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Murven text post AU where Raven and Roan are dating and Murphy schemes to break them up because HE SAW HER FIRST AND THAT ICE NATION BASTARD HAD NO RIGHT TO ASK HER ON A DATE BEFORE HE DID! 😉

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

10:09 am


Murph-Man: Your mom?

Caw Caw Little Birdy: THIS GIRL

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Dammit Murphy

Caw Caw Little Birdy: You fun-sucking, last-piece-of-pizza snatcher, lotioned foot slipping around in a sock, uncouth garbage human, son of a bitch

Blake 1: You’ve gotten real creative with your insults lately

Blake 2: Rey just shit on your entire life son

Commander Clarke: #loveofmylife

Blake 1: #rude

Caw Caw Little Birdy: ANYWAY

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Roan’s got it all planned out He’s picking me up at seven and we’re going to a fancy dinner and a show. There’s also talk about getting coffee as we leisurely stroll back to my apartment under the light of a thousand brilliant stars, conversing about interesting topics 

Murph-Man: Roan Azgeda: A modern day Jane Austen

Blake 2: Calm yo tits, Mr. Darcy

Commander Clarke: Murphy is SUCH a Darcy

Murphy-Man: Wut

Blake 1: Clarke is Jane Bennet and I’m Mr. Bingley

Blake 2: I’ve always wanted to be a snotty society lady

Blake 2: Count me in as Caroline Bingley 

Murph-Man: I actually hate you all????

Caw Caw Little Birdy: I’M LIZZIE BENNET

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Watch me read all the books and slay men’s hearts with a slightly haughty attitude

Caw Caw Little Birdy: I deserve more than to be married off to a rich man I don’t love to save my father’s estate 

Commander Clakre: ^^^ Same

Blake 2: ^^^ My new Instagram bio 

Blake 1 + Murph-Man

10:40 am

Blake 1: So……

Blake 1: How you doing with all this?

Blake 1: And by this, I mean Raven and Roan

Blake 1: And by Raven and Roan I, of course, mean them dating 

Blake 1: Murphy?

Murph-Man: Sorry I can’t guzzle vodka and text at the same time

Blake 1: It’s not even noon dude

Murph-Man: Then I’ll put the vodka in some orange juice

Murph-Man: Make some toast

Murph-Man: Call it brunch

Murph-Man: Like a middle-aged rich white woman

Blake 1: Buddy…… no

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

12:34 pm

Caw Caw Little Birdy: When you actually care about how this date will go so you shave your legs

Blake 1: Wow, when should we expect to receive the invitations to your wedding?

Murph-Man: Too much work. Just wear sweatpants and call it done

Commander Clarke: Darcy strikes again

Misson imPOSSIBLE 

2:15 pm

Blake 2 added King Azgeda to the group chat

Blake 2: Plan is working perfectly

Blake 2: Or WAS

Commander Clarke: Don’t be passive aggressive to my boyfriend 

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Yeah just be flat out aggressive towards him

Blake 1: Well maybe next time we try and secretly try and set up our friends, yOU GUYS WON’T BASE THE PLAN AROUND ME TRYING TO COMFORT PEOPLE

King Azgeda: Our first mistake

Blake 1: Roan you absolute winter coat made out of Wookie fur

Blake 1: Fight me 

King Azgeda: With pleasure

Blake 2: #TeamRoan

Commander Clarke: (I-think-tf-not-you-trickass-bitch.jpeg)


Caw Caw Little Birdy: We WANT Murphy to come and try to stop the date. Not be drunk off his ass

Blake 1: Before we all start yelling at me again, I DID fix things

Blake 1: Miller is covering Murphy’s shift at the precinct tonight. Jasper and Monty are on their way with coffee and the world’s greasiest burgers to sober Murphy up

Blake 2: Then Bell and I will go over right around the time Roan picks Raven up and trick Murphy into sabotaging the date

King Azgeda: And double check him for weapons before he leaves for said sabotage 

King Azgeda: That’s important 

The Island of Misfit Delinquents

6:43 pm

Caw Caw Little Birdy: I look bomb if I do say so myself

Blake 2: Yeahhhhhhhhhh Rey

Blake 2: Get. Some. ;) 

Commander Clarke: Bow-chicka-bow-wow

Murphy-Man: Bow-chicka-bow-wow?

