Harry Potter - Fred, George, Draco and Me

Imagine where reader is in Gryffindor and best friends with Fred and George. One day when they pull a prank on Draco reader apologizes to him on their behalf and Draco wants to be friends with them. And dating happens


You sat at your desk listening to Professor McGonagall as she taught the class about Vanishing spells and demonstrated on a bird she had in a small cage next to her desk vanishing it and making it reappear almost effortlessly. You were taking notes as you felt a something hit your arm. You looked at the desk to see a scrumpled up piece of paper next to your arm and looked up to see your two best friends Fred and George looking over at you.
“Meet us in the back of the library in the free period just before lunch.” you heard George whisper before turning back to look at his parchment.
You wondered what the two of them were up to. Hopefully they were going to let you in on another prank that they’d been planning. They’d let you join in on every prank they’d ever pulled since going to Hogwarts. The three of you had met in your first year and had instantly clicked with each other. Over the years you’d become closer and closer they were like brothers to you and even Molly treated you like one of her own when you stayed at the Burrow over the summer holidays.


You arrived at the library at the start of your free period and walked straight towards the back to where you and the twins usually met. You turned a corner to see them sat at your usual table smiling at you.
“Hey y/n.” they chorused.
“Hi!” you replied. “So how come you asked me to come here? Another prank?”
“Indeed it is y/n. Indeed it is.” said Fred.
“Brilliant!” you replied. “Who’s the victim this time?”
“Draco Malfoy.” George smiled.
“Sounds good. What’s the plan?”
“Well,” Fred started. “We were thinking we could use your amazing wand skills to enchant a piece of nose-bleed nougat to slip into his pumpkin juice at lunch.”
“My amazing wand skills?” you rolled your eyes. “Just because the two of you failed Charms.”
“So you’ll do it?” they asked.
“Great.” said Fred smiling.


The three of you walked into the Great Hall where you sat down and watched as Draco Malfoy entered with his friends and sat down in plain view of you all. It couldn’t have been a more perfect opportunity. You enchanted the piece of nougat and waited until his head was turned talking to Pansy Parkinson and slipped it into his goblet. You watched with baited breath as he took a sip of his drink and his nose slowly began to drop with blood. He looked up to see the three of you almost doubled over in laughter watching as he ran out of the Great Hall presumably to Madam Pomfrey’s.


Later that day the three of you had Herbology with the Slytherins and as you were crowded around the tray of plants you were re-potting, you saw him approach you.
“I’m guessing it was you three that put whatever it was in my drink.” he said watching as you tried not to laugh at the memory of it.
“Well done genius.” laughed Fred.
“I suppose we just have to wait until your father hears about this are we?” George added.
“No. Actually I’m not mad. It was actually quite a funny prank, or at least it would have been if it wasn’t me.” he said smiling slightly. “Hey maybe next time I can help with a prank or two.”
The three of you exchanged looks before you nodded.
“Yeah sure you can. Sorry we pranked you by the way.“ you said smiling at him.
“No worries I look forward to the next one.” he replied smirking.


A few weeks had passed and the four of you made a surprisingly good team. You had successfully pulled off a number of good pranks on people from both your houses and Filch more than a couple of times. You and Draco had been getting on especially well considering the rivalry between your houses. He was actually a fun person to be around most of the time and had come up with ideas for good pranks by himself a couple of times. One day the four of you had successfully lay out a prank to play on Peeves and watching it happen write before you on what must be the worlds most hated poltergeist was one of the most satisfying things ever. In your success and relief at not being found out you found yourself jumping up and down with joy and laughter and suddenly felt someone’s arms around you. You looked up to find your self wrapped in Draco’s arms and you found yourself hugging him back.
“I haven’t had this much fun for ages.” he whispered so only you could hear him.
“Well I’m glad you are now.” you laughed.
“I like you y/n.” he whispered a blush creeping up his neck.
“I like you too Draco.” you whispered even quieter.
“Even better.” he grinned.
He looked you in the eyes as he leaned in towards you placing his lips gently onto yours and kissing you softly. You kissed him back placing your hand on the back of his neck. You had obviously been kissing each other a lot longer than you thought you had as the two of you were broken up by Fred clearing his throat. The two of you broke apart looking at the twins awkwardly.
“Oh don’t mind us.” George said grinning slyly.
“It’s about bloody time.” added Fred laughing.
The two of you blushed and began to laugh as you reached down for Draco’s hand. And that was the start of yours and Draco’s relationship and boy were you glad you and the twins decided to prank him.


AN: So this was quite long but I really enjoyed writing it because I love Draco and the Weasley twins so thanks for the request!! :3

Pairing: Y/N/Kevin Mirallas

Rating: 18+

You sat at the table of a small Belgian coffee shop with your head in your hands, the table was covered with papers, assignments and text books. You picked her pen up and began to write, but decided almost immediately you weren’t happy and scrumpled the piece of paper up, dropping it in the bin next to you.

You sighed exasperated, dragging your fingers through your hair. You had to hand this essay in in three days and you’d barely written your opening paragraph, closing your eyes you leaned back in your seat, trying to block out the commotion in the coffee shop, deciding you’d had enough you finished your drink and gathered your things together, stuffing the papers into your bag, you clutched your books to your chest.

Dropping a couple of coins on the plate as a tip you slung your bag over your shoulder and walked out,  your plan had been to get out of your apartment for a couple of hours to do the essay but it was so noisy in the coffee shop you were unable to concentrate. You walked quickly towards your apartment, the sky was starting to grow thick with black clouds, you lowered your head as you rounded the corner on to your street and ran head first into somebody.

