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Ephemeral [2]

(adj.) - lasting a very short time; short lived

Member: Namjoon

Genre: Angst, some sort au that is tbd (i think i’ll keep it a secret for now), romance(?)

Words: 1.6k

Summary: There is a man in your dreams. You don’t know what he looks like or what his name is - you only know the sound of his voice. His voice. His voice follows you where ever you go. These dreams are your only source to see him, yet these dreams feel so real.

A/N: Part 2 going strong :) I also created a little something for the future so stay tuned :) Enjoy Xx 

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“Where did you go?” Aeri whispers in your ear as you take your seat next to her.

“Just to the washroom. The wind messed my hair up a bit. Is it starting soon?” You mentally pat yourself on the back for the subtle change in topic.

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a common and vaguely troubling cycle i see way, way too often:

someone (often with a large social media following) posts that they ‘feel / look fat’

their followers reassure them: ‘no, you’re not fat, you’re beautiful!’ 

said person gets the idea reinforced in their head that fat =/= beauty, or that ‘‘if i gain weight, people will not find me attractive or will no longer have any interest in me”

person establishes pattern of posting online whenever they are feeling negatively about their body/self, continuing to reinforce core believes that keep the eating disorder active in their life

not to be all ~*technology is evil~* (it’s not, its great) and as always, people are free to post what they want, but realize that social media can play a significant role in your recovery !!! it has an actual impact on what you do !!! more and more so as time goes on and its role shifts and increases in people’s lives

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Ok I just have to tell you your Riverdale Rundowns we're the best thing that hapenned to me. I live in a zone where when I'm sleeping everyone here on tumblr is awake and the most extraordinary things happens. When I wake up I have to scroll like 5383728 posts to get where i was left the other night! Not anymore though. Thanks to you. Please continue to this and I will be eternaly grateful. Also your sense of humor is perfect and I cry of laugh every time! 💖😅

Thank you! That’s pretty much why I write these! I know a lot of people are busy/asleep while all this shit happens! I hate people IRL, so I have a ton of time just see all the shit that’s going on! I’ll keep writing them as long as people keep liking them! Haha! Thanks, dude!!!

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Hello! I just want to say that i've seen A LOT of your post before in my otp tags but i just now follow you and scroll through your tumblr, and omg i can't stop reblogging it! Lol. They're just sooo relatable and i find myself relate and just can't stop laughing about it. Lmao. Anyway, i'll just continue scrolling through your blog, have a nice day! :D

Ohhhh, sweetheart, you made me so happy right now!!

I am so SO happy to know you had a good time looking through my blog, I hope so much I can keep making you laugh! That’s what I want the most here, truly. Sometimes I talk about serious topics and personal stuff, but most of all, I just want to bring some lightness and fun to people’s lives, even if just for a little moment. So you have no idea how important your message was to me!! Thank you for using your time to send me something so sweet.

You too, darling, I hope you have a lovely day! Fangirls must stay united in happiness and suffering, am I right?? (More suffering than happiness, but, well……)

7 Minutes in Heaven (Woozi)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Can I request a seven minutes in heaven scenario with Jihoon plz?

You had seen many of Seventeens flyers hanging around, then again you helped hang most of them up. You walked in much after the party had started not wanting to draw attention to yourself. “Noona!” you heard a voice yell as Chan “Chan what are you covered in?” you asked as you stroked some of the powdered substance from his face “powder paint” he says as he grabs your hand and tugs you along. “What are you doing?” you ask “7 minutes in heaven” he calls as he drags you into the center where you saw Seungcheol standing “hey guys first off thanks for coming! Next up we’re playing a classic game here tonight. Seven minutes in heaven!” Seungcheol yells out as people around you cheer “some of you ladies or gentlemen might get a chance to spend seven minutes with one of my handsome friends” he continues as he wraps his arms around the closes boy, Jun. 

Soon Vernon was running around collecting many objects from girls before he got to you “come on noona live a little” he says as you pull an object from your pocket which happened to be your car keys and threw them into the hat he was carrying around. 

After about 20 minutes of scrolling through your phone you heard your name “are those Y/N’s car keys?” you heard Jeonghan asked as girls around you ‘oh’ as the keys were taken from him. Jihoon came towards you with a blushy face before grabbing your arm and tugging you out of the building. “I’m sorry you had to play Jihoon” you told him as you two made your way to your car. “I’m glad its you over other girls” he told you as he sat himself on the hood of your car and you followed.

You two sat quietly as you could feel the seconds ticking by as Jihoon would send subtle glances at you. You felt his fingers lightly touch yours making you turn to look at him. His free hand caught your face as he leaned in and kissed you quickly. He smiled as you kissed him back knowing you were enjoying the feeling of his lips on your’s. When you two pulled back he laughed as he leaned himself back so he was laying down. “I wasn’t going to come tonight” you tell him as you leaned back. 

He turned to face you “why weren’t you?” he asks “I didn’t want to deal with people” you tell him with a shrug. He nodded understanding where you were coming from. “I’m glad I did though” you told him as he gave a large smile “I’m glad you did too” you hear him say as you two link your fingers together.

