psa: if you ever pop a pimple or scrub it too hard in the shower and end up with basically an open wound, put polysporin/neosporin on it right away. its an antibacterial and prevents infections, which is basically all that pimples are. if you do this at night, it’ll just be a patch of dry skin by morning thatll go away in a few days, theres no scarring, and the red mark doesnt last long (esp if you use toner). i know thats its not ideal if you wear makeup since it makes your skin where it was dry and flaky under foundation, but its a way better option than just leaving it open and prone to reinfection.


Bastille - No Scrubs (TLC Cover) - Live @ Rock en Seine 2016

Pamper Yourself (DIY Beauty Products)

Coconut Oil & Honey Hair Mask
Exfoliating Lip Scrub
Lemon Tea Tree Body Scrub
Charcoal Face Mask
Peppermint and Thyme Foot Scrub
Red Grapefruit Whipped Body Lotion
Orange, Lavender, & Lemongrass Shower Bombs
Shower Jellies
Oatmeal Body Scrub
Mango Body Butter
Strawberry Bath Soak
Sweet Grape Body Scrub
Mint Sugar Scrub
Cucumber Mask
Lemon Body Scrub
Lavender Face Mask
Cocoa Butter Body Bar
Gingerbread Scrub

gentle reminder that

it’s canon Varian Wrynn called Horde “WORTHLESS SCRUBS” during Trial of the Crusader

Unfuck Your Weekend: Challenge 1

Get out of your bed and pay it some attention. If you have access to one, throw your bedding in the washer before you start today’s adventures (and then add detergent and start the washer, smartasses). Be honest, your sheets need washing, don’t they? If not, or if you don’t have access to a washing machine right now, MAKE YOUR BED.

After you start the washer or make your bed, round out your 20 minutes washing some dishes, unloading or reloading the dishwasher, or scrubbing your sink and drying rack.

10 minute break when you’re done.

Do you ever wonder if these “ popular blogs ” just follow a ton of random people/follow random people back, then literally mute most of them with the “ mute ” option on xkit ? 


Listen to EOS 10 if you like

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She is melancholy and madness. She will drive you insane. She will drive you away. She is like the sap of a tree, sticking to your skin. You’ll want to scrub yourself clean. She is a tumultuous storm, whipping at your windows, scratching glass panes. She is a hot summers day, smothering, intense. She is a compass gone mad, and you are the electro magnetic field. She is a spinning top, always spiralling out of control. And she won’t stop. She can’t stop. She is in love. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, boy

- ckdb