• Friend: How many Ships and Otps you have?
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: *Pulled a so big scroll* I will recommend you to sit down, this will be a long long story .
The Infinite Library

There is an infinite library in the Alps that contains at least one copy (or original) of every magical and non magical book, scroll, journal etc ever written. While anyone can visit, it is considered the greatest honour for a magical scholar to be invited to work there. 

There is no application process, just one day they wake up with a letter of invitation. In addition to looking after the library, the scholars receive full funding for all their research, whatever it is.

I’ve finally finished the library piece! I’ll post it tonight, but for now here’s a process gif.

Let me know if you like seeing the steps!

EDIT: Sorry the gif wasn’t working for a bit.(Shout out to the people who liked it anyway!) I had to scale it way down, but the full piece will be up soon!

FYI, gifs have to be <2MB to play smoothly on all devices for Tumblr. Learn something new everyday!