#tbt because I love losing myself down memory lane.

Escaflowne was one of the first anime I saw, and remains one of my absolute favorites. Nerdy girl running track? That was me in high school. Merle was actually my first cosplay ever in high school, but it was a dream come true to cosplay Hitomi later in college w/ the amazing @kathryn__lynn as Vann ❤️❤️❤️ Meeeeeemoriiiiiiies.

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HAHA I’m dumb and didn’t even realize it was #AhsokaTanoDay when I posted my other Ahsoka pic XD I must have had some Force awareness of it ;)

I AM working on a Rebels Ahsoka. Have been for a year >.< Fingers crossed I can debut it at WonderCon!!!

XOXO to Dave Filoni for creating, and @heruniverse for bringing to life, such a phenomenal female character into the Star Wars canon. Her journey has been amazing to see unfold.

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