Hating Donald Trump isn’t enough – we need to talk about why Hillary Clinton rules | Lindy West
If we care about our future as a non-blown-up planet, it’s time to stop treating the Democratic candidate as if she’s barely better than a literal white supremacist
By Lindy West

Clinton has weathered intrusive, insulting, gendered smear campaigns – cookies, Benghazi, emails and pneumonia – with a grace rivalled only by Obama’s unflappable handling of birthers. She swam through tar every single day of her career and still surpassed male opponents who swam through water. She has been scrutinised in bad faith and beyond all reason for her entire campaign (and decades prior), and Republicans have still had to manufacture baroque, toothless scandals out of dust motes.

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong

The Whole World is already LAUGHING at you for have such a Ridiculous Title……..And yet, he was to have has Voice Heard over the Presidential Election…….Come, WOODY GOH, the People of Singapore have their OWN BRAINS…………We don’t need your advice on this………….

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  • Mario Balotelli:*grew up without his birth parents, heckled by racist vitriol at every point in his life, regularly disowned by the only country he has ever known, criticised for 'the manner' in which he reacts to racist abuse, blamed for Italy's Euro '12 final loss, blamed for Italy's World Cup '14 loss, abused by fans who alternate racism with demands that he save their team, has his every move scrutinised including serious offences such as eating curry, discussed like an inhuman psycho with no self-control*
  • Everyone:God he's so DIFFICULT to deal with.

hm three things:

1. do. not. fucking. attack. zain. for. this. decision. it’s his life.

2. do. not. fucking. attack. the. other. boys. for. this. everything only shows that they had no idea. 

3. do. not. fucking. attack. perrie. for this. she has nothing to do with it.

This is too cute :) 

Benedict Cumberbatch is turning gardening guru to review the floral displays at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The Sherlock star is teaming up with his mother, actress Wanda Ventham, as part of the BBC’s coverage of the annual event.

It is not the first time the pair have appeared together - both Cumberbatch’s parents appeared in the Sherlock Christmas special.

They will appear as part of a series of interviews, called Mum and Me, that team up celebrity guests including Darcey Bussell and Julian Clary with their mothers to scrutinise the contenders at the show.

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The show will be on BBC Two on 19/5 at 20:00 (via @cumberbatchfrm)

I read about the de-aged!Dean episode and got excited

“So, if you’re Sam,” Dean folded his arms, scrutinising his younger brother who was now twice the size of him, “Where’s dad?”

Sighing, Sam averted his gaze, running a hand through his long hair before he looked back at Dean. It had taken ten minutes for Sam to make Dean believe that he was, in fact, Sam. The concept was a struggle for fourteen year old Dean, who knew Sam as a snot nosed, little kid who followed him around like a puppy. The guy towering above him, with way too long hair, wide shoulders, and a freaking giant- the idea of him being Sam was downright weird.

“Uh,” Sam swallowed, “He’s not here at the moment. On a hunt,” he offered with a weak smile.

“Okay,” Dean shrugged, finding that plausible. In 2014, Dean and Sam were old enough to do shit without John watching over them. Still, it kind of sucked that Dean was stuck with an older Sam who he hardly recognised; at least with his father, he would look more like the man he knew from his time frame.

“I’m-” Sam took a step back, looking freaked out by the situation, “I’m gonna call Cas.”

“Who the fuck is Cas?” Dean retorted.

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I wanted to make music. I didn’t know that came with this expectation that your whole life is owned by the general public and everything you do is dissected, scrutinised and questioned. [People with] a sunny outlook are a lot easier to deal with, be around, befriend and handle than people who are bitter about it. People who are, like, complaining about the life of being a celebrity. It’s a little irritating.”

