— ❝ ignorance is bliss ❞ — SY;TY

it’s not often enough that sooyeon finds herself in bookstores. sure, she likes a good novel to read, but everything has been so hectic. there hasn’t been enough time for her to fully enjoy a book, a magazine – anything else than what her job entails, inside or out.

– the bookstore she enters is small and quaint; and is close to empty, excluding a few people busying themselves within confines of novellas and notebooks.  the smell is homely, spices and fruits alike, and with a deep inhale, sooyeon feels calmer than ever.

her gait is leisurely as she runs her fingers down the spines of the books, humming in thought as she reads each and every name that is passed by. nodding her head at some, she mouths the titles to herself, pausing to think about it, before continuing on to the next one.

her eyes catch sight of a particular title, her interest peeking at the language – it’s not korean, that’s for sure. blinking at it, she increases her pace to the shelf where it resides, her hand reaching out to grab it, before her shoulder gently bumps into someone elses. she jerks from the touch, her head twisting around to stare at the offender with a look of disgruntlement.

“`scuse me,” she huffs, narrowing her gaze at the woman.