people talk about how extra anakin and luke are but no one ever mentions how leia:

  • was scheduled for execution when luke and han freed her from her cell and still gave them a shit about it
  • proclaimed her love to a smuggler in front of half the empire before he was frozen in carbonite
  • blinks whenever she shoots; still manages to kill troopers
  • impulsively pursued a trooper on endor, tried to get him to fall from his bike, fell from her bike herself, then waited until said trooper hit a tree so she could faint
  • rescued her lover from jabba and when he couldn’t see her, instead of saying her name, said ‘someone who loves you’
  • told a guy he had an awful smell while suggesting vader is the emperor’s dog, all within one sentence
  • was virtually proclaimed the ewok princess while wearing a brand new dress while her friends were going to be the ewoks’ dinner
  • kissed her own brother in order to make the guy she likes jealous
  • insulted the millennium falcon and her pilot right before they were supposed to save her (on more than one occasion)
  • ignored han as he tried to save her from echo base by bossing people around when they were all supposed to evacuate
  • willingly almost let chewie choke lando
  • yelled ‘IT’S A TRAP!’ dramatically first
  • called han a stuck up half-witted scruffy looking nerf-herder; made out with him 3 days later
  • legit made out with han in front of darth fucking vader
Things I love about Princess Leia

1. Cinnamon bun hair
3. Smol but will wreck you
4. Insults people like a literal weenie because she’s too classy (aka too much of a goodie two shoes depending on who you ask) to swear so instead she says things like “why you stuck up half witted scruffy looking nerf herder” like wtf I love her omg
5. “you’re right I’m not going to fight the Empire single handedly by myself”
6. Tries so hard to not be in love with the nerd king Han Solo and fails so hard literally sitting there clutching at her little vulnerable heart like WE ARE NOT DOING THIS WE ARE NOT DOING THIS WE’RE NOT oh honey I feel for you girl nice try
7. “IT’S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!”
8. Will sass anyone at any moment 10/10 will outwit you all
9. “That boy is our last hope” “no there is another”
10. Literally tears Han to pieces the second she meets him such that he questions every morally gray action he’s ever taken in his entire life
11. Takes no shit ever
12. A spy soldier politician princess fighting for galactic freedom and democracy literally I cannot
13. Angry denial shouting to disguise unbearable angsty love and literally she is fooling NO ONE
14. Never gives up
15. Closes her eyes when she shoots like a true pro
17. Strangles the drug lord who objectifies and enslaves her with the chain around her own neck
18. Vader, Emperor, Stormtroopers: strong and unwavering and brave
Harmless mynock: *screams for Han and runs away*
19. “Someone who loves you.”
20. Everyone: oh no where is Leia she could be dead we are so worried!!!!!!!!
Leia: why ewoks thank you for this lovely new dress yes I’ll put it on right now :)
21. “I am not in love with Han I just think he’s a natural leader and a big help to the rebellion and probably the most cunning and most courageous and most handsome man in the entire galaxy and if he left I’d be devastated and shattered for OFFICIAL ALLIANCE REASONS”
22. Literally every single thing she’s ever said or done ever I love her so much