Murph-Man: My eyes have been sinned upon

Commander Clarke: SEND A PIC OF YOUR DRESS

Caw Caw Little Birdy: (Date-Night.jpeg)

Blake 1: Our little girl is all grown up

Commander Clarke: 21 years of sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears… All for this moment

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Thanks mom and dad <3

Murph-Man: You look really really pretty Rey 

Mission imPOSSIBLE

8:09 pm

King Azgeda: We should have picked a restaurant that served an actual meal

Caw Caw Little Birdy: What even are these portions

Caw Caw Little Birdy: My name is a bird, but I do NOT eat like one

Blake 2: Murphy has left Casa De La Sadness and is on the move

Blake 2: I repeat, on the MOVE

Blake 1: dfsjghorejgirjgjbfdk 


Caw Caw Little Birdy: FAILamy Blake 

Murph-Man + Nathan Miller


Murph-Man: Hey man what beat are you patrolling tonight?

Nathan Miller: The usual 

Murph-Man: That’s good

Nathan Miller: These vague texts aren’t tho

Murph-Man: If you want to pass a polygraph, you drive really slow to the Dropship Theater and you do NOT look closely at the face of the man with the baseball bat when that call comes out

Nathan Miller: WTF 

Mission imPOSSIBLE

9:24 pm

Commander Clarke: I’m stationed at the coffee shop across from the theater

Commander Clarke: Also, this coffee tastes like piss so it’s a good thing this whole date is fake because if I were Raven and Roan bought me coffee from this place?

Commander Clarke: I’d dump it all over that nice-ass suit and there would be NO second date

King Azgeda: wow ok

Blake 1: I’m in love?????

Blake 2: Murphy’s on the move


Blake 1: I’m stuck in traffic what’s happening !!!!!!!!!?

Commander Clarke: Roan looks like a gallant European prince 

Commander Clarke: Murphy looks like a disheveled…. Well just like straight up disheveled in a big old grandpa sweater and dark jeans

Blake 2: Roan snatched that bat from Murphy right quick

Blake 1: Catch them hands too lmao

Blake 2: You right lols

Commander Clarke: We’re like all sitting together watching this right now? And we’re texting each other?

King Azgeda: Raven dragged Murphy back around to the parking lot so they could scream at each other in private. And make out

King Azgeda: (my-longest-yeah-boi-ever.jpeg)

Blake 2: You’ve done well young grasshopper 

Blake 1: Yeah come across the street and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee as a thank you 

King Azgeda: The same coffee your girlfriend said tasted like piss?

Blake 1: That’d be the one

The Island of Misfit Delinquetns 

11:02 pm

Caw Caw Little Birdy: (We-Cute-AND-an-Offical-Couple.jpeg)

Blake 1: Murphy flipping the camera off as you guys kiss is everything I expected your relationship to be 


Blake 2: My skin is clear, my bank account is full, an angel delicately plays the harp in the background 


Murph-Man: Pass

Blake 1: Pass

Caw Caw Little Birdy: Sometimes I’m jealous over how in sync you guys are

Blake 2: *added King Azgeda to Island of Misfit Delinquents*

King Azgeda: Happy for you guys!

Murph-Man: I could have done without the emotional trauma tho tbh

Murph-Man: I’m only 178 pounds of delicate pale skin and sarcasm

Murph-Man: I’m fragile

Caw Caw Little Birdy: It was the only way

Blake 2: We knew your anger would win over your pride

King Azgeda: Why confess your feelings when you can try and beat the fake boyfriend with a baseball bat and hope your point gets across as you shatter the competitions knees?

