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  • Tony: Why does she hate me?
  • Fury: Don’t say hate, Stark. You kids throw that word around so much it’s lost all of its meaning. Now I have to find a word stronger than hate to describe how I feel about others. Hmmmmm...I mega-loathe you all. Good day.
Tell us one favourite character from ten shows, and pass it on to ten people.

I was tagged by @oliversmoaked and this is fun, so thanks for that :D For some shows it felt like choosing between my children, but I managed to get over it ;)

1. JD - Scrubs

2. Bellamy Blake - The 100

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3. Haley James Scott - One Tree Hill

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4. Isak Valtersen - Skam

5. Oliver Queen - Arrow

6. Tami Taylor - Friday Night Lights (Sorry Matt, it was such a close call…)

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7. Chandler Bing - Friends

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8. Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds

9. Gabriela Dawson - Chicago Fire

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10. Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf

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  • Laurens: When Philip gets older, I teach him about sports and stuff, and you’re in charge of Angelica's emotional crap. We agreed that’s how we’d raise our kids.
  • Hamilton: Our kids? Laurens, we’re not married.
  • Laurens: Dude, we’re a little married.
  • Hamilton: I know. I love it.

Florida Scrub Jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens)

Fun Scrub Jay Facts:

  • Scrub Jays will harvest and hide acorns, keeping thousands at a time.
  • Scrub Jays are cooperative breeders, the young will stick around to help raise the next brood. 

  • Scrub Jays always have a sentry on the lookout for danger, they have a call to alert the family of aerial predators and a different call for terrestrial threats. 

Helen & Allan Cruickshank Sanctuary

Rockledge, FL

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Ransom/Bitty "I'd love to"

He’d been going about it all wrong. Ransom knew that now. He and Holster both—completely wrong.

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to skid into the kitchen at a lightning pace and startle Bitty enough to cause him to throw the bowl he’d been whisking entirely over his head, but Ransom was trying to fix a past mistake. He hadn’t intended to cause a new one. They both eyed the now empty mixing bowl and the puddle of batter on the floor.

“Ransom!” Bitty yelped. Then, once he realized all his hard work was gone, he repeated in a much more annoyed voice, “Ransom.”

“Sorry, Bits,” Ransom said, wincing. He reached for the roll of paper towels on the counter. “I’ll clean it up. You can start over, if you want. Sorry.”

Bitty’s shoulder’s sagged, and Ransom nearly winced again because he was still going about this all wrong.

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Scrubs Characters

J.D.: Libra with possible Pisces Moon

Dr. Cox: Scorpio with Virgo Moon

Elliot: Pisces

Turk: Sagittarius with Capricorn Moon

Carla: Aries with Scorpio Moon (possible Cancer rising)

Janitor: Gemini with Aquarius Moon (with low-key Taurus influences in houses and planets) 

Jordan: Taurus Sun Leo Moon

Dr. Kelso: Capricorn/Aquarius cusps

Molly: Leo Sun Pisces Moon

Tod: Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo rising

Dr. Kim: Cancer Sun Libra Moon 

Keith: Libra/Virgo cusps

Denise Mahoney: Aquarius with Virgo Moon and maybe a Sagittarius rising

Drew: Scorpio with Aquarius Moon

Lucy Bennett: Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Sagittarius rising 

Cole: Gemini Sun, Leo Moon