scrunchy shirt

In freshman year, I started to read Harry Potter. I always said I was Slytherin, but as soon as I took the test and got Hufflepuff, I decked out! I got Hufflepuff shirts, socks, scrunchy, earnings, and a bracelet. I love being Hufflepuff. When I find stuff BOOM! IM THE BIGGEST HUFFLEPUFF!!! God Hufflepuffs fucking rule.

Guess who’s coming for dinner?

In a button-up shirt, relaxed poly-blend pants, square-toed shoes, and a rich chocolate brown shantung silk single-breasted dress blazer, accessorized with a nylon handbag, oval glasses and A SCRUNCHIE, GIllian is, as always, in it to win it. 

Cate Blanchett, for her part, is not to be outdone, and is ready to rumble in a longline leather coat and leather pants

high school AU parents??

so I’m currently writing a high school AU parents fic,,, and it got me thinking. if we’re going by inferred canon ages, that means the parents were probably late 80s/early 90s kids.


FLARED JEANS, TURTLENECKS, SCRUNCHIES, 80s MOVIE T-SHIRTS,,, can you just IMAGINE neil’s dad going all-out with the terrible fashion choices,, nerris’ mom with 80s pop culture shirts,, nikki’s mom would wear sparkly scrunchies??? she would???

8 0 s C A M P C A M P B E L L P A R E N T S

Got my new markers a few hours ago so here’s my Inktober today!!
It’s of Duke but a hc that after Chandler died she took some elements of her outfit as her way of mourning, she took her scrunchie and took her shirt and dyed it green but couldn’t find a skirt like hers or stockings because if she dyed those red they would just be red

90’s make up?

Dress up day for homecoming tomorrow is throwback thursday. I’m doing 90s. Got my high-waisted jeans, plaid shirt, and scrunchie. But I can’t decided if I should do blue eye shadow with dark lipstick or the light brown eye shadow with nude lipstick. Help? My shirt is red/white/blue plaid if that helps.

Requested: Black mom shorts inspired by sky’s style

shoes-saint laurent


bralette-american eagle
jacket-philip lim

bag-the row
watch-marc by marc jacobs

Pest Control

One shot, Dean/reader - You think you’ve got mice, but the exterminator that shows up is Dean Winchester… No worries, he takes care of things quite nicely…

The first thing you notice when you meet him is the beautiful green of his eyes.  A soft green, shot through with gold - in the sunlight his eyes look like they are lit from within, surrounded and shaded by long, thick lashes, dark blonde like his hair.  Eyes that are clear and candid, not bothering to disguise their appraisal of you, from the slight narrowing as their gaze lingers on your lips, to the subtle darkening as they sweep over your body and back up to your face.

And then he smiles, and the earth stops spinning, almost throwing you off balance.  Crinkles form at the corners of those stunning eyes, their sparkling galaxies focused entirely on you.  Those full, perfectly-shaped lips with the tiny upturn in the corners curve slowly, one side a shade higher than the other, and you see his tongue pressed up right behind those slightly-parted, perfect white teeth.

He lifts his chin a little as that smile broadens.  "Hey,“ he says in a voice that seems to resonate right from his chest.  "I’m Dean.”

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