Blake 2: I would have intervened before he shattered your knees

King Azgeda: Thanks babe <3


Commander Clarke: YOOOOOOOOOOOO 


Caw Caw Little Birdy: It was supposed to go- Go on Fake date, Murphy confesses his feelings (finally) and Octavia somehow breaks the news to her brother that she’s daTING ROAN

Blake 2: I was going to buy him a history book and get him about three glasses of fancy wine deep before I told him

Blake 2: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Azgeda: …….. well this is awkward



Commander Clarke: Guys you gotta break stuff to him gently he has the heart of an 87-year-old man

Caw Caw Little Birdy: He’s gonna go BOOM


Murph-Man: I’d actually like to retract my earlier statement about double dates and propose a TRIPPLE date instead 

Murph-Man: I think that would be good for our friend group 


Major Glo Up

Finally got a day off from my residency. Mom dukes made me come to the barber shop and get cleaned up cause she was tired of her boy lookin’ “scruffy”. Once you work 80+ hours a week and still have to be on call every night you forget about your physical appearance. But, you know this shape up got a man feelin’ good about himself. Posted up on snap and all the nurses at my job was on my bizzack. Now tomorrow I gotta figure out how to get them to leave me alone. 

Not that I don’t want them I don’t got the timeeee.

Anyways Enjoy Y’all Day!

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whats the big scruffy lookin dudes name? ive only seen the 2 images of him and im already in love

Muriel likes long walks in the woods, avoiding social contact, & cooking eggs

Who’s Scruffy Lookin? (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: "She called her dog a whore so I kidnapped it to give it a better home, so this is your brand new, sorta stolen dog. If you call it anything other than fluffy, I will end you. I’m pretty sure it’s a she. Also never take it to the park on Third.“ with Bucky please ❤️❤️

“(Y/N)!  Let me in!”  The loud banging on your door and yelling jolted you from your nap, shaking your head to regain your sense of what was happening.  “Quick!  Let me in!”

You stumbled over your own feet a bit as you made your way to the door, clumsily unlocking the final bolt just before Bucky turned the knob and burst through into your apartment with a scruffy looking dog trailing close behind.  “Buck, what the hell is going on that’s so urgent?”  You looked out at the hallway but found nothing, groaning and closing the door to turn and wait for him to answer.


“You said you always wanted a dog…right?”

You shook your head as if you hadn’t heard him correctly, now completely confused and still barely awake. “What?”

“Okay, so here’s what happened,” he began, his words falling so quickly from his mouth that you had trouble following along, “you should have heard the names she was calling this poor pup, and all she would do every day when I saw her was yell, and she just didn’t seem like a nice person, (Y/N), I swear.  So today when she tied her…I think it’s a her… to the lamp post and went for her paper I grabbed her and ran, and I’ve been looking back the whole way here in case she saw me.  But even if she did, I don’t care because she doesn’t deserve her and I know you can give her a better home, right?  But you have to call her Fluffy, because…well, she’s pretty fluffy.  Oh, and that park on Third?  You can’t go there because that’s where we just came from.  Okay?”

It felt like an out-of-body experience, sitting on the edge of your couch as you listened to his story of dog theft, envisioning what it must have looked like for the once-deadly assassin to tuck a small dog under his arm and run for it’s life to save it from the mean lady.  Your mouth was hanging wide open and you hadn’t so much as flinched as he spoke, completely in shock at what you had woken up to.

“Take her back, Buck,” you finally mumbled, shaking yourself to attention.

“No, no way!  You need to take this dog, (Y/N).  She needs you to take her.”

“You take her!  How is this suddenly my problem?”  You stood and walked heavily to your kitchen, in desperate need of caffeine to get you going again.  “Sure, I said I wanted a dog someday.  Someday, Buck.  Not today.”  After pouring your coffee you took a seat at the table, watching as he played with the dog on your floor, trying really hard to not smile at the sight.  “Is that thing even housebroken?”

“Sweetheart, I’m barely housebroken and you took me in,” he snickered, rolling the mutt over to scratch her belly, amused that his metal hand was more welcome than his still human one.  “This can’t be any worse, right?”

