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bifrostedflake  asked:

Hi! I was delighted to come across your artwork and to hear that you enjoyed the new Thor film. I'm still waiting to see it myself but in your tags you said that you saw references to Simonson Loki and that got me super hyped. I've been wondering what he'll be like this go around and it sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Looking forward to more art from you and not just of Loki. All of it is brilliant! Take care!

Oh my stars and garters, it’s @bifrostedflake! Hello!

Yup, Ragnarok’s definitely a wild ride. There are at least two instances where I went “ODIN’S BEARD, IT’S THAT PART FROM THE SIMONSON RUN”, it was great. Won’t spoil anything, but Loki’s delightful in this, especially in the scenes he shares with Thor. Hope you get to watch it soon!!

And thanks so much!

Also, can I just point out how fab your Loki is? Dang, son.

(Come to think of it, your RP blog kinda inspired me to make my own tiny Loki blog. It’s barely active, but it’s there!)