Hello! First off, I want to wish everyone a happy new year! I’m sure most of you have had your ups and downs in 2015, so I hope that 2016 is an amazing year filled with many ups, and a bunch of love and happiness. 

I’ve been meaning to do this when I reached one of my follower goals a few months ago but school and life got in the way.

To my followers: I want to thank all the people that follow me. You’re all very precious and absolutely amazing. I never thought I’d get as many followers as I have. For whatever reason you decided to follow me, I am very thankful. I hope you continue enjoying my blog over time. I love you all 💕

To the people I follow/mutuals: You guys have given me a great dash that I absolutely enjoy scrolling through every time I come on. I haven’t spoken to a lot of you, but that’s because I’m a shy poop. Just know that I love all of you and you all have wonderful blogs. 💙

Caterpillar Jongin: Hi Jongin!! Oh my gosh I just want to say that all of your messages always make me smile and make my day much better. You live an amazing life with Kyungsoo and your babies. I hope that 2016 keeps on being a spectacular year for you and your family and everyone in the tree. 💚

Shrek loving hoe squad: MY BABIES HI I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH AND I’M FOREVER GRATEFUL WE BECAME TRASH FRIENDS. Honestly, you guys are so so amazing and I love talking to y’all about anything and everything. I know that I can go to you guys for pretty much anything and you’ll keep it real. I hope I get to meet you all one day so we can be hoes together. I love you my meme bb’s. 💝


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Ayyy, since it’s the end of the year, I thought I would commemorate with another post thanking (almost) all of my followers, especially the ones who have really inspired/supported me through the couple of months of my blog’s existence!
(It’s also an excuse to 420+ followers and add some memeing to my blog ngl).
Forgive me if I’ve forgotten a couple of urls/names, I promise I love all of you! There really are a lot of people on this list, so sorry if you have to scroll down lots! I tried to compress all my thoughts into a couple of sentences…
Anyway, all the sentimentality is under the cut! ♡

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anonymous asked:

(connor and troye dont know each other au) connor's friends take him to one of troyes concerts. they meet.

I combined this with “tronnor twitter flirting” so i hope it turned out okay. Thank you anon(s) for the prompts!

Songs Mentioned: Bite (Troye Sivan)
Word Count: 1605

  Sitting in hard, plastic chairs surrounded by a large mass of people wasn’t Connor’s preferred way of spending a Friday night. The atmosphere was almost foreign to him; people tapping their toes and shouting over the loud music the DJ was playing, with the small house set up on stage. Workers walked around with tour T-Shirts slung over their shoulders, attempting to sell some to people in the seats. He was overwhelmed.

  Connor didn’t know what he had agreed to, in all honesty. He briefly remembered Kian rambling on about Troye Sivan, one of his favorite musicians and asking if Connor wanted to tag along with himself and a few other friends. Of course, Connor had heard of Troye. He essentially couldn’t, with the constant photoshoots in magazines and special interviews on television featuring album details and the typical new hookup, which he dismisses as “You’ll never know, just you wait”. His performances at award shows were always unique in only a way Troye could understand, which had clearly created the buzz and excitement in the air for tonight.

  “‘You excited?” asked Ricky, one of Kian’s friends. He sat beside Connor and gripped the arms of the seats so hard it turned his knuckles white. He tapped his feet upon the concrete steps and faced Connor with a bright smile on his face. Was this concert really such a big deal to him?

  “I mean, it ought to be good. It’s just that I’ve never really felt that ‘connection’ everyone says they experience with this guy, whether it’s Troye himself or the song lyrics. I don’t know,” Connor honestly replied. He suppressed a small, embarrassed smile to Ricky before ducking his head .

  “Well, we’ll see if your opinion changes at all tonight once you see him live.” Connor could only nod before returning to Twitter.

  “@troyesivan guysssss im so fucking nervous right now AHHHH california be nice to me tonight

  Connor smirked to himself before continuing to scroll down his timeline. He stumbled across the occasional replies to one of his tweets about seeing Troye tonight, which all consisted of “you’re so lucky” and “don’t get too wild con”.

  When he saw there were more people active, he scrolled up and quickly scanned over a few new tweets. One special one caught his eye, though.

  “@troyesivan but i mean seeing boys in green denim jackets too preoccupied in their phones to see me flirtatiously staring at them makes it somewhat better!!!

  Connor felt a lump in his stomach and knew his cheeks were beginning to adorn a flushed blush. His heart immediately began racing and he could feel the sweat forming on his face. It couldn’t be him, right? Plenty of other people close to the stage  are possibly wearing green demin jackets and are on their phones. Nothing made him stood out; he looked like any other person here, except a little bit less enthusiastic.

  Connor finally faced his fears and glanced up. His eyes darted around the outside arena, to the stage with the DJ playing music and trees surrounding the area. All he saw were large groups of people with drinks already in their hands, excitedly walking around the platform. Connor sighed and slumped down into his seat. He didn’t even care about this guy. Connor shouldn’t be getting upset.

