COMMISSIONS POST! (aka “plz give me money so i can give money to homestuck while still having money for my brain”) (aka “i’ve never done this before so here’s to hoping for no major crap-ups”)

my moirail and i are living together right now, crammed into one bedroom in the same house as my parents, and they’re getting pretty sick of us eheh…hehehe… but neither of us are able to hold down a job due to largely untreated mental illness, and we’re hoping to move out by the beginning of next year (2013) because i firmly believe that getting away from my parents will be the key to being able to function again.

xie and i are dedicated cosplayers (made so clear by our blogs, i’m sure) which, of course, eats up our funds in the blink of an eye; AND on top of that we’re hoping to have some money to contribute to the homestuck game kickstarter fund– all without losing sight of our goal to move out by next january. i’ll admit all these goals are virtually unobtainable, but any help you can give would be fiercely appreciated.

I WILL DRAW anything homestuck, any OC(s), animals, furries, AUs, comics, weird ships, fetish art– WHATEVER YOU WANT, though i may have to charge extra for nsfw art. i’ll draw you something from another fandom if you want though it may take extra time/funds for me to familiarize myself with the source material.

PRICES ARE AS FOLLOWS, though i am definitely willing to negotiate a deal especially for friends hehehe ;D

  • just lines– $3-6 per body; add $3-6 for background depending on complexity
  • colored sketch– $4-8 per body; add $4-8 for background
  • flat color– $4-12 per body; add $4-12 for background
  • full color– $7-15 per body; add $7-15 for background

contact me here, by email (shoesbeforepants@gmail) or on skype (scromplimentary) with your request, and i’ll give you a time estimate. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP!!

other trolls; me

not a trick of the light yo this is 100% legit– i put flat gray troll makeup on one side of my face and fully shaded, lipped and eyebrowed makeup on the other! my stupid shitty webcam can’t even convey all the details here ugh ughgh gh but I WILL ASSURE YOU i lovingly rendered each fucking millimeter of my face in troll gray glory

all of this is just ben nye! the trick is i don’t mix it beforehand, i just do it as i go so i can shade lighter and darker areas while it’s going on me

wish i coulda enhanced the effect with contacts + wig and horns but i recently had a yellow contact fall down the drain and a sollux horn go awol so he’s temporarily out of commission too :(

i had #cronus in mind so i gave myself a buttchin and crooked nose (i like to think meenah’s slapped him around a little, broken his nose maybe three maybe four times)

i’m not saying i expect this from everyone, but it does tend to take your cosplay up from “good” to “wow best (x character) i’ve ever seen”

because y-yeah, i get that one a lot

would anyone be interested in a tutorial?? i was thinking of posting one but didn’t want to be prethumptuouth. also i hit up a lot of cons in california and i love makin new friends so if ever you’d like help with your troll makeup then HIT me UP dogg!



you guys want to know just how much makeup there is on our faces here

ok at ur service

  1. thin layer of light purple/red (blood color) pax
  2. gray pax
  3. black lipstick. black eyeliner. black mascara. all REALLY IMPORTANT no matter who you’re cosplaying man anything to look less like a blank fleshy box
  4. shading with black and white ben nye– keeps you from looking as young and creates a more strikingly alien effect. basically it’s more believable! anyway, i don’t mix the colors beforehand, just on the spot for each particular area because i like flexibility. used a tiny tiny brush for it here whereas before i’ve only ever had giant unwieldy makeup wedges. damn that was nice! here’s where u put if if you’re interested:
  • all 12 trolls canonically have deepset eyebags, with dark eyelids to match
  • dark under cheekbones, along sides of nose, under lip, along underside of jaw
  • you can actually use makeup to fuss with the shape of your nose/cheekbones/jaw a LOT– def accidentally gave brett an owen wilson nose for a minute there
  • i also put some dark between my eyebrows so i’d always be pouting eheh
  • light goes directly on cheekbones, tip of nose, above eyebrows, on chin, etc.blood color “blush” added with a final sealing layer of pax (focus on cheekbones, chin, nose)

4. (tumblr have you not ever heard of subpoints. very well then, i am going to slice your frontal lobe so thinly you won’t even be able to taste the brain sandwich) final layer of blood color “blush” for sealing (emphasis on cheekbones, nose, chin)

haha not sayin this is the overall best method, notice how it cracks on our faces whenever we move :( i think next time i might try skipping the gray pax?? ben nye sticks really well to pax so it’s nice to have that first layer of it but gray ben nye sealed between two layers of blood color would probably work really well.