Old Man Squad Coach Vicky Jepson has won 2 games in 2 days: her Liverpool Legends team beat Real Madrid Legends on Saturday while her Liverpool Ladies’ U18s came back from 2-0 against Aston Villa on Sunday. When will your fave. 

when i was in high school and starting to get seriously into fleetwood mac (my dad’s favorite band, which transitioned from extremely uncool to extremely cool in my mind as i got older, which i feel is the constant inner flux of parental taste) i focused on lindsey buckingham because i am very naturally attracted to undersung geniuses who also inevitably turn out to be bad men. now when i listen to them i am generally listening for christine mcvie’s songs, for the indestructible gentleness she conveys even as she moves through moods of despair and alienation. but i feel like i have always loved stevie the most, because i thought at the time and still think that her songs try to describe an often-undescribed internal territory, a kind of nameless subspace that isn’t intellectual but also isn’t emotional, though it is made up of both, heart and head, reality and the dreaming, full of meaning yet also inherently meaningless, because she understands the boundaries established between these aspects of our inner selves are flimsy and incoherent and are far more interesting and honest when they’re collapsed and allowed to swim into each other. “every night that goes between / i feel a little less” is a lyric from fleetwood mac’s “storms” that i don’t understand on an intellectual or emotional level as much as i do on an unconscious one, as if it were a shadow that had always been swimming around inside of me, and she found it somehow, and she either knew its language or together they had developed a shared one, and she spoke directly to it.

this post occasioned by me crying to “the wild heart” on the train this morning, as was ordained by the circumstances of my birth


skyrim romance mod ep2 - some more bs

hello again friends, one day we’ll actually get to the plot of the mod, but so far today is not that day

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