“Hmm, I’m not so sure.” You set your cup on the table and leaned forward, dropping your hands down to summon the dog to you, albeit reluctantly and only to make Bucky feel like you were trying to entertain his idea that you might keep it.  “Come here, puff ball.”


“Same thing.”

The dog slowly made its way to you and cautiously sniffed your hand, deciding if you were trustworthy or not.  After a moment the decision was made and she jumped into your lap and began licking your face as you tried to turn away.  “Hey puppy, yeah, that’s right, I’m not so bad.”  You glanced over at Bucky, who was watching you intently and eagerly, waiting for you to give him the word that you would go along with it.  “You know what you’re doing, don’t you?”

“Not sure what you mean.”

“Between the sad eyes from the mutt and the ones you’re giving me, it’s making it harder to say ‘no’ to this.”  You scratched lightly behind the dog’s ears, grinning to yourself as she closed her eyes and her body began to relax at your touch.  It was only a matter of seconds before she was sprawled over your lap and breathing heavily as she slept with her little pink tongue sticking out.  “Oh, yeah, she knows exactly what she’s doing,” you whispered.

Bucky simply smiled at his victory, grabbing your phone from the table to snap a quick picture of you with your new housemate.  “You’re a natural, I knew it.”  

“Okay, here’s how this is going to work,” you said sternly, pointing at him with your one free hand, “you brought her here but you’re not off the hook.  We split costs and she’s with you half of the time.  I’ll agree to co-parent this kid, otherwise no deal and you take her back.”

“Well, if that’s the case,” he said quietly, pulling up a chair to sit next to you, “parenting is really done best when both are together.  In the same home…”  His voice trailed off as he looked to the floor when his nerves began to rise, “or so I’ve heard.”

“Oh, okay, I see,” you gasped in mock surprise, “this was all an elaborate plan to ask me to move in with you.  Very clever, Mr. Barnes.  Very clever.”

“It wasn’t,” he sighed, “honestly.  But she sure is a great accomplice if it was.  Check it out.”  He gently took the dog from your lap and slid her over to his, taking her front paws into each of his hands and holding them together in front of her small face.  

“Please, mommy,” he whined as he held her up towards you, “please move in with daddy.”  You had to cover your mouth as you laughed, trying to not wake the still-sleeping pup.  “He promises to be good.”

“Stop, you got me,” you whispered with a quiet laugh, “no need to make promises we know you can’t keep.”


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Han didn’t enjoy watching you and the stranger. The way you two stared at one another, and the way you laughed from whatever it was he told you, it drove him crazy.

It wasn’t until the stranger whispered something in your ear that ticked Han off.

“That’s it!” He grunted.

He stormed over to you, gripped your wrist and pulled you back to the ship.

“Han, let me go! Let me go or I swear I’ll kick your ass!” You exclaimed.

He did as he was told, once you were both inside the millennium falcon.

“What’s your problem!”

“What are you doing? Huh? Do you enjoy driving me crazy?!”

You furrowed your brows, crossing your arms over your chest. “What are you talking about?”

“Back there. With that short scruffy lookin’ pansy!” He groaned.

As his words echoed in your ears, you were taken aback. Was he…jealous?

“Why do you care?” You asked. “It’s not like I’m the princess. I think you’ve got the wrong chick.”

His face dropped and as he stared intently at you. “Wait-” he exhaled. “You think Leia and I-We-”

You rolled your eyes, fighting back the tears. “It’s obvious how you two feel about each other.” You stated. “Every time I see you, she’s there right by your side. I see the way you two look at each other. What else is there?”

He let out a soft chuckle, causing anger to boil inside you.

“What’s so funny?”

As his chuckling died down, he took in a deep breath as he locked his gaze with yours.

“You think you know everything don’t you?” He muttered, slowly taking a step toward you.

You swallowed hard, feeling your heart skip a beat.

“Well sorry to break it to you kid, but you couldn’t be more wrong.”

And in that moment, he closed the distance between you. Pressing his lips against yours.

