can go the fastest in 1.3 miles from a standing start. the event is full of colorful cars, bikes and characters. nikon D7000 + nikkor 18-200mm, processed in nik color efex pro.

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Can Do Attitude

This is a photo of Tony Pruess. He takes the “make it yourself” concept of making a hot rod to another level. He hand-formed the body of the full scale roadster seen in this photo from sheet aluminum. As if that in itself wasn’t extraordinary, he whipped up a few hand formed aluminum pedal cars for his kids. You can tell I am still really impressed.