scruffy hipster

Decided to draw some of my favorite Gravity Falls AUs today.

First up: Reverse Portal AU, where Stan gets sucked into the portal while Ford is like “should I…? But the world…but Stan…world???” for 30 years.

Also one armed Stan.


Modern Merthur AU where Arthur begins to notice that this strangely scruffy man keeps showing up everywhere he goes


The first time Arthur had seen Merlin, he didn’t automatically assume he was following him. Despite what Morgana relished in telling everyone who would listen, Arthur wasn’t that self-involved.

Even the second time he saw him, he still hadn’t caught on. They had simply passed each other in a record shop and really, the bloke was the epitome of the type of scruffy hipster you found flicking through LPs so how was Arthur to know?

By the third time, however Arthur had been beginning to get suspicious and by the seventh, he was getting positively paranoid. 

And then the guy approached him in an alleyway one day, whipping off his sunglasses to reveal a pale face and a longing sort of expression that briefly made Arthur wonder if he was about to be kidnapped. And then he really looked at him and felt a rush of recognition hit him in a way he had never felt before.

“Arthur-” the man choked out with emotion, his eyes shining brightly. “Is it… is it really you?

Arthur blinked. He then tilted his head, pointed at him and said,

“Your eyes… have we met before?”