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Hi! Could I please get some headcanons on the RFA + V + Saeran finding out MC does martial arts? (On a side note: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!)

A/N: fun fact i was looking for this request to answer it and scrolled past it multiple times i wAS LOOKING FOR 10 MINUTES (ALSO HAPPY LATE HOLIDAYS IM SORRY ILY) (ALSO I DON’T PARTICIPATE IN MARTIAL ARTS SOOOO) ~Admin 404


           -He had no idea you did martial arts

           -Until one day you told him you were heading to the gym and!!!

           -Hello!!! MC!!! Not letting you go alone, I’m coming too

           - too many pervs at the gym, i’ll protect you

           -And! This is his chance to finally get out and exercise instead of playing LOLOL all the time

           -That being said, it was so hard to keep up with you???

           -You set up a practice dummy and started to throw a few strikes at it and he was amazed at how quick you were??

           -You practiced (and landed) a front elbow strike on the practice dummy, and it flew to the ground

           -It made him jump!!!! He had watched a martial arts club at his school practice once but decided not to join because he wouldn’t be able to do it himself (hitting people isn’t on his agenda)



           -The both of you work out together

           -But it’s usually the standard things, like running, weight lifting, things of that sort

           -But you needed to practice some moves!

           -So you suggest working out separately this time!


           -MC!!! I’ll do whatever workout you want to do, it’s okay, I can take it!

           -He kept bragging about how strong he is, and whatever you had in mind, he’ll be fine

           -He did not think that the moment you lifted him over your shoulders for a take down

           - holY SHIT, MC???? WHAT THE FUCK

           -He just laid on the floor for a good 10 minutes, wondering how he never noticed you knew martial arts. And wondering how the hell you could take him down that easily. mC TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, STAT


           -Yo, both of you participate in martial arts, how dope

           -She does Judo!!!! So she’d recognize any moves you throw out in front of her

           -But, you don’t even have to do a big reveal! She mention she does judo, you mention you also participate in martial arts

           -It’s all good!!

           -She would LOVE to watch a match or two of yours

           -Never, EVER spar against you though

           -She could never hurt her MC like that!!! Even if it was agreed on!!

           -She did attend a match though, and watched as you and your opponent went head to head

           -Starts calling out moves for you to use!!! Kick!! Strike!!! JOINT LOCK!!!

           - has to fight security to stay inside because she got too excited watching you


           -He kind of stumbled upon it on accident

           -He couldn’t figure out where some of his body guards kept getting black eyes and bruises from?

           -When asked, they refused to explain what happened

           -But one day, he came home early and heard fighting in his penthouse?

           -What in the world???

           -Wait…. isn’t MC home? Where are the body guards? Are yoU OKAY? MC I’M COMING

           -But when he busted the door open, though, he found all his body guards?


           -One flew to the floor, then another, then another. He stood in silence because he couldn’t think of what else to do? He watched until he could see you in the middle of it all, striking and throwing them around

           -That’s when it clicked that you were advanced in martial arts!!! Once the final body guard was groaning on the ground, his applause made you jump. While he was in awe of your skills, he had to remind you of the gym down stairs, and promise to hire people more qualified to spar with you because you can’t keep beating up his body guards like this MC, please


           -He knows a few moves as well because he was an agent

           -But never even considered you might know a few moves?

           -The two of you were wrestling around on the floor in the living room

           -It had gone a little too far though, and he tossed you across the room

           -“MC oh my god I’m so sorry are you okay?!”

           -You immediately got up and charged him

           -Out of instinct, he almost tossed you over his shoulder again

           -But this time, you were prepared and held on, getting him in a choke hold, dropping the both of you to the floor

           -W h a t t h e f u c k MC WHAT IN THE WORLD

           -You let go and apologize immediately but!!! He’s so excited??? wink wonk He wants you to teach him some of those moves!!!! He needs to know!!!


           -You’re usually really sweet and quiet, so he never suspected you’d be into something like martial arts

           -He called and asked you if you wanted to go on a photo shoot with him, because it was so nice outside!

           -Sadly, you had to decline because you were wrapped up in something

           -“Oh? Do you need help with anything, MC?” no cutie but thank you

           -You decided to invite him to your practice! But refused to tell him what it was for

           -He thought it was going to be something sweet and graceful, just like you!


           -Except when he walked in, he heard a thud and looked over to see someone falling to the ground

           -Is…is this martial arts? MC, are you just volunteering here???? MC…? MC?!

           -Watched as your turn came up and you threw out a few strikes here and there. It wasn’t what he expected but? You still looked incredibly graceful. He got THE BEST action shot of you roundhouse kicking your opponent, it was right as your foot connected and hE LOVES IT SO MUCH MC HE’S COMING WITH YOU EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU CAN’T STOP HIM


           -He likes to take you out on dates and things of that sort at night

           -There’s less people, pretty lights, and it’s quiet

           -He loves it so much, but one thing he does not like are the annoying, creepy people that come out at night

           -He can protect you though, MC, it’s no problem!

           -He just hopes he isn’t going to have to

           -Only left for a moment to get the two a drink! When he came back, some guy was way too close to you?

           -Death Glare: Activated. 500% ready to throw the drinks down and kick some ass, but??

           -All of a sudden, the guy gets kneed in the gut, then kicked in the face?? By YOU???

