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So I've been scrolling through your page and I've noticed an anon said camilizers want L to go solo to justify C's decision? I'm sorry but thats very rude to say when it's Lauren's fans who want her solo. Quit blaming everything on C and her fans..

it’s really LAUREN’S fans who wants her to go solo not camila fans

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Hi, Melly! Can you please tell me what was the alert anon about? I tried scrolling through your page, but couldn't find it. Thank you so much :)


Roughly 4 days ago an anon came through saying that a Zigi engagement would be announced this month, and that Zigi would not be ending in 2017 (x), then came back through to say that Zigi was planned to be scheduled through mid-2018 unless plans changed (x). Most of it is tagged within my “zigith” tag here. Hope that helps!

Hey!...If I published a Web Comic...

How likely are you on reading it?

A)  DEFINITELY will read it all! I’m super interested in your art! I love reading webcomics.

B) Will check it out for sure! I’ll read at least a chapter to see if I like it or not.

C) Scroll through a couple pages, just to check the art. 

D) Not interested at all.  


Please be honest! Trying to get some information from you guys! <33

If youre scrolling through this page randomly,like i usually do,

I hope everything you’ve been worrying about gets resolved. Maybe not over the break or within the next few days but very soon, sooner than you think.

And if you’re not worrying I hope you hold onto that piece of happiness as tight as possible. Don’t suffocate it or anything but don’t let it go.

And those tears? Let them flow because that’s what you’re pillow is there for and your eyes don’t know any better so just breathe.

Live. It doesn’t just come in the form of jumping off cliffs. 

Panic prone

*scrolls through pages of AO3 to find a decent length fic*

Me: Oh this one sounds good

Also me: *whispers to self as I click on it* please don’t be first person, please don’t be first person…

Fic: “When I awoke that morning….”

Me: GAH WHYYYY!!! *bookmarks story and clicks away to save it for desperate times

*continues to scroll AO3*

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How do you get inspiration to know what to draw? I've been in like an art block hole for a week now and haven't been able to think of anything to draw..

scrolling through other artists pages usually gives me inspiration/motivation!

out of the 20 fics listed on the first page of the sanvers ao3 tag, you know how many of them ACTUALLY have alex and maggie as the lead pairing?


honest to god, STOP tagging them as a minor pairing. if your story is centralized around a different pairing, do NOT use the alex/maggie tag. it’s so frustrating scrolling through page after page after page trying to find a good sanvers fic and getting flooded with other pairings.

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I'm sick today and almost the only thing I've been doing is watching your speed paints and scrolling through your tumblr page. You have legit made my day a million no a trillion times better. ◔◡◔

ohh dang hope u get well soon!!

So, uh, after all the mentions of HH Holmes in the last episode, I was reminded of this thing I wrote a long time ago. It was part of a bigger piece that I doubt I’ll ever finish enough to publish, but here’s a little something.

The first time Martin showed Ben Tumblr, they’re sharing a late on set dinner of takeout and contraband red wine that Ben had personally chosen and smuggled in.

“Did you know that the same year Arthur Conan Doyle published A Study in Scarlet one of America’s first serial killers changed his name from Herman Webster Mudgett to H.H. Holmes?” Martin asked, settling back into the sofa cushions. He studied Ben’s profile as Ben scrolled through page after page of the proffered erotic art and romantic fiction on Martin’s laptop.

“I did not know that.”

“I’m just saying, fans have always been a little intense.”

“And that’s supposed to comfort me?”

“These are just drawings and stories. This isn’t a big deal. It’s love.”

“No, this is porn. Porn is not love.”

“It’s an expression of love, and it’s a better pastime than murder.”

“I suppose.”

“Besides, they’re really good, aren’t they?”

Ben turned at that, facing Martin. “Oh, my god.”


“You’re flattered.”

“No, I’m not.”

“You are. I can tell,” followed by a pointed finger and a smug grin.

Martin shrugged. “Not only are they talented, but they’re pretty generous. They think you’re some sort of sex god.”

“That’s not generous; that’s perceptive.”

“Har har.”

Ben turned back to the screen and took up a carton for another bite of lo mein. “Herman Webster Mudgett. What a silly name.”

It was a punchline he was being set up for, but Martin didn’t mind obliging. “You’re one to talk.”

