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I just needed to make this real quick for any of those who have sent or are waiting for your requests to be written - I have a masterlist which you can find here.

I have my prompt list, the prompts i’ve written, ships i’ve done [yours], and the imagines i’ve written and finished of requests from you guys. They’re all organised and linked on there for you convenience.

I still have a lot in my inbox, so i’m working on those, but just in case you need to find something you’ve requested, it’s in that link as well as the fourth [iv] link on my blog.

Hopefully that made sense! I know that sometimes if you send a question or request you scroll forever until you can find it, so I’m just letting you know that everything is linked in one place!!

Also: I tag every anon question with #anon so if you’ve sent a question and can’t find it, just paste this [ ] into your url bar and you’ll hopefully find your question! 

Thank you for requesting things and being patient, I’m trying my best in getting things out for you guys!!


- “Have no fear… For I am here now.”

Sometimes Todoroki dreams of the past. 

Midoriya lulls him back to sleep with soft touches and heavy nerdiness.


me when my horoscope is right

Somewhere Only  We Know-H2OVanoss

Listen to Somewhere Only We Know by Lily Allen

Jonathan’s hands trembled after reading the text. He hadn’t gone to that place in, well, years. He wasn’t even sure he knew how to get there. But the slight hope that he might be there, waiting for Jonathan, was enough to propel him forward.

Jonathan grabbed a simple blue jacket, sliding out of the house and following the path behind his house. His feet guided him, remembering the countless hours he had spent walking this same path so many years ago. He stopped by the river, watching as its elegant waters dipped and flowed, creating a simple rhythm. Jonathan’s heart beat along, singing the song of his memories.

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It’s been half a year since I remade Camilla’s blog (oh gosh how time flies). I can’t believe I’ve already reached the 300 follower mark tbh. It really warms my heart that despite my lack of activity people still love my character and still follow me. It’s been two months shy of 3 years since I created a blog for Vastor Camilla the Strawhat cabin girl. Over those years I made some wonderful friends and seen some amazing blogs. 

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Me: I dunno how I feel about Predatorshipping. I mean it’s okay but I don’t really ship it-

*Yuri and Serena smile at each other for two seconds during the final episode*


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how did I never notice (how perfect you were for me)

aka First Time someone told you that you made a cute couple even though you weren’t dating




Cassian x Reader

Words: 1861

Series Summary: Cassian and Reader Firsts – from meeting each other to the first time, first kiss, first fight, first “I love you”, to their (first) last breaths (maybe…that might be too depressing)

Time Cassian and Reader have known each other: 2 ½ months

Prompt: Anonymous- “firsts” for cassian x reader please?!? (like first date, first kiss, first fight etc) :-))

Chapter: 3/20

Author’s notes: This kinda happened to me in real life with my guy friend so I’m speaking from experience….

Never mind, you were completely wrong. People totally did assume more. You’d figured that since nobody had said anything by now that people believed you and Cassian to be just friends, but you were wrong. You were so wrong.

It all started with whispers. At first you didn’t notice. You would usually spend your free time with Cassian, either in the mess hall, the hangar, or one of your rooms. You weren’t usually around other rebels.

It wasn’t until you and Cassian were walking down the base one early morning, him telling you a funny story about how Kay “accidentally” blew up General Draven’s quarters a few years ago, that you noticed.

You were laughing over Cassian’s flamboyant retelling of his story when soft whispers flowed into your ear. Without pausing you turned your head, catching sight of three women looking at you and Cassian. When your eyes met them, they froze.

You stopped walking abruptly, yet somehow Cassian in all his infinite wisdom didn’t seem to notice and kept walking continuing on with his story.

For a second you were worried you would miss the rest of the story, but your attention quickly focused on the three women in front of you.

One of the girls seemed to muster up some courage and giggled before saying, “You guys make such a cute couple.”

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Welcome Wellies, to the Samwell Student Union

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us while the page was under construction. Come check out our lovely site, thanks to a banner (above) by @wheeloffortune-design​ and theme assistance from @jckzimmermanns​. For those who have not heard of us before, here’s what we’re trying to do:

A wonderful thing has happened: the Check, Please! Fandom is getting quite large! However, that means many people have said they are missing events and groups because they aren’t following the right people to see the post.The goal of the Student Union is to centralize these things. We will also reblog the posts of events/networks, but we also have permanent pages where you can easily see what is going on without scrolling forever.