“Personally, I don’t feel that people are prying into my private life. And if they do I tell them that I’m not going to talk about it and that seems to work. I don’t feel that my private life, as someone who is in a relationship with a man, is any more scrutinised than another kind of relationship. Not that it would make any difference who I was in a relationship with, I wouldn’t want to talk about it. It’s my private business and that’s all there is to it.” – Ben Whishaw

Interesting Facts About 12 Zodiac Signs (Part 46)

1. Leos have bold plans and dreams, and take risks which lead either to riches or to poverty.

2. Sagittarius set rules are an example of the philosophical outlining of their life.

3. The typical Scorpio will size someone up in a matter of seconds and once they have made up their mind about them.

4. Libras tend to form a mental picture of what…

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A small note for you creatives

Being an artist, writer, musician, image capturer - any creative - you are going to run into tough times. There will be moments when you’ve put your heart and soul into your work, into something that you’ve created. Your sweat and tears. Your passion. The fun you had while creating the piece. 

There will be people that will try to pull you down, that don’t understand what you’re doing, and they only see the surface of your creation and make a judgement based off of that. Or others that’ll nitpick and scrutinise the things you do with shallow opinions. But there will also be ones that see your expressions and creations and feel something; they sense your passion and love it. They can feel your story and your journey. They are open-minded and excited about new things. They cheer you on. 

Those individuals are pretty cool. Keep attracting those types of people into your life, and spread the positive energy around. 

Never be afraid of holding yourself back. Be strong and stand up for yourself and who you are. There is only one of you in this world, only one person that does what you do - be you. Express yourself the way you naturally feel, whether it’s through drawing, painting, writing, playing music, dancing, whatever it is - creativity is infinite. 

It’s about you. Everything and everyone else doesn’t matter one bit - they pale in comparison to that one special feeling. The feeling you had while you were creating whatever it was that you loved. Remember that feeling, and keep doing whatever that is. 

Because you’re gonna be unstoppable. 

Are You A Mean Girl?

We’ve all seen ‘Mean Girls’ and how a social hierarchy can destruct people’s self-esteem, hurt people’s feelings and cause them to do desperate things. As humans we naturally seek acceptance, making it easy for real life mean girls and boys to negatively affect others. Let’s try and shut up that inner mean girl of yours and become kinder, more accepting people.

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I knew what my responsibility was. I felt it just by making the mistake of going online and reading some of the fanboy responses to the announcement that I was playing the next version of Bruce Banner. That was a mistake. I will never do that again. ‘I’ve never had a role be more scrutinised and criticised, even before I’d shot a single frame.


Real Madrid 2015/16 kit “Only Perfect Counts” | June 15, 2015
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Campaign mantra:
“When you’re the best club in the world, what makes you grow is not the other teams but the struggle to improve your own outstanding legacy. The pursuit of perfection is the goal. Perfection in the game, in the attitude, in the players. And that requires relentless attention to every detail, on and off the field. Real Madrid is an example to the world; everything we do is scrutinised very closely. That’s why it’s so important to win, but not just anyhow. No, our victory must be unanswerable – in every way. Our victories have to beat previous victories – with more spectacular goals, more surprising moves, and more trophies on the wall.Because when you’ve been the winner so many times, you know that your next victory must be to achieve perfection.Because when you’ve been the winner so many times, you know that your next victory must be perfect.”
– Only Perfect Counts | #bethedifference

I’m gonna tell you a little story~

I absolutely hated my body, for a very long time. I loathed it. I wanted to crawl out of my own skin and be someone else. Someone that I saw as beautiful. Someone shorter and thinner and better. I struggled with the way I looked for years. People ask me, “why do you post so many selfies?” It’s because I’m recovering from years of hiding. Hiding a body and mind and soul that should be celebrated. One day, it just kind of hit me. My body is incredible. Not in the way it looks, but because of what it does. It keeps me alive, breathing, and even when I hated and it treated it badly, it still kept on. So I started to love it, and accept it.

Do not scrutinise me for taking pictures of myself.
Do not tell me I am conceited or vain.
I am recovering from years of hating my body.
And I am proud of who I am today;
Body, Mind, and Soul.