Detention (open teencast starter)

Minty sat in the detention room, bored, she began to throw scrumpled paper into the bin when someone opened the door

i think a lot i think about you a lot and i think about whether or not you think about me and i want to see myself through your eyes and i want to see how you see yourself in the mirror and i want to fix you even when you convince yourself that you arent broken and i want to take care of you when you give up and i want to fill your heart with hope and happiness and love and i want you to feel like life is tough for a reason, i want to hear your wisdom and i want you to hear me and read my thoughts off the scrumpled pages i write on for you but keep to myself from fear of loss of your endearment but i want to keep you as mine and i want to play so big a part in your life that we both forget who plays the starring role in turn in each of the theatrical displays we call our teenage years

for-durins-sake asked:

I have been doing some vigorous googlingi mean thinking and I believe *unfolds scrumpled up paper* Hagrid's not the only giant on campus, if you know what I mean. *does the eyebrow thing*

I know not what you speak of, good lady, for I am pure and chaste, having never touched a single hair on any living man in my entire life. Nagini is the only one who can satisfy my need… for errr… friendship.