scrubbery shop

Scrubbery News: I am currently taking 1 or 2 commissions for my shop!

If you are interested, please send me a message on Etsy, NOT Tumblr or Deviantart. Bear in mind that I cannot accept everyone’s, so if I can’t get to yours I apologize but encourage you to ask anyway.

(These will not make it in time for Christmas as my pieces take a while to make.)

I don’t often do commissions but I’m trying to raise extra money for my study abroad semester in Japan, which I leave for in late March. So if you wanted something from my store in general, try to order it before then because I will have to close up before I leave! 

Besides what’s already in my store I may make some old stuff to put up for sale, so if you have a favorite of mine you couldn’t get your hands on it might show up again so keep an eye out! Thanks friends!

[Store Link]