Esther Scroll; dedicated in honor of Ezra Somekh; Kolkata, India; 19th–20th Century.

Esther scrolls in elaborate cases, recounting the Purim story of the salvation of the Jews in the Persian Empire, were often given as betrothal gifts and passed on from one generation to the next as veritable family heirlooms. This scroll from Kolkata invokes the biblical blessing of Joseph to protect the groom, Ezra Somekh.

TENTEN APPRECIATION WEEK -  March 7th (Tuesday) - Scrolls

“The day Tenten brought her new big scroll was the same day Neji realized that she had changed a lot recently…”

@papabay​ will you participate in Tenten Apreciation Week in honour to her birthday? This my picture of Tenten is also dedicated to YOU, becouse you are my everlasting inspiration for NejiTen drawing! <3

Anon Asks: What would Qrow’s contact pic of Summer be and vice versa? Something cute like a picture of them together on a date, or something more… private and salacious? *wink wink, nudge nudge* :P

Summer: Well then, what is it?

Qrow: You know, focusing on missions is going to be really, reallyhard…if I keep this as your contact picture. It’s a little too suggestive, babe. (when did she get my pendant?)

Summer: …-giggle- oh? How so? Tell me.

Qrow: Short-Stack, please. Don’t enable me more than you already do.

Summer: Well, I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if you must, go ahead and change it. See you back at the dorm, Legs!

-End Transmission-

Qrow: -grumbles- little minx…

Qrow keeps relatively cute or sweet pictures of Summer as a contact image. Summer…has other ideas for his Scroll. Idea’s that are a big effin’ distraction.

I’ve finally finished the library piece! I’ll post it tonight, but for now here’s a process gif.

Let me know if you like seeing the steps!

EDIT: Sorry the gif wasn’t working for a bit.(Shout out to the people who liked it anyway!) I had to scale it way down, but the full piece will be up soon!

FYI, gifs have to be <2MB to play smoothly on all devices for Tumblr. Learn something new everyday!