Our Fingerprints part 3 - Michael Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 2



No sign of her. They both think, scrolling through pages of twitter. No sign of Michaels soulmate. About two blocks away from each other, scrolling on social media, in hopes of finding the same girl. The only difference is is that one of them is the girl, she just doesn’t know it yet. The only difference is one is too scared to put her fingerprint into the data base. The only difference is, is that its a year later since Michael submitted his own fingerprint. The only difference is that one gave up checking his phone for the notification.

It is Michaels twenty-first birthday, but today has been Declared Luke’s. He claims that today is the day, that today is the day that he will put his fingerprint into the database. Michael is secretly annoyed. Its supposed to he his day. Not Luke’s. Sure there was plenty of “Happy Birthday You can legally drink now” messages, but there was also messages about Luke going to be at Finger Print Mania in L.A.

Luke proceeded to get all the boys to come with him. Luke claims its because of nerves, but Michael suspects that Luke is secretly a girl and can’t do anything alone. Michael couldn’t tell you the amount of times that Luke would beg one of them to go to the bathroom with him. The other theory that Michael has is that Luke is scared to go out alone because of the fans. It’s much easier to deal with them when there if four of them. But if Luke is worried about the fans then why did he Tweet about where he is going today?

They arrive at the place Michael was last year. Fans are crowded outside the doors, waiting for a glimpse of one of the boys. They quickly take a few pictures and go inside the building. Inside the building was eerily calm compared to the outside. They all watched from afar as Luke quickly goes up to the free receptionist.

Michael takes a calm look around the place, when his eyes meet her’s.

Y/N takes a calm look around the place, when her eyes meet his.

Today is Y/N’s day. Well its also Michaels, being his birthday and all, but today was your’s also. It’s been a year since the last time you went to Finger Print Mania, and now you felt ready. It’s also your nineteenth birthday to boot. You started college last year, and it seemed like all your wishes were coming true, except for two. Meeting 5sos and Meeting your soulmate. So you decided that today is the day. You were going to go and put your fingerprint into the database.

You didn’t check your phone before you went, but when you got there, there is a huge crowed inside. Police officers were on the scene, shooing the mass of girls outside of the building. You wonder what’s going on, but then you hear someone shout for “five second of summer” and you understand. Probably Luke or Ashton tweeted about coming today. You are unworried though, because once they see this mess, they’ll probably keep driving.

You enter the building to find that everyone was ushered out, so only a few people were inside, all filling out forms. You walk up and they quickly take you. You first put down your prints into a scanner, then they give you a form and tell you to write something to your soulmate on it. You stick to a classic, “heres my name and where I live” kind of a thing. They will have your number automatically so you weren’t too worried about that.

Thats when they come in, right when you were looking around for inspiration to write anything else. You study the group. There is Luke, who looks nervous as ever. Ashton, who just looks bored but a little excited. Calum who is looking around, nodding to the familiarity of the place. And then there is Michael. He looks like he’d rather be anywhere but here. You watch him turn. and then your eyes meet.

Happy Holidays! ♡

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There are plenty more that should be on this list because I have nothing but the best of wishes for all of you!
(it’s late and I just scrolled through pages of notifications and I actually wasn’t able to tag some people).
Please know, even if you are not tagged, I love you so much and I can not thank you for being there for me, for keeping me inspired, for loving me, for loving my writing, for letting me know you loved it and for simply being you. 

I hope every single one of you enjoy your night/day and every day after because you all deserve many days of love and joy. 
I cherish you all and I hope you know that.


So, it’s really late and I can’t sleep, and my mind drifted back to when I met Norman Reedus. As I’m laying here, I couldn’t help but wonder what episode(s) they were filming right around the weekend I met Norman (Aug. 20-21).

After much scrolling through TSDF FB page, I came to realize that they were filming the much anticipated 7x10. Right before and after I met Norman.

Now, that isn’t much to be excited about, I know. But HOLD UP. THIS MEANS HE WAS FILMING WITH MELISSA RIGHT AFTER CHICAGO COMIC CON. Which means–maybe–he very well could have showed Melissa the keepsake Caryl box my cousin made! He also confirmed to me that Daryl had read the Survivors of Childhood Abuse book that weekend, which is also a very Caryl-centric thing.

Again, I know this is a very silly thing to fangirl about. But I’m already super excited for that episode, and now that I know that I saw Norman right while he was filming one of the only Caryl moments we’ll get during s7, I might explode. And that he had pictures of this box on his phone at that time!!