   ”@troyesivan i see you looking for me;)“

  He stood confidently, dropping his phone onto Ricky’s lap, who currently looked confused at Connor’s outburst. He stared every section he saw down twice and when he finally spotted the boy, he just looked. He watched Troye, who was staring just as intensely at Connor. Finally, he raised a hand and dropped a not so subtle wink and walked away, purposely swinging his hips a bit more than usual.

  He sat back down after taking back his phone, a lovesick smile taking over his face. He knew he was blushing furiously, no doubt about it. Connor still watched in a daze at the spot the event had taken place at. He felt Ricky tap his shoulder, and everyone else he came with looked over with the same curious expressions written on their faces. Connor looked at Kian, ignoring Ricky’s request, and shook his head as if saying “no”. He didn’t fight the rejection and sat back in his seat along with the others and picked up the conversation that had been previously flowing.

  As soon as the lights on the overhead roof dimmed low and bright lights shone upon the stage while the music stopped, the screams started. Everyone stopped speaking and cried, cheered, made any type of noise they could in appreciation and eagerness. They all stood up, along with Connor, and joined the commotion.

  Suddenly, Troye walked onto the stage waving his hands frantically, looking proud. His brown curls flopped over his head, creating the young look he carried. His loose tank top fluttered in the wind, opposite his black skinny jeans that clung onto his frail legs. And then those eyes. The bright blue eyes filled with amazement as he stared at Connor. Most of the people around him thought it was for them and they started screaming at Troye, but Connor knew it was for himself. He had to admit he even felt a bit disappointed when Troye looked away to address the crowd.

  “Wow, thank you all for being here, Los Angeles! You all are always insane whenever I play here, I honestly appreciate it so much,” he let the crowd chant for a while before continuing. “Alright, shall we get started?”

  The music for Bite began playing, and once Troye started singing Connor realized that his opinion on this boy who he thought was overrated completely changed. He was so into the music, the lyrics, the song, that made it feel so real.

 “Kiss me on the mouth and set me free, but please don’t bite.”

  Troye looked deep into Connor’s eyes, and although the two had never spoken a word, they both could tell they were as equally infatuated with each other.

          *                      *                        *                         *                         *    

  Connor walked into the almost unknown coffee shop near his apartment building and told the cater his order. He rubbed his eyes and slumped against the glass case filled with pastries and glanced around the small room. Pink tiles were placed upon the upper section of the wall, the bottom portion filled with white paint. Rickety old sets of wooden tables and chairs were scattered throughout the room. The funny thing is, Connor felt comforted here. Something about how unique and uncommon it was made him appreciate it that much more.

  The door creaked as someone entered, but Connor was too tired to care. He slapped his hand on his face and walked to the side to meet the cater who handed him his coffee. They slipped off towards the opposite way and spoke, “How can I help you…er, Troye?”

  Connor whipped his head around immediately and stared wide eyed at the boy who had been openly flirting with him the previous night. Feeling someone’s eyes, he turned around and had almost the same reaction as Connor, although he collected himself after a few moments. He told his order while looking at him, causing Connor to blush.

  “What’re you doing here in this abandoned coffee shop, pretty boy?”

  “I’d like to ask you the same thing,” Connor confidently replied. Troye grinned and took his coffee from the worker, following by grabbing Connor’s hand and leading him over to one of the tables. He blushed even further, if it was even possible, and tried to fight the bubbly feeling in the bottom of his stomach.

  Connor took his seat and looked at Troye shyly, awaiting an answer. Instead, Troye looked at him while slowly sipping his coffee. He set it down afterwards and asked, “Do you wanna go out sometime?”

   Connor, who had just raised his hand from his lap to pick up his cup, set it back down on the table and shockingly stared at the boy with an open mouth. “You- what?”

  “I mean, I would have figured you would have caught on from last night, but yeah.” Troye smoothly replied to Connor and shot him a happy smile. Overall, he seemed interested. His hands fiddled together in his lap and his bright blue eyes seemed to light up once he saw Connor’s reaction.

  “What makes me different from any of your one night stands?” He asked once he was alright. Connor didn’t mean it in a rude way; this boy had more hookups than bobby pins laying on around in someone’s home. What had made him so special?

   "You stood out to me. Most of the time I’m drunk as hell, and just want someone to fill that spot of what I have always wanted; a relationship. You didn’t seem like an overly obsessive fan, if you even are one. You’re intriguing.“

  Connor closed his eyes and took a deep breath. This was so much at one time, was he ready for this?

  "Yes. I will, on one condition.”

   "Which is?“ Troye questioned, eyebrows furrowed together.

  "You know my name,” Connor said, and chuckled. Troye laughed, and he chimed in, and soon they were a bunch of normal people sitting in a coffee shop enjoying their presence.

   "Hello, I’m Troye.“

   "Hi, I’m Connor.”

  And when Connor got home later in the afternoon with a cheeky smile on his face, he went on twitter and realized that there was a few important tweets he hadn’t replied to from last night.

  “@connorfranta youre right. i was looking for you. and im glad i was”