Top ten reasons you know you are training in the right gym

1. When you walk in the owner/manager/personal trainers say “hi, how are you?”

2. Gym members always put equipment away and trainers keep the place looking tidy

3. You aren’t the only female in the “big boys” weights area

4. Other people/trainers offer to spot you

5. There is more than one squat rack (with safety bars etc)

6. Other members chat to you and say hi if they recognise you (or if they dont)

7. There aren’t so many mirrors to distract you from your set.
(Today i had a shit legs session because i felt less lean and squidgy and was distracted by other members doing shit exercises in the mirror)

8. Men use the leg machines/do leg exercises

9. Music is decent enough you don’t fret if you forget headphones

10. Others help you to deload your bar after a ridiculous set when the last thing you want to do is take 20s off the bar

I could think of more, but these were some of my frustrations at the temporary gym I’m using whilst on holiday.