That one time I wandered around a decommissioned aircraft carrier as Princess Leia. lol.

Even though I’d already been cosplaying for a few years, this photo J took of me is where it really all came together for me. And I discovered the joys of location shoots.

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These are both old photos, but I love the difference it shows of a candid shot versus a planned location shoot 😁

For me, cosplay is all about themed shoots in a studio or, preferably, out at a location. I think it’s the ideal way to bring to life the character you’re portraying, and show off the costume in the best way that it can be properly appreciated.

While I prefer actual locations, if you’re fortunate to meet up with the right kind of talented photographer, they can take an unassuming little patch of greenery in the middle of a busy convention and make it look like you’re anywhere but there. True magicians, those guys!

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