           -He watched as the guy fell to the ground, almost as if it was slow motion. Snapped out of it quickly though, and went to make sure you were okay!!! Immediately takes you very far away from that guy. Then he completely checks you over, the moment he knows you’re okay he couldn’t hold back the laugh he had. You??? Knew martial arts??? You completely DROPPED that guy, MC!!! That’s amazing!! He’s so proud of you!

           - that’s right, don’t fuck with my MC

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Just as a reminder, would you mind not tagging reader x fics in the phan smut tag? I go to the phan smut tag to read about smut between dan and phil and I really don't want to think about having sex with dan or phil, especially as someone who is on the ace spectrum. If you could just tag it as dan x reader or phil x reader I would really, really appreciate it. Thanks, I hope this doesn't come off as too aggressive.

i appreciate how kind you asked but as i’ve said before, many people find me though the phan / phan smut tag which is why i tag it there. scrolling past it doesn’t hurt anyone and i don’t write extremely graphic or long blurbs so it shouldn’t be too hard.

just gonna say if i reblog a lot of stuff and you’re annoyed by it, sorry? but blogs are meant to have posts so..? and sometimes i reblog more pics than rp because my muse isnt feeling any rps at the moment or there isnt any replies to reply to so i mean i gotta do something to entertain myself. also makin a new blog is out of the question since i already have too many and stuff and not only that my muse likes the things i reblog anyways so, i should be allowed to post what i want on my blog

this means if you have the same feelings and you wanna do that with your blog, you should. dont let anyone tell you how to run your blog, its your blog and if you wanna post things instead of queuing them you should. it keeps the dash less dead anyways and if someone doesnt like they can literally just unfollow????

or they can scroll past it? its not that hard.

as usual i am thinking too hard about lapidot and the subtle hints in canon towards positive development. major su spoilers from the french leaks (barn mates / hit the diamond) below. scroll past if you don’t want to see!

whether you ship it or not you have to admit there’s some serious character development that happened in the span of just one episode. it’s debatable whether the current development is intended to point towards hints of romance, but regardless, i think my prediction of peridot being the key to lapises redemption is turning out pretty spot on. i believe future episodes will show the positive influences more clearly. for now, it’s just been subtle:

yes, peridot flirted like an awkward teenager and lapis blushed for the first time - that part’s obvious enough. but that’s not what makes lapidot viable. that’s not exactly how relationships develop. it’s cute, and as a lapidot fan i totally freaked out. but listen! there’s more happening than just that.

what’s more important is that peridot opened up about her past, let out her genuine feelings and reached out a hand of caring because she knew she was the only one who could relate to lapis. that’s a huge step up in maturity for peridot, and it really shows how genuinely she’s trying to change. it’s hard to imagine the peridot from just a few episodes ago doing this. i believe it’s only because of the events of gem drill that she realized the importance of this gesture. steven wasn’t able to explain it to her, this time. she really had to feel it.

lapis, of course, wasn’t initially enthused. she had every right to be suspicious and cranky, as everyone else in her life (barring steven) wound up betraying her. that’s a pretty rational reason to be upset! that said, her initial anger was nothing more than misunderstanding and stubbornness: she had the proof that peridot had changed, but she wasn’t thinking logically enough to absorb the information. she didn’t want to. she let her emotions get the best of her and so, she snapped at peridot. she just wanted to be angry because it was easier than facing her past and getting hurt again.

it was only when the homeworld ship arrived that lapis had a moment of reflection on herself, instead of how much she hated everyone else. she stepped up to protect peridot, not just appease her. that, too, is a major step up in maturity.

notably, she’s still pretty cranky come hit the diamond. she’s had barely any time to adjust and recover. even garnet noted that she required a long recovery time, beyond just physically. however, it seems like, with the advent of the ‘steven floats’ episode that the two of them stayed behind in the barn - when the episodes release in the US in their proper order i think we will start to see lapis being a little less stubborn and peridot being a little more understanding.

a few people have noted that peridot didn’t yet give a real apology to lapis. i do think that’s significant, and will likely crop up later when lapis learns the importance of forgiveness. real forgiveness, not just “I’ll deal with you because I have no other options.”

they’re learning from each other in such significant, but indirect ways. peridot is helping lapis to be more grounded, and lapis is teaching peridot to be more in touch with her emotions. it’s really nice.

WARNING: This post mentions self harm. If this is not your cup of tea, then please kindly scroll past it. Thank you!

Hello kind anon (omg you called me darling ; - ; ) Holy cow, you went through ALL of my posts? You’re too kind! <3 Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you enjoy!

Jin: If you’re that uncomfortable with them, then I can possibly make you a homemade remedy. I just want you to be happy with yourself.

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Suga: Don’t be ashamed of them. You’ve passed the hard part which was picking yourself up and moving on.

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Jimin: *traces them and places kisses on them* They don’t change you in any way. 

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V: You don’t like them? I don’t really like the two moles on my arm, but I can make an elephant!

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J-Hope: That’s all over with! I want to see you smiling!

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Rap Monster: You were probably going through a lot at the time and I want you to know that you won’t have to go through anything alone anymore. I hope that you’ve recovered well since then. 

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Jungkook: I’m insecure about a lot of things! There’s this one picture that was taken of me during a photo shoot. My hair stylist really messed up my hair that day, gelling my hair to one side and curling the other. It’s probably a meme or something by now. 

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full offense but before you derail a positivity post for an oppressed group you should

1) not do that
2) dont do it
3) fucking dont derail positivity posts for oppressed groups of people by saying ‘EVERYONE is [good thing]
4) scroll past the fucking post and dont fucking be a shithead