Fallout 4: Companions React

I’ve been seeing these all over the place, so I thought I’d try writing a few. Here’s my first one! :)

Companions react to Sole accidentally catching a kitten in a cage.

Cait:  "Look at that scruffy-lookin’ thing.  Hardly any meat on its body, but I guess we can use it as bait for the next trap.“  Sole looks at Cait disapprovingly, and she quickly senses Sole’s intentions.  "Oh, no.  You’re not sayin’ ya actually want to KEEP it, are ya? Look at it.  It’s useless!”  The kitten purrs at Sole’s touch, then runs to Cait and rubs itself against her leg, playing with her boot.  Cait blushes, watching the little ball of fur wag its tail and swipe at her toes playfully.  "Well, I … I guess there’s no harm in keepin’ it.  But I’m not cleanin’ up after it!“  She affectionately names it Lucky.

Curie:  She immediately runs to the cage and releases the tiny animal.  She holds it gently and examines it for injuries and illnesses.  "C'est trop mignon!”  She turns to Sole with a radiant smile.  "My friend, we are keeping it, yes?“  Sole nods, kneeling down beside Curie and scratching the kitten behind its ears.  Curie mimics Sole’s behaviour and watches in amazement as the kitten purrs and meows in contentment.  "Hourra! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!”  She lovingly names it Ames.

Piper:  "Look at that,“ she says, slowly opening the cage door.  "Looks like curiosity caught the cat.”  She chuckles fondly.  "Can’t say I haven’t been stuck in the same predicament.  Guess you and I have a lot in common, huh?“  She reaches into the cage, and the kitten fearlessly pounces at her hand and licks her fingers.  "Oh, I’m keeping you.  I know Nat would love a cat.  What do you think?”  Sole nods in approval.  "Well that settles it, then.  You’re coming with me.  Just, uh … try not to scratch up all my newspapers.“  The kitten meows, and Sole and Piper laugh.  She ironically names it Scoop.

Dogmeat:  He sniffs the cage and the kitten bats at his nose mischievously.  Sole opens the gate and watches as the two animals cautiously approach each other. They smell each other curiously, then let out two soft yips.  Dogmeat lays down, and the kitten curls up next to him, tucking its tail and falling asleep.  They become close friends. Sole decides it’s best to name it Catmeat.

Strong:  He grumbles as Sole pets the kitten, holding it close. "What you want to keep it for? Animal small, weak, not even good for full meal.”  Sole frowns, then gently places it in his hands.  The kitten purrs and rubs its cheek against his green, textured skin. “Strong not understand, but think it likes him.”  He sighs loudly, realizing that he enjoys touching its soft fur.  Sole tells him that cats enjoy milk, and Strong laughs boisterously at the comment.  "So one day cat could become noble warrior!  Strong will give milk of human kindness!“  Sole giggles nervously, trying to ignore his outburst.   "Okay.  You keep.  But not Strong’s fault if he steps on it.”  He has no preference for a name, so he just calls it Cat.

X6-88:  He stares at Sole censoriously.  "If you want to keep it that’s your prerogative, but I’ll have no part in it.“  He barely acknowledges the animal, but sometimes pets it head when he thinks Sole isn’t looking.

Codsworth:  "Oh, felines are so messy!” he gripes. “You’re, uh … you’re not planning on keeping the beast, are you?”  Sole nods, holding the kitten up to Codsworth’s sensors.  He studies the animal closely, but pulls back when it gives him a friendly lick.  "Well, uh … how much of a mess can one little kitten make?  It’s not like there’s much left to ruin, anyway. Oh, heck, let us keep it!“ He cheerfully names it Sir Fluffington.

Danse:  "A cat isn’t permitted to board the Prydwen, soldier.”  Sole quickly points out that Quinlan has a cat named Emmett that resides in his office.  Danse blushes and says, “That’s different.  His cat is … hypoallergenic.”  Sole pauses, then laughs mockingly. “This isn’t a laughing matter, soldier!  I can’t … I can’t–!” He sneezes, then rubs his nose with a sniffle.  The kitten meows and caresses its body against his armoured leg, almost apologetically.  "Well … I guess it’ll be all right, if you’re really so bent on keeping it.  Just make sure you keep it away from my face!“  He stoically names it Scout.