You dropped your books in shock, but before you had chance to do anything the person in front of you had picked them up and was handing them back to you.

“I’m sorry, I really should watch…” you began, tucking your hair behind your ear as you looked up, “Oh my god… You’re Kevin Mirallas…” you mumbled in a low whisper, slightly embarrassed.

“Nice to meet you” he replied smiling at you, offering his hand for you to shake, you tentatively took his hand and shook it slowly.

“Thanks… Oh sorry, I’m Y/N… I think you’re amazing” you told him, as he let go of your hand.

The rain was starting to come down a lot heavier now, however you didn’t really care, especially since your flat was only a few doors away.

“Would you like to come to mine until the rain stops?” you asked, rather bravely, you could feel your face flushing red.

“If it’s ok with you” he answered, you nodded and lead him towards your flat.

You had only been outside less than 5 minutes but you were both drenched, you got into your flat who immediately grabbed a couple of towels, you handed one to Kevin who rubbed it across his hair, to dry it.

Taking the hem of his shirt he pulled it over his head and placed it over the radiator to dry, you had your back to him at the time but you almost fainted when you turned around and saw his toned body, you were amazed your eyes were still in your head.

“Sorry, I hope you don’t mind… I just figured it would dry faster” he explained to you quickly his voice thick with a French accent, you shook your head, he walked over to you dangerously slowly, “maybe… maybe you should get out of these as well” he suggested seductively.

What happened next was to fast for either of you to do anything about, his mouth was suddenly over yours as he caressed your back over your top, you closed your eyes as his tongue invaded your mouth. He tasted incredible but you couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was.

He moved away from your lips and moved to your neck, kissing your neck softly his hands moved to your hair as he twisted his fingers through it, tugging it gently. You moaned, leaning your head to one side giving him easier access. His hands moved down your sides, caressing you gently. Finding the hem of your top he lifted it up, pulling it over your head, he discarded it.

He caressed your bare skin as his lips made their way back to your own, kissing your softly, he placed a hand on your lower back, pulling your hips towards him. You could feel his hard on touching you softly through his jeans, your hands had remained by your sides the whole time, you were still in slight shock from Kevin Mirallas kissing you.

He took hold of your wrist, and placed your hand on his groin, moaning slightly when you squeezed him gently. Breathing heavily as you began to undo his jeans, pulling them down along with his boxers you knelt in front of him, opening your mouth you leaned forward and took his full length in your mouth. He moaned loudly as he placed his hands on your head and thrust his hips forward, his cock touching the back of your throat, you gagged slightly but kept his entire cock in your mouth.

You could feel him pulsing in your mouth, he pulled out of your mouth then walked your over to the couch, pulling your jeans and panties down, Kevin lay you on the coach, he knelt on the floor in front of you. Placing your legs over his shoulders he leaned forward and very gently touched your clit with his tongue, you were already soaking wet. Moving to the base of your pussy he licked the entire length of it, tasting your juices.

You moaned loudly as his tongue lapped up your clit, your fingers in his hair, as you felt him push two fingers into you.

“Fuck…” you moaned loudly, as he turned his palm up and stroked your g spot, while still licking your clit.

You could feel your climax drawing closer, the muscles in your thighs tightened dramatically as you found your release and came on his face, he lifted his head and grinned at you as your cum ran down his neck and over his chest, keeping your legs spread, he pushed one to the back of the sofa and slowly pushed his cock in your soaking wet pussy.

You gasped loudly, gripping his arms hard as he thrust in and out of your tight hole, moaning his name as he moaned back to you in French, leaning down to kiss you, you were able to taste faint traces of your own juices on his tongue. He moved his hand and began to rub your clit, fast as well.

Your head was back against the sofa, as for the second time you neared your climax, you came hard screaming his name as he came immediately after you, you was able to feel his cock throbbing and pulsing as wave after wave of his sticky specimen was emitted from it.

He slowly pulled out you, moving so his head was between your legs he licked up the combination of his cum and your juices that were dripping from your pussy, you moaned as his tongue moved over your clit, then he got up and sat next to you on the sofa pulling you to his chest he began to softly stroke your hair, as you drifted to sleep in his arms.

Childhood stories and their memories!

Childhood stories and their memories!

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Memories about our childhood. And then especially the childhood books my mother read to me around bedtime. I will never forget them. My childhood books. Books who have taught me a lot about so much in a child his/her life.

One of my favorite book was Jip and Janneke. Don’t know if the foreign readers know these two tots. But oh my god, I just loved them and I still do!
Jip and Janneke are two…

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My Best Friend Names Characters From School Boys
Characters from: Kiriya Gymno 森海 友 (Moriumi Tomo): Cornbread 一ノ瀬 つばさ (Ichinose Tsubasa): Stephen 綾瀬 しの&#12...

by honoharmony

Characters from: Kiriya Gymno

森海 友 (Moriumi Tomo): Cornbread

一ノ瀬 つばさ (Ichinose Tsubasa): Stephen

綾瀬 しのぶ (Ayase Shinobu): Juan

赤峰 月 (Akamine Tsuki): Jeff

赤峰 空 (Akamine Sora): Gabe  A.K.A. Constipated Dude

奥村 慎太郎 (Okumura Shintaro): Gerrei

穂海 作哉 (Houmi Sakuya) : XxX_COOL boY77

猫山 三朗 (Nekoyama Saburao) Meowzer

つばさ (Tsubasa (dog)) : Scrumples

猫山 四朗 (Nekoyama Shi

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