scruffy boys

i love thinking about how cute ed is. like that country boy was so darned pretty, don’t tell me his cute rural charm and heroic behavior didn’t make him some kind of heartthrob. he probably didn’t even REALIZE IT. 

after the promised day, he gets a free piece of pie from a local diner for being ‘such a hero of the country’ and he’s like “oh wow thanks.” he doesnt even NOTICE how redfaced the waitress is as she scurries away. 

some teenage girl clips out his newspaper photo and puts it in her diary. “appreciation for the national hero?” her father asks. “uh huh.” the daughter replies, drawing a heart under his face. 

students like 50 years later read about him and theyre like “yeah yeah, edward elric. national hero. whatever.” and they open their history books and BAM. the national hero was a scruffy 16 year old boy with literal golden hair and a model’s jawline. nothing is the same. 


└ Scruffy Arashi chasing away my blues alright~

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