A Good Little Girl: Recovery with Sam (Part 7)

The Winchesters. The only two people who know what you need. The only two people who can give it to you. The only two people you will ever belong to.

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Summary of Recovery with Sam: Sam decides you still need a break from actual sex, so he gets creative.

Word Count: 2600

Warning: smut, dom/sub dynamics, polyamory, restraints, nipple clamps, blindfolds

A/N: Enjoy a polyamorous relationship with the boys (no Wincest). Let me know what you think!

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4x01 “Lazarus Rising”
“Dean Winchester Is Saved” (Part IV of V / Part I / Part II / Part III)

This just remains one of the best silent storytelling shots of the show imo. Even though of course it is arguably a lie that all angels in general are good, this introduction of a new species on SPN was masterfully done in terms of visuals. After all when Castiel tries to contact Dean the first time Dean immediately thinks of demons and something bad. And so does the viewer, but the shots tell the entire story. Because what we see framed with Dean when he’s looking outside of the gas station while salting the doorway is the word “wings” and also the the sign “positive - no smoke” and indicating perfectly that what is coming for Dean here isn’t a demon or harmful, but something good. Of course, knowing what happens later and how Castiel in S4 in the beginning was manipulating Dean heavily and the angels’ agenda in general can’t be described as “positive”, this certain force named Castiel Dean met here for the first time in the long run turned out being something with “wings” and something “positive” with “no smoke” but angelic grace.