What does Samwell Student Union Have?

  • Community Calendar Shows the dates of Fic Exchanges, Big Bangs, Character/Ship Fests, Meet-Ups, Ngozi’s Con appearances, etc in one place.
  • Clubs Lists Check, Please! oriented networks that fans can join!
  • Resource Center Lists other fan resources
  • Maybe more! If you have an idea for something that is not covered by these (and not already in one of the resources) send us an ask

If you know of anything that should be added to our pages please send an ask or put @samwellstudentunion in the relevant post!

Finally, we could still use a little bit more help, SPECIFICALLY if you have an idea how to get the calendar page to work well on mobile. Please send an ask or contact one of the mods directly.

Writing Romance (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You and Lin spend the day book shopping. You get mistaken for a couple. Casual flirting in between.

Word Count: 669 (ha)

Warnings: Lots of flirting, a direct Alexander Hamilton quote, a non-existent book, a few cheesy Hamilton references, another cheesy twitter ending. Nothing honestly, I’m a fluff writer through and through.

A/N: A short ficlet that falls in line with the other fic I wrote, Halfway, but that one doesn’t have to be read for this one to make sense. I would’ve written something longer but I’m in the midst of battling a few ideas that r e f u s e to cooperate.

“Love, look what I found.” you chirped, sinking to the floor at the back of the bookstore to sit across from Lin. You leaned back against the bookcase behind you as you fished out the book. You held up A Complete Collection of Alexander Hamilton’s Work with a grin before you feathered through it and started to read aloud. 

“I have told you, and I told you truly that I love you too much. You engross my thoughts too entirely to allow me to think of anything else. You not only employ my mind all day; but you intrude upon my sleep. I meet you in every dream - and when I wake I cannot close my eyes again for ruminating on your sweetnesses.” you paused and your eyes flicked up to look at an unusually quiet Lin. “What?”

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fnv x skyrim crossover bcos hear me out here

ARCADE is an altmer studying restoration magic at the college of winterhold. he mostly keeps to himself, researching new spells, as many nords dont take kindly to an elf practicing magic so close to their holds. he is tight-lipped about it, but the rumors of his past association with the aldmeri dominion hold merit. he has an interest in linguistics, and is fluent in dovahzul.

BOONE is an imperial. he carries several years of experience with the legion (ironic, i admit) under his belt, honing his skills with the bow and arrow and his deadliness from afar. as events involving a kidnapping by bandits led to his wife’s death, boone makes it his goal to rid skyrim of as many of them as possible.

CASS is a khajiiti caravan owner, and if her time in skyrim has taught her one thing, its that youre going to have to be twice as smart and twice as tough as any nord if youre going to make it. unlike many of her kind, cass is never found under the influences of skooma–something about a heart condition. instead, she takes her ale nordic style, and could drink any of you pretty blond boys under the table.

ED-E is a modified dwarven spider. it and its control rod were taken from dwemer ruins and enchanted by dominion mages to give it the capacity to unleash electric attacks. ED-E was then sent to carry a message all the way from summerset to the embassy in skyrim, but it never arrived.

LILY is an elderly nord woman with a secret–she is a werebear. her condition did not come from the companions, however, and she takes great shame in it. lily struggles to control her more bestial nature, and although it makes her incredibly deadly in close-combat, it makes her reckless as well. she has learned a spell to control her transformations, but by casting it she sacrifices her memories. she does so half as much as the mage who taught it to her recommended, however, so that she may hold on to at least a sliver of her humanity.

RAUL is a redguard, but more notably a vampire. he is over 200 years old, and a long-past run-in with the dawnguard has left him with burns all over his body. by day he is a sarcastic but charming blacksmith, repairing arms and armor for anyone with the septims to spare, but by night he uses his vampiric abilities to avenge the death of his sister, who was killed at the hands of bandits.

