Drugstore Skincare

I wanted to put together a super quick post on my favorite drugstore skincare products for you lovelies! Most of my family has dealt with terrible acne throughout their lives so though I’ve been lucky to not bear the brunt of that, I am extremely cautious and try to take care of my skin as much as I can to avoid it. My skin is really dry because I’ve dealt with eczema my entire life but I do get fairly oily in my t-zone. The main skincare issue I deal with is getting really large painful pimples every once in a while that take a long time to go away and leave behind lots of scarring and hyperpigmentation. 

From left to right:

Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control 3-in-1 Foaming Wash ($8): This is a really great face wash for daily use and fighting acne. It contains salicylic acid, though, so please be careful in case you are allergic! Though the price seems a bit much, there is a LOT of product and you need only a pea-sized amount for your entire face! I’ve noticed that this one does dry my skin out a bit, so I recommend using it only once a day (I do it before bed). 

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub ($4): This is, hands down, the BEST drugstore skincare product I’ve ever used. I use it every 3-4 days or whenever I am having a bad skin day and it’s the most clarifying, exfoliating scrub I’ve ever used. I usually use this first and then the Clean and Clear wash. It’s helped loads with keeping my skin under control and with scarring. However, it is fairly rough on the skin so be gentle if you have very sensitive skin or try it on your hand first because it does exfoliate extremely well and you don’t want to hurt yourself.  Fun fact: I will use this all over my body for a really good deep clean every once in a while.Try it - you’ll feel super clean!

Tea Tree Oil (<$10): Tea tree oil is one of the best things for hyperpigmentation or scarring. I use a very tiny amount on a cotton swab and apply it before bed every once in a while. You can definitely use it more often for faster results but watch out for the scent of this one, too - it’s really strong so I recommend using it before bed, allowing it to work overnight and lose some of the smell. Also, do make sure you aren’t allergic to it before using! 

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