Preston:  "I haven’t seen a cat in years.  Not many of them hanging around out here. How about it, General?  Do you think we can keep it?  Looks like it’s just a baby.  If we don’t take it in, it could die.”  Sole agrees, handing him the small animal and smiling when it scratches at his duster.  "Playful little thing, aren’t you?“  The kitten meows and nibbles on his buttons.  "Well, anyway, let’s head out.  I just got word of a settlement that needs our help.  I’ll mark it on your map.”  Sole sighs and leads the way, while Preston carefully tucks the kitten in his coat to keep it safe.  He graciously names it Ticker.

MacCready:  He can’t help but laugh as he teases it through the bars.  "Look at you.  Now why’d you go and get yourself caught like that, huh?“  The kitten meows, licking his fingers.  "You’re kinda cute, aren’t you?  A bit on the scrawny side, but I think we can fix that.”  Sole is shocked by his friendly nature, and tells him so.  "Yeah, I’m not usually one for animals, but … Lucy liked cats.  Used to own one, back before we met.  I always promised I’d find her another one, but–“  He hides under his hat, shielding his sad eyes.  Sole places a gentle hand on his shoulder, comforting him, then opens the cage and gives him the kitten to hold.  "Are you saying we can keep it?” Sole nods with a friendly gesture. “Well that’s … that’s great!  Thank you! Duncan will be so excited!”  He eagerly names it Sticky.

Deacon:  He stares at the kitten.  The kitten stares back.  It sits on its hind legs.  Deacon copies its position.  It meows. Deacon meows.  It wiggles its ears.  Deacon wiggles his ears.  It yawns. Deacon yawns.  The kitten reaches between the bars, swatting at Deacon’s hand. Deacon swats back, lightly brushing its paw.  He turns to Sole, his expression unmistakably sombre.  "I’m keepin’ it.“  Sole shrugs, thrown off by his weird bonding technique.  "All right, little guy!  You hear that?  Looks like we’re stickin’ together from now on.”  The kitten purrs as he lets it out of the cage.  "That’s it, buddy.  Hey, that’s it!”  He cups his chin, contemplating, then nods enthusiastically.  “Yep, I like it.  Your name is ‘Buddy’!“ The kitten mews in approval.

Hancock:  He releases it from the cage immediately, but isn’t sure what to do when it doesn’t leave.  "What’s up?  Ya got a thing for ghouls or somethin’?”  He pets it gently, then cocks half a smile when it starts to purr.  "Well, damn.  I guess ya do.“  He turns to Sole with shimmering black eyes.  "Look, uh … I don’t know much about raisin’ pets, but do ya think we could give it a try?  It’s just, I don’t wanna leave it out here all alone.”  Sole smiles and happily agrees, then shows him the proper way to handle it.  Hancock watches carefully, then copies Sole, holding the kitten close to his chest and petting it until it falls asleep.  "Aw, hell.  This may be the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen.  I guess we’ll have to give it a name, huh?“  He struggles between Jet and Liberty, but ultimately decides that Liberty– or Libby, for short– is more patriotic.  Plus Sole kind of insists….

Nick:  He kneels down, then opens the cage and slowly reaches for the hungry kitten.  He watches for any hint of fear, thinking it might cower at his flashy mechanical parts. But it isn’t afraid.  In fact, it seems to like him.  Nick flinches as the kitten runs out of the cage and rubs itself against his trench coat.  In response, he carefully and calculatedly scratches behind its ears with his metal fingertips.  The kitten purrs, then jumps into his lap and falls asleep, curling up against his stomach.  Nick smiles peacefully.  "Thanks, little guy. You really know how to make a synth feel welcome.”  Sole smiles and tells Nick to keep it, saying there’s no man better suited for the job.  "Thanks, partner. That … that really means a lot to me.“  He cherishingly names it Ace.