1. Front Cover

2. Introductory page I

“My World, Friends and Foes”

3. Introductory page II

“Everything you read here is true.

Here you will meet the Lions and Liars,
The Lovely and the Loathsome.

Those who hold the dam of damnation
And those who turn the Wheels of Woe.

4. The Protectors

Notes on Gunther Nagel:

"He’s a sweetheart, really. Don’t let his size fool you.”

Notes on Werner Sinclair:

“Like a brick wall… and just as difficult to tear down.”
“Makes good coffee.”
“A nice man, even if he doesn’t always use the right words.”

5. The Caretakers

Notes on Jeffrey Collins:

“Never let this man make tea!! (Especially not in front of Francis!”

“He always wears a brightly coloured sweater of some sort.”

Notes on Greta Hermann:

“Fills in for Jeffrey sometimes <when he’s busy>.”

“Nice girl. Sometimes brings her girlfriend with her when she visits.”

5. Francis Ericsson Magnusson

“The only person (I think) who doesn’t know me through my mother (or the IEC).”

“I guess I could call him a friend. I have yet to see him smile, though.”

((Francis changed his surname to Magnusson as not to be listed in telephone/address books etc. as Ericsson, where the IEC or Scarlet Superior could easily find him.))


My first attempt at Armenian national costume.
It gave me an excuse to go a little crazy with the colouring.

Félix Maxwell-Mamikonian

Field Notes:

  • confident
  • forward
  • charismatic but asocial
  • comfortable in own company
  • able to negotiate
  • sly but trustworthy
  • compromist & optimist

An artist’s impression of what Beckett and Mercer may have looked like when they were younger, according to headcanons between myself and travellingviking.

Beckett would have been slightly pudgy, as his family would have attempted to provide him with extra nutrition in hopes that it would make him taller. I also read somewhere (either in a fanfic or a synopsis of the Price of Freedom) that Cutler was rather sickly as a child. I think this may have been another excuse for his family to feed him that extra bit. Here is how I picture Beckett in his mid-late teens to early twenties.

Mercer would have had rather sexy hair before he grew it out. He would have had a couple of nicks and scars by the time reached his twenties. Ian Mercer loved to scuffle. He was brought up in a working-class family, likely the eldest of many siblings, and he’d work multiple jobs to provide for them. I think he’d have posed as the ‘man of the house’, because I assume his father was absent due to death or that he left the family.


Some historical shipping/roleplay-based doodles.

Louis XIV and James II of England. James denies any similarities between himself and his cousin (bar the butt-chins)

An unfinished doodle of the Stuart bros

Louis, Count de Vermandois doodles (aka LJ)

Francois Louis, Prince of Conti doodle

LJ scrapping with his cousin Philippe-Charles (Pip-Chaz/Pipmunk)

Pip-Chaz and his Mutti, Liselotte Princess Palatine.
“Who’s Mutti’s little chipmunk?” “I am!”

A young Pip-Chaz. He was known to be chubby with a squinty eye.

Modern!Swiecky. Stracky is miffed because he didn’t get to clean the dishes today. Swieten calls him Kipii or ‘Lieveling kip’, Dutch for 'dear hen’.

Some Marie-Louise d'Orleans and Carlos II of Spain because they need some love.

Probably the best thing I’ve drawn in a while. I think this is actually worthy of being pinned on my bedroom wall.

Quality is crap due to camera.

Decided to dress Thomas Schneider in 18th century gear because it’s my favourite historical period when it comes to fashion. He would most likely dress in heavy clothes and a scarf, because he’s a hypochondriac who has a brittle immune system. Thomas also uses a cane because he’s very frail and has back problems. Not to mention a weak heart. He’s just a giant bundle of awkwardness. With fluffy blonde hair.