REX was a warhound in life. when he died, his owner, who just so happened to be a powerful necromancer, could not bear to be without him, and used their powers to reanimate his corpse by bringing his spirit back from aetherius. having been placed back in a mortal form after experiencing the realm of magicka brings rex great discomfort, and from time to time he requires the ritual be repeated, anchoring his spirit on nirn once again.

VERONICA is a dunmer descending from a long line of dark brotherhood members. though her skill in the trade and devotion to sithis and the night mother is remarkable, veronica is displeased with how far the skyrim chapter of the organization has strayed from its original goals and traditions, and voicing these opinions has netted much disapproval with her higher-ups.

any time you scroll down forever to get to a recipe on a website with google ads know that it’s almost 100% google’s fault.

if you want revenue google won’t let you post a simple recipe and instructions without a tedious personal story’s length of original content to “differentiate” your site cause their algorithm doesn’t account for actual humans and why they look for recipes 

now you know

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I have 40 people on my snapchat feed usually. I skip through most when they're boring but I don't want to delete the person. There are really only about 5 snapchats I watch and you and ducky are 2 of them lol

idek how people have that many snapchat friends. ducky has that shit too. it just scrolls on forever and like howww. i delete people if they’re boring or if i don’t care sin pena. coworkers? friends? family? boring? 👋bye

columbiner gothic meme
  • Dave Cullen is on the news. Dave Cullen is on the talk show. Dave Cullen is giving a lecture. “There’s no such thing as bullying,” he says. You know he is wrong, but everyone around you nods like he’s right. He has to be. He did ten years of research. But then you see something in his eyes when he says the name “Dylan Klebold”. A hunger.
  • There is a photograph of a pouting girl in a Natural Selection t-shirt. There is a photograph of a pouting girl in a Wrath t-shirt. There is a photograph of a locket with Eric Harris’ face on it. You don’t know how long you’ve been scrolling. It seems like forever. There is a photograph of a girl in a Wrath t-shirt.
  • Everyone has been arrested by the FBI for reblogging Columbine-related things. Even the Columbiners who don’t live in America. The FBI are cracking down on the dangerous youths. They are coming for us all.
  • You have heard legends about a photograph of Dylan Klebold hugging a cactus, but you never see the photograph. You vow that you will not rest until you see the photograph. Years go by. Decades. Centuries. You can never die, never rest, until you’ve seen the photograph.
  • “13 victims,” they say, over and over again. You tell them that they’re wrong, that there were actually 15. They all turn to you in unison. “13 victims,” they say, as one. “The massacre left behind 13 victims.”
  • There is another school shooting. The shooter worshipped the Columbine killers. They kept a journal. They listened to death metal. They wore black. “See?” the media says. “The shooter worshipped the Columbine killers. They always worship the Columbine killers.”
  • “Dylan Klebold was a follower,” someone says. “Eric Harris was a psychopath.” You ask them how they know that. Their face twists and stretches, and they turn into a hideous and terrifying creature, with fangs and a forked tongue. “I read Columbine by Dave Cullen,” the monster says. “It explains it all in there.”
  • You go to a blog. “Stray Bullet” by KMFDM blasts out of your speakers, on autoplay. You close the tab, but the music keeps playing. I am your apocalypse. I am your belief unwrought. Monolithic juggernaut. I’m the illegitimate son of god. It has always been playing.
  • There is a Columbine documentary on TV. Brooks Brown is there. He is always there.
  • An angry social justice blogger posts in the tag. “You should all die!” The post says. “You love murderers! You’re sick!” They call for the staff. The staff do not come. The staff never come.
  • You hear they’re making a film about Rachel Scott. It will be factual, they say. It will come out on the seventeenth anniversary of the shooting. You try to protest the film’s accuracy, but the Christians cannot hear you. They’re too busy singing “Cassie” by Flyleaf.
  • There were 13 victims, they say. Isaiah Shoels. Cassie Bernall. Rachel Scott. John Tomlin. Such losses, they say. So much wasted potential. You realise that’s only 4 names, but still they say there were 13 victims.

I was right: I like this as a fully rendered pic. Please open in new tab for full size.

One of the things I dislike about having Serana as a partner is you have to LEAVE HER BEHIND when traveling on a horse or as a werewolf. Feels so rude. =P   So I always